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IU Clicks Her "Red Shoes" to Transport into "Modern Times" in Title Track Music Video

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After releasing teaser after teaser, IU is finally and officially back after one year and five months with her new album "Modern Times"!

Her teasers, which were short music video clips for many of the tracks off her new album, gave fans a preview of IU's more mature and sophisticated growth both in her music and image. Her title track "Red Shoes" is par excellence of that growth. It blends swing and big band music to transport the listener to the heydays of the 1930s. In the music video, artists Yoo Hee Yeol and Pepper Tones, and models Hwi Hwang and Jang Ki Yong make a special appearance in support of IU's new album. IU also shows a bit of her swing music dance skills! Check out the music video below, and click on the track titles to get your preview of the tracks off "Modern Times."

Between the Lips,” “Walk with Me, Girl,” “Everybody Has Secrets,” “Modern Times,” and “Love of B,” “Wait.”

"Modern Times" is was released online at 12:00 AM October 8 KST.

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