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Movie "The X" Releases Stills of Leads Kang Dong Won and Shin Min Ah


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Upcoming movie "The X" revealed stills of its leading actors, Kang Dong Won and Shin Min Ah.

The stills show Kang Dong Won dressed in black, covering part of his mouth with his gloved hands. In the movie he plays "X," a secret agent who always fulfills his missions perfectly until a mission gone wrong turns him into a wanted man. In the movie Kang Dong Wan filmed exciting action sequences, including one involving a motorcycle and another with him fighting along against ten men.

In Shin Min Ah's still, she is dressed luxuriously in a red fur coat and oversize sunglasses. She sits in the car with a mysterious expression on her face. Shin Min Ah plays Mia, X's girlfriend whose motives are unclear. 

"The X" is directed by popular Korean direction Kim Ji Woon. It has been eight years since Shin Min Ah last worked with the director while this is Kang Dong Won's first time. 

"The X" will premiere at the 18th Busan International Film Festival in October. 


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