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Go Young Wook Sentenced to Two and a Half Years of Prison and More

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The verdict is in for TV personality Go Young Wook, who was charged for sexually assaulting and harassing a minor -- he will be spending time behind bars.

On September 27, the Seoul Courts reduced Go Young Wook's original five-year jail time to two years and six months. He will also need to wear an electronic anklet for three years and have his profile go public for five years.

The court ruled, "After seeing how the victim's statements were inconsistent, it was hard to completely believe her claims."

They continued, "Even so, out of the three counts of sexual assault charges, the victim's statements are consistent," and "The other two counts cannot be counted as misconduct."

Also, "Buying the interest of young females with the title of a celebrity and committing a crime is a serious offense. Also, the defendant committed additional offenses during the investigation period. The defendant will not receive special treatment because he is a celebrity," the courts ruled.

However, the courts added, "But seeing that the defendant is genuinely reflecting on his actions and has already lost his fame as a celebrity, we have given him the lowest form of a sentence."

On Go Young Wook's claim that the electronic anklet sentence is unreasonable, the courts stated, "The defendant has a preference for younger females and does not have a good consciousness of sex," and "Not decreeing the electronic anklet sentence just because he is a celebrity when he has those bad and dangerous tendencies is not consistent with the law. The anklet sentence has actually been decreased since many people have already been informed about the defendant's wrongdoings."

Go Young Wook is the first celebrity to have been sentenced to wear an electronic anklet.

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