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K.Will Reveals His Home and the Art of Living Alone

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Singer K.Will revealed his home for the first time.

On a recently recorded episode of SBS’ “Barefoot Friends,” the show visited K.Will’s home as part of a series called “Home Cooking Project” that aims to cook nostalgic, homemade food for celebrities who live alone.

As they entered the singer’s living room, members of the show were surprised to be greeted by the crowded display of plastic models and figurines. However, members could not help but express their pity towards K.Will, when it was revealed that the plastic models and figurines were the fruits of the singer’s loneliness, produced from living alone.

K.will home

Notably, K.Will received more pity from the cast members when they discovered another trademark of lonely celebrities: a cupboard full of alcohol. 

K.Will’s single house and the homemade food that the singer misses the most will be revealed in the upcoming broadcast of “Barefoot Friends” airing on Sunday, October 6 at 4:55 PM KST.


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