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[Recap] The 2013 Idol Athletics, Futsal and Archery Championships Part 2


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Yesterday we brought you the first part of our the 2013 Idol Athletics, Futsal and Archery Championships recap. We saw gold medals being awarded for several events including the 100m sprint, the 200m power walking female relay and the team male archery events. Today we will see the conclusion to the male futsal event, female team archery event and the rest of the athletics field events.


Just in case you're unaware, there were over 160 idol teams participating in the event ranging from names such as EXOBEASTA Pink, Infinite and ZE:A.  Entertainer Kim Jae Dong and Jun Hyun Moo were the main MCs while comedian Lee Byung Jin and announcer Huh Il Ho were responsible for calling the new futsal event. Meanwhile BEAST’s Lee Ki KwangDefconn and comedian Maeng Seung Ji were responsible for on-the-ground reporting. 

With all that said lets head back to the action at the Goyang Stadium.

Actually before we begin, a clarification. We reported yesterday that Min Hyuk got a new 100m sprint record however the staff have now clarified that Jo Kwon still holds the 100m sprint record with 12.1 secs. The staff apologises for their mistake.

First Up: More Futsal Action


Event 1: Futsal Qualifier Round 2 A Team Vs C Team


  • Coach Song Jong Guk believes the Koo Ja Myung is the key player for the A Team (He was previously a national team player before suffering a shoulder injury)
  • In the C Team, Coach Yoo believes that they also have a hidden card in their team in the form of Vixx's LEO
  • Vixx's LEO used to be a youth national team player as well
  • The game begins and both teams start rather cautiously
  • A Team takes the first kick with 2AM's Im Seulong shooting over the top bar
  • C Team's Leo from Vixx immediately retaliates with a great goal into the bottom right corner of the goal. The score is now 0:1 to the C team
  • C Team continues their attack rush with ZE:A's Dongjun slotting the ball past the goalkeeper into the left bottom corner to bring the C team up 2:0
  • A Team coach calls a time out immediately afterwards with the A Team trailing by 2 goals
  • The casters keep messing up Koo Ja Myung's name, calling him Koo Ja Cheol (A national team player)
  • A Team gets a free kick right outside the half circle
  • Koo Ja Myung takes the kick but shoots it straight at the wall
  • Im Seulong tries to go through the defense by Leo makes a fantastic tackle to steal the ball off the attacker
  • Dongjun tries to break through but is tackled and C Team is awarded a free kick
  • Dongjun takes the kick but is easily blocked by the defense
  • Coach Yoo calls a time out with C Team still winning 2:0
  • Coach Song changes their plan from a team game to one where the whole team feeds the ball to Koo Ja Myung
  • Coach Yoo focuses on defense to keep their 2 goal advantage
  • Vixx's LEO takes another shot at goal but is slightly wide of the post
  • Koo Ja Myung does a back tackle of LEO and is given a yellow card
  • Leo gets a team foul for the C team, which involves a clear free kick to goal with no defense wall.


  • Soohyun from U-KISS takes the kick, which is blocked by the keeper but he takes the rebound and slots into the back of the net to bring the C team up 3:0
  • C Team goes on the attack again and there is a scuffle in the half circle that unfortunately doesn't go into goal
  • Goo Ja Myung recieves a long pass and tries to lob the keeper but is caught by the keeper
  • Im Seulong tries a sneaky a heel shot but it goes wide of goal
  • This time A Team is fouled and is given a team foul
  • Changmin from 2AM takes the kick and shoots it right into space.
  • A team goes on the counter from a C Team corner with Im Seulong shooting. But ZE:As Taeheon makes a fantastic save to tip it wide of the goal, ending the first half
  • The C Team continues to lead 3:0
  • The casters make a note that A Team coach, Song Jong Kuk looks like he's aged 10 years.
  • C Team kicks off but they continue to foul at the half way line. The rule is that the ball must be passed forward from a kick off.
  • Leo gets a yellow card after a harsh tackle on Im Seulong
  • Leo does a fantastic Marseille turn and gets a foul in his favor
  • Goo Ja Myung finally claws one back for the A Team, shooting a low ball in the bottom corner. 3:1 still in the C Team's favor
  • Soo Hyun takes a powerful long range kick which unforuntately hits the side net
  • Even Coach Yoo is now calling Goo Ja Myung, Goo Ja Chul.

