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Members of SHINee Are Manly Yet Delicate in Group Teasers

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Just like all the individual teasers that were released before, SM Entertainment unveiled two teasers for the entire group on October 4.

The first teaser has the group looking charismatic and fierce in their uniforms, making many fangirls drool in the process. The members tone down the fierce and amp up the cool in the black and white teaser.

SHINee’s fifth studio album “Everybody” will be released on October 14 and the title track has been confirmed

The title track “Everybody” off of SHINee’s fifth studio album of the same name will have a catchy melody and funky rhythm. It is of the complextro genre and fans are expected to anticipate for the group’s upgraded performances.

Meanwhile, the group will make its official comeback through Mnet’s “M! Countdown” on October 10 and will actively seek fans through other music programs.

shinee inside

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