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"Super Star K3" Chris Releases Official Apology

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"Super Star K3" contestant Chris Golightly released an official apology to Super Star K management.

On October 4, "Super Star K 3" Top 11 finalist Chris posted on his Facebook, “Thank you. I am sorry for my actions,” directing his apology to Mnet and CJ E&M.

Chris further elaborated, “I am thankful for the opportunity you gave me. While I was being greedy, selfish & egotistical, I didn’t realize that you tried to help me grow as an artist.” He also mentioned former "Super Star K3" contestant Christina Lee, who said to him, " Don’t bite the hand the feeds you." He ended his apology with, “Yes, she was so right. Forgive me for all my wrong doings. I wish the show a wonderful success.”

Last year, when Chris was charged for sexually assaulting his female fans he said, “Coming to Korea was my worst decision. I received so much hurt from here. I am drained from the lies and my dream is crushed,” revealing his feelings of unfairness on the accusations.

On another note, in May of last year, Chris, who is currently in America, received probation for charges of deception and other illicit behaviors.

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