  • Goo Ja Myung is one on one with the keeper. His shot manages to go past the keeper but hits the post and rolls out
  • Goo Ja Myung is once again one on one with the keeper, he manages to avoid a defender and the keeper but is eventually pushed too far to the side to take a shot at goal
  • Im Seulong  takes a shot that goes wide of the net
  • C Team tries an attack and gets a corner for their efforts
  • A Team goes on the counter and Goo Ja Myung gets another goal for the team, getting an assist from B1A4's Baro, the score is now 3:2
  • Leo tries a kick from distance that goes wide
  • Goo Ja Myung gets an absolutely smashing goal, receiving a pass from Im Seulong on his chest, then volleying the ball into the top left of the net. The teams are now level
  • Baro takes a shot at goal that goes wide.
  • Goo Ja Myung takes a long range shot that the keeper only just manages to steer away from the goal
  • With 40 secs left, C team goes on the attack. Dongjun passes to a unmarked Leo who unfortunately smashes the right post with his kick.
  • Unfortunately Leo suffers an injury and is substituted out
  • Im Seulong recieves a pass inside the circle and tries to get past the keeper unsuccessfully
  • Goal~~ with 6 secs left, Koo Ja Myung turns around a defender before shooting at the keeper, who unfortunately can't hold the ball and goes straight into the net
  • With that, the A Team makes a dramatic return from 3 goals behind to win 4:3 with Goo Ja Myung getting all 4 goals for the A team
  • The final will now be A Team Vs D Team

Next: The ladies take their shot at the targets, the female team archery. 


Event 2: Female Team Archery Event


  • The first match is A Pink vs Girls Day
  • Girls Day Minah wins it for their team by shooting a 10
  • Jewerly Vs Rainbow is the next qualifier
  • Woori shoots a 9 for Rainbow and Rainbow are through to the next round
  • missA Vs Girls Day is the 1st semi final
  • missA's Min shoots a zero by shooting her arrow at the back wall
  • Girls Day goes to the final, with Sojin shooting a 10
  • Secret Vs Rainbow is the 2nd semi final
  • Rainbow's Kim Jae Kyung shoots a 9 and Rainbow goes to the final
  • The final is Girls Day Vs Rainbow
  • Woori wants to hear words of support from Defconn, which Kim Jae Dong is opposed to
  • Girls Day sends a heart to Kim Jae Dong, with the caster requesting that Jae Dong put his glasses back on
  • Yoonhae takes the first shot for Rainbow, shooting a 7
  • Hyeri is first for Girls Day and shoots a 6
  • Yoonhae takes her 2nd shot, but falters before her shot, which ends up hitting 6
  • Hyeri's 2nd shot is a 7
  • Yoonhae's final shot and she continues to falter. However she shoots a 9, putting Rainbow in front
  • Hyeri takes her final shot and shoots a 4 unfortunately. Girls Day is 5 points behind after the 1st round
  • Woori is next for Rainbow, first shot is a 7
  • Minah is next for Girls Day and shoots a 8 with the casters constantly going on about how cute she is
  • Woori's next shot is a 8 and keeps Rainbow in front
  • Kim Jae Dong and Jun Hyun Moo argue about where the middle of "8" is
  • Minah's next shot is a worrying 4 points.
  • Woori's final shot is a comfortable 7
  • Minah's final shot is a 9, Girls Day is now 6 points behind
  • The final shooter is Jae Kyung and shoots a 8 on her first shot
  • Sojin is the final shooter for Girls Day, and shoots a disappointing 5 on her first shot
  • Jae Kyung now on her 2nd shot, shoots a 8 again
  • Sojin then shoots a 7
  • Jae Kyung's final shot is a 9. Putting Rainbow at 69 points 
  • Sojin's final shot is a 4, making a return for Girls Day practically impossible
  • Jun Hyun Moo calls this the curse of Kim Jae Dong
  • Jae Kyung shoots a 8 for the 10th shot and Rainbow is guaranteed winners
  • Sojin still manages to get some back for the team, shooting a 9 on the 10th shot
  • Secret gets the bronze, Girls Day gets Silver and Rainbow gets Gold
  • This is Rainbow's first ever gold medal.

Next: The ladies take to the sky in the Female High Jump event


Event 3: Female High Jump 


  • It starts at 1m
  • Minah from Girls Day is the favorite, having gotten gold, silver and bronze in prior events but is shockingly eliminated in the first round, unfortunately jumping too early and hitting the bar on her way down
  • so far missA's Fei and Jia are the only ones that have passed the first round
  • Woori from Rainbow is next to pass with a forward jump, celebrating with a random dance.
  • The other favorite picked by the caster is Kim Boa from Spica but unfortunately she hits the bar and also ends up making the posts fall down as well
  • The only ones that have passed the first round is missA's Fei, Jia and Rainbow's Woori
  • Each of the casters have picked a different person to win, with Caster Yoon picking Jia, Jae Dong picking Woori and Hyun Moo picking Fei
  • Fei belives she will get gold, Jia believes she will get Silver
  • Jun Hyun Moo asks if Woori always sounds like she has sucked in Helium gas, Woori tells him to concentrate on his own work
  • The next round is 1.2m and Fei is the first to get eliminated
  • Jia narrowly jumps over the 1.2m bar.
  • The curse of Kim Jae Dong strikes again with his favorite Woori being eliminated at 1.2m
  • Jia wins the Gold Medal in the female high jump
  • The bar is lowered to 1.15m for the silver
  • Woori jumps over the 1.15m bar to win the silver with Fei getting the bronze
  • Jia believes she won because she is slightly younger than Fei

