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[Poll] Who Looks Hotter in a Military Uniform? Song Joong Ki vs Yoo Seung Ho


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Song Joong Ki vs Yoo Seung Ho -- who looks better in a military uniform?

As the two heartthrob actors have recently enlisted in the army, photos of their military life have been circulating the web.

A recent post was made an online community forum that put together these photos, comparing the two actors in their military uniforms.

song joong ki yoo seug ho military

Both Song Joong Ki and Yoo Seung Ho are sporting berets and posing with their fellow soldiers. Even though they have taken off their celebrity status in the training unit, their good-looks still managed to shine.

Both actors were known for their soft charisma on screen. But these photos have shaken up fans' hearts with their more manly and tough image.

What do you think, Soompiers? Who loooks better in a military uniform?

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Soompiers have spoken. Song Joong Ki looks better in the military uniform, getting 35.55% of the total votes, ahead of Yoo Seung Ho by 255 votes.  He barely beat out the undecided who made up 34.35% of the total voters. 

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