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Secret's Song Ji Eun Expresses Envy Towards Jeon Hyo Sung and Han Sun Hwa

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Secret’s Song Ji Eun, who recently made a comeback as a solo artist, expressed her envy towards fellow group members Jeon Hyo Sung’s and Han Sun Hwa’s variety skills.

On October 1, Song Ji Eun appeared on MBC FM4U’s "Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon" and expressed her inward envy towards her Secret members’ variety skills.

The singer cutely confessed, “I'm still a little bit afraid to go on variety shows alone.”

When talking about member Jeon Hyosung, Song Ji Eun revealed, “Not only does she give bold reactions on variety shows, but Hyosung is usually good at giving reactions in daily life." She also added that Hyosung even gives big reactions while watching television.

In regards to  Han Sun Hwa, Song Ji Eun added, “In any variety show, she knows at which points to stand out,” and continued to express compliments towards Han Sunhwa’s gifted variety skills.

Previously at her showcase on September 30, Song Ji Eun had named Jeon Hyo Sung as “The Best Reaction” and Han Sun Hwa as “The Entertainment Genius.” 

Recently, Song Ji Eun made a comeback with her R&B ballad "False Hope," and is currently active as a solo artist.

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