Next: It's now the guys' turn to show us what they got, the Male High Jump


Event 4: Male High Jump


  • BTOB's Min Hyuk is one to look out for along with Niel from Teen Top.
  • Neil flies over the first 1.5m bar
  • EXO's Tao (Prior Silver Medalist) makes a textbook Fosbury Flop and makes it to the next round
  • Min Hyuk also easily reaches the 2nd round
  • The next round is 1.7m, which is a height only Niel has jumped over successfully before
  • Unfortunately Neil hits the bar with his knees and is eliminated
  • The athletes continue to get eliminated with EXO's Tao up next
  • Unfortunately Tao ends up landing on the bar and is eliminated. He would have passed if he had kept his bottom up for slightly longer
  • Dark Horse Min Hyuk is next and believes that nothing is impossible
  • Min Hyuk takes the run and amazingly forward jumps over the bar with some leeway left

  • Min Hyuk wins the gold medal for the male high jump
  • It's now the silver medal round at 1.7m
  • Niel once again takes the run and this time comfortably jumps over the bar
  • Tao is next and unfortunately once again his bottom just clips the bar.
  • Niel wins the silver medal in the male high jump
  • Now the bronze medal round at 1.65m
  • Tao once again unfortunately hits the bar again with his bottom and he has to be carried away by his team mates due to an apparent injury 
  • BTOB's Yook Sung Jae takes the Bronze along with B.A.P's Jungup
  • Min Hyuk was surprised that he went over the bar and his nickname is the flying squirrel
  • Tao goes up to his fans to reassure them. It appears that he is fine and the injury wasn't severe. 

Next: Which female idol team is the fastest of them all? The 400m female relay is next


Event 5: 400m female relay


  • Suzy believes that their team, miss A, will come first in the relay.
  • Jae Kyung is asked if she has seen someone trying to romance with someone. She reveals that she saw Defconn going up to Woori. Defconn tells Woori to get ready for We Got Married, Kim Jae Dong tells him to get out
  • Jun Hyun Moo knows who everyone is just by looking at their back, Kim Jae Dong likens him to a stalker
  • Dalshabet was the previous gold medalist, Hello Venus was silver
  • Gaeun races forward in the first lap with Suzy coming in at the very back
  • Dalshabet is first at the hand over with A Pink catching up

  • Oh Ha Young from A Pink makes up the difference and leads the team forward
  • A Pink's Ha Young makes a smooth hand over to Son Naeun and the team is now leading
  • A Pink is first on the 3rd hand over followed by Dalshabet
  • A Pink's Nam Ju leads on the final lap followed closely by Dalshabet
  • A Pink wins the gold medal, thanks to Oh Ha Young's sprint and Son Naeun's smooth handover
  • Dalshabet takes silver and Rainbow takes bronze
  • miss A unfortunately couldn't finish their run because they were too slow
  • Rainbow tells their agency that they want to go for bbq for doing so well at these events

Next: Will it be Teen Top on top again or will Infinite get their revenge? The 400m male relay


Event 6: 400m male relay


  • The defending champion is Teen Top and says their success is thanks to their "free step" dance
  • Infinite is a favorite as well but will need to improve their baton hand over, which has been an issue up till now
  • U-Kiss is the first to go out in front.
  • U Kiss leads through the  first and 2nd hand over
  • But Teen Top races forward after the 2nd hand over and is first at the 3rd hand over

  • Hoya however has caught up as well at the final handover and gradually narrows the gap between himself and Teen Top
  • Hoya then stunningly pulls away from his competitor and manages a comeback win for Infinite.
  • Infinite wins the gold in the 400m male relay
  • Teen Top gets silver and B.A.P. gets the bronze

Next: The battle of the sword and the shield, the Futsal Finals


Event 7: Futsal Finals, A Team Vs D Team


  • It's the A Team Vs D Team for the finals
  • It's the battle between the shield with Goalkeeper Noh Ji Hoon and the sword in Koo Ja Myung
  • The female idols have also arrived at the stadium and the casters note that they wished they were there from the beginning
  • The first half begins with Doojun starting things off with a kick at goal from past the half way line, which goes past the post.
  • Goo Ja Myung loses the ball in a dangerous place, with Yoseob taking advantage but shooting it into the side net
  • Dojun also takes a shot but goes wide of the post
  • Ki Kwang shoots and Sang Hoon from 100% makes a fantastic save with his leg to deny him a goal
  • Dojun fouls the other team and Coach Yoo complains about it to the referee.
  • Im Seulong heads the ball backwards from the free kick but goes just above the post
  • An excellent passing game by the A Team to avoid the defenders but Noh Ji Hoon makes a fantastic save to deny the A Team of the first goal
  • Noh Ji Hoon makes another save to prevent an attacker getting the ball, he then passes it off immediately to Dojun, who shots into the bottom of the other net straight into goal
  • This puts the D Team out in front 1:0
  • Noh Ji Hoon gets caught out by the 4 sec rule, which states the goalkeeper must hand over the ball within 4 secs
  • The A team gets a free kick just out the circle

