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Cha No Ah Sentenced to Ten Months of Prison for Smoking Marijuana

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Cha No Ah, son of actor Cha Seung Won and professional gamer, has been sentenced to ten months of prison for smoking marijuana.

On October 1, Cha No Ah's final trial was held where he was sentenced to imprisonment, although his family has filed a petition to appeal against the charges. Cha No Ah's legal team appealed, "While the defendant has confessed to the prosecuting charges, he did not purchase the marijuana himself nor uses the drug habitually."

During the closing argument, Cha No Ah stated, "I am not currently physically well and am deeply reflecting on his wrongdoings. I am sorry to my family and those who are around me."

Meanwhile, Cha No Ah has been charged with smoking marijuana on three to four counts during the end of last year and the beginning of this year.

Cha No Ah did not comment on the press' questions about his sexual assault case on this day.

In addition, the court date for DMTN's Daniel, who was also charged with smoking marijuana, has been set for October 17.

Stay tuned for more updates on this case.

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