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[Soompi Spotlight] Lee Seung Gi at Singapore Fan Meeting Describes a Back Hug by Female Fan as "Erotic"


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Oh my, what a strong word to come from the Prince of Smile, Lee Seung Gi, who has always presented a clean and wholesome image! However, that was exactly the word he uses to describe a back hug by a female Airen (official name of Lee Seung Gi's fanclub), at "The Brilliant Show"  fan meeting held in Singapore on September 7 at the Resorts World Sentosa Festive Grand Theatre.

The brilliant show started with Lee Seung Gi performing "Will You Marry Me" from one of his popular dramas "Brilliant Legacy," followed by a greeting and talk session hosted by host Kenneth from MediaCorp

"How is everybody doing? It was good? Did you sleep well? I didn't sleep well because I missed you a lot!" Lee Seung Gi greets in fluent English. Kenneth went on to ask Lee Seung Gi to say "I miss you" in several languages as Singapore is a multi-racial nation. His enunciation in Mandarin was perfect! The audience cheered loudly when the multi-talented Lee Seung Gi surprised everyone by saying "aku cinta padamu" (I love you, in Malay) instead of the phrase Kenneth taught him. 

This being Lee Seung Gi's second visit to Singapore, he said he feels great as fans always made him feel really welcomed here. "I think we became closer. Singapore fans are always gentle, passionate, and beautiful."

IMG_0316 - Copy

A compilation of  some of the best scenes from Lee Seung Gi's most recent drama "Gu Family Book" video was played next and fans were gushing when couple scenes of him and miss A's Suzy was shown. Lee Seung Gi said he practiced martial arts for about three months, taking about 15 sessions during the time. He also said honestly, "I will take a break from martial arts drama now because it is too hard!"

There were several types of kiss scenes that Lee Seung Gi shared with Suzy (who played Dam Yeo Wool) in the drama. When asked how the deep kissing was like, Lee Seung Gi smiled shyly and said he didn't remember before going on to admit it later, "It was good!" again eliciting laughter from all around.

Next up was a game "Finding Singapore's Dam Yeo Wool"- Airens who catches a soft toy thrown by Lee Seung Gi gets to go on stage to play the game. After a few throws, Lee Seung Gi realized that the soft toys can't reach the fans on the higher level and he requested to walk down the isle so that more people can have a chance too! What a thoughtful and sweet gesture! My companion said to me, "Now you know why he's so charming to fans." Indeed!

It turns out that the "lucky" fans weren't so lucky as they were put through three grueling elimination tests to find Singapore's very own Dam Yeo Wool. First, the fans have to lift up a leg and do 10 squats with most of them successfully clearing it to go into the next round. Surprised, Lee Seung Gi asked them, "Did you all work out last night?" As all the contestants were quite good, Lee Seung Gi suggested that they do a harder position, one similar to that of a bird flying -- standing on one leg, arms stretched out and body leaning forward. What amazed me was that Lee Seung Gi also did the same pose along with the fans. Most idols would just stand aside and watch the fans play, but Lee Seung Gi actually took the lead! Impressed! 

IMG_0488 - Copy

Next, the remaining survivors have to limbo rock through the second round. Again, Lee Seung Gi demonstrated the correct way to do it. Because they were so good, Lee Seung Gi made the bar go lower to make it more difficult for the fans, even taking off his jacket to give it a try, but this time he couldn't pass through the bar himself and said, "It's too hard. It's so hard. But I think it's because I'm a guy? Women are generally more flexible. We are looking for just one Dam Yeo Wool." Unfortunately, many fans again passed the second mission with much ease. Those who were eliminated received hugs from Lee Seung Gi nonetheless!

The third round was "palm fighting" whereby the fans take turn to compete with Lee Seung Gi. There were two final winners who made Lee Seung Gi lose his balance. In a final selection process, the two contestants had to tell Lee Seung Gi why he should pick them to be Singapore's Dam Yeo Wool. The fan whom Lee Seung Gi picks in the end said, "I like the beast in you." 

A short video clip was shown, featuring couple scenes from "Gu Family Book" again. Four numbers were flashed on screen and the fan has to pick a number which will show the video that she will get to re-enact with Lee Seung Gi. She randomly chooses the third video, which is a scene of Kang Chi back hugging Dam Yeo Wool. However, instead of Lee Seung Gi hugging the girl, Kenneth suggests that the fan give Lee Seung Gi a back hug. After the fan claimed her reward, Lee Seung Gi said, "I think the position where her hand was is a little weird. It was a little in the middle, but... it was good!" Lee Seung Gi added, "I think it was very erotic," when asked how he feels to be so close to a fan. Many fans must be seeing him in a new light after this! :P


After a video greeting from his "Gu Family Book" co-actors, the program continues on to the second and last game of the night, "Speed Hoola Hoop", which was initially played in Thailand. Lee Seung Gi wanted to play it with Singapore fans as well because it received overwhelming response in Thailand. Eight lucky fans were drawn from ticket stubs. Lee Seung Gi asks that fans play the game without pressure. "You can play any way you like; don't treat me as a celebrity, just treat me as a normal person." Fans get eliminated if the music stops while the hoop is still on them.



Once, the hoop stopped on Lee Seung Gi and for him to stay in the game, he had to do a forfeit, which was to unbutton the first button of his shirt. Lee Seung Gi quipped, "You guys like me naked don't you? I have never done this before!" and accepted his forfeit. The two final winners walked away with an autographed album signed on the spot. 



Videos from the Singapore Fan Club and Lee Seung Gi's Hawaii trip were played before he emerged from back stage again for a mini-concert, performing "Return", "Tonight", "Love Taught Me to Drink", "Smile Boy", "Let's Go On a Vacation", and "Slave", which certainly whet the fans' appetite for more! Lee Seung Gi ends the show on a high note with an encore song "Unfinished Story".


Fans who purchased VIP and premium category tickets received high-fives from the star of the night iimmediately after the fan meeting. 

Special thanks to Faith & D Entertainment for inviting Soompi to review the fan meeting.

All fan meeting photos credit to Faith & D Entertainment.

Next: Photos and highlights from Lee Seung Gi's open press conference

Lee Seung Gi