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Kye Bum Joo Releases Music Video for "Something Special" Starring Block B's P.O., and Hello Venus' Yoon Jo and Lime


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Singer and music producer Kye Bum Joo (also spelled as Kye Bum Zu) released the music videos for two of his songs off his newest mini album, "Something Special." Both videos were shared through the Loen Entertainment YouTube channel with subtitles. 

The first music video is of his introduction song, "Hello I'm Bum Zu." This short R&B song allows Kye Bum Joo to sing directly to his listeners. He even sings that while his height may only be 168CM, he has a great voice. The song is not just an introduction but also a message about how an average person can do great things. 

The second music video is of the title track, "Something Special" featuring rapper Dok2. The music video also stars Block B's P.O. and Hello Venus' Yoon Jo and Lime. Both Kye Bum Joo and Do2 also make an appearance in the music video. The music video mainly focuses on the sweet romance that P.O. and Yoon Jo show. 

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