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Tiger JK Praises Wife Yoon Mi Rae As the Best Female Rapper in the Business

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Drunken Tiger, who recently released the hip-hop album "The Cure," graced the pages of fashion magazine "Grazia" with a pictorial, along with album collaborators Yoon Mi Rae and BIZZY.

Aiming to reproduce the look of the 1920s' American Jazz Age, the spread showed Tiger JK pulling off the look of an Italian suit model, Yoon Mi Rae's alluring charm, and Bizzy's gentlemanliness.

During the interview, Drunken Tiger and Bizzy praised Yoon Mi Rae to the skies, naming her the supreme female rapper and the best hip-hop musician.

Drunken Tiger captured the ears of not just hip-hop buffs, but also the general public, with his intense lyrics and fresh flow. In his interview with "Grazia," he explained the reason for releasing his mini-single album "The Cure," was to show a different concept from his previous works.

He also spoke about leaving Jungle Entertainment and the difficulties he faced in setting up and managing his new label, Feel Ghood Music, as well as the process of making the new album.

This pictorial and interview, which is included in the October issue, is now available to the public.

 Tiger JK and Bizzy for Grazia

 Tiger JK for Grazia  

tiger inside

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