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Members of Block B Transform into Crazy Clown Thieves for “Very Good” MV Teaser


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Block B previously released the track “Be the Light” ahead of the group’s third mini album release. The last few seconds of the music video hinted of a new music video in store with one of the members dressed in black on a rainy day waiting for his ride while suspiciously holding a clown mask.

On September 27, the group dropped a teaser for title track “Very Good.” It has a similar grainy cinematic style with previous track “Nillili Mambo.” The same black van makes an appearance with the clown masks. The members are prepared with guns and clown masks while wearing suits. The place they’re crashing and causing mayhem hints to be a bank. At the end, a member claims, “I’m very very good”

Block B will drop its album “Very Good” on October 2.

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