  • A team shoots and Dojun amazingly blocks to ball to deny them the goal
  • Goo Ja Myung takes a shot past the jumping goalkeeper but goes slightly wide
  • Goo Ja Myung attacks again, going past 3 defenders before being blocked by the keeper
  • D Team attacks and Sang Hoon is able to block the first shot, which unfortunately falls at the feet of B.A.P. Young Guk, who slams it into the top right corner, 2:0 to the D Team
  • The casters note how coach Song Jong Kuk has aged 6 months in the last 6 minutes
  • Goo Ja Myung is taken out for Teen Top's Niel
  • Noh Ji Hoon grabs the ball from a high corner to stop the A team attack
  • Yang Yoseob is fouled in the circle and earns the D Team a Penalty Kick
  • Yoseob takes the kick and kicks in between the legs of the keeper into the net. D Team leads 3:0

20130920191304648 (1)

  • Zelo from B.A.P. kicks a high ball which hits the crane cam and breaks the viewfinder on the camera, ending the first half.
  • The casters note how all the goals have started from a pass from keeper Noh Ji Hoon, whose long pass has been hitting his attackers with great precision.
  • Coach Song Jong Kuk comforts his team and says they can come back but they need to avoid more goals going in
  • Coach Yoo Sang Chul states that Goo Ja Myung needs to be watched out for in the 2nd half
  • The 2nd half now begins and the A team will need to claw back 3 goals to come back level
  • Noh Ji Hoon makes a foul because a keeper is now allowed to kick the ball from a hand release
  • A Team is given a foul just outside the circle with all 5 D team players sticking inside the goal


  • The A team does a cunning little fake to pass the ball off to B1A4's Baro, who slams it into the back of the net to take one back for the A team, 3:1
  • Goo Ja Myung shots straight from a pass from the keeper but is once again blocked by Noh Ji Hoon, getting down low to catch the ball
  • Baro makes a fantastic tackle to deny Doojun of the ball and the shooting chance
  • Dojun shots at goal which hits the post but Yongjae from B.A.P. gets the rebound and shoots into goal. 4:1 advantage to D Team
  • 2 Minutes left now
  • Yong Guk takes a shot from a corner that flies high.
  • 40 seconds left now, Yong Guk is taken off for being too overly excited after his goal
  • Yoon Doojun shows off some nice skills.
  • Lee Ki Kwang shots at goal an unfortunately hits the inside of the post and goes straight
  • Goo Ja Myung then immediately retaliates, lobbing past the jumping Noh Ji Hoon into goal


  • The game is then concluded, with the D Team winning 4:2
  • D Team (BEAST’s Doojoon, Ki Kwang, Yoseob, BTOB’s Eunkwang, B.A.P’s Young Guk, Young Jae, Zelo and singer Noh Ji Hoon acting as the goalkeeper) wins the Futsal Gold Medal
  • A Team (Seulong, Changmin(2AM), Jin Young, Baro, Gong Chan(B1A4), Sang Hoon(100%), Seung Yeop(A-JAX), Goo Ja Myung) wins the Futsal Silver Medal
  • C Team (ZE:A's Dongjun, Min Woo , Taehun, U-Kiss's Soohyun , Kiseop,  VIXX's N, Leo, Son Jin Young) wins the Futsal Bronze Medal due to goal difference.

Next: It's time to say goodbye in the closing ceremony, reveal the best team and MVP.


Event 8: Closing Ceremony


  • This ends the events
  • The team with the best result is the A Team (2AM, missA, Rainbow, Teen Top, 100%, B1A4, Tahiti, A-Jax) with 4 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze and a total of 10 medals
  • Seulong represents his team and says his team did very well, noting how they got a lot of golds
  • The MVP for this event, the athlete that stood out the most. 
  • Infinite's Hoya wins the MVP for this event, with a total of 1 gold and 2 silver medals
  • Unfortunately he's not present as he had to leave for Infinite's overseas schedule.

This ends our recap of the 2013 Idol Athletics, Futsal and Archery Championships. Thank you to everyone that has read along over the last two days and we'll hopefully be back next year to do this again. Everyone have a happy weekend.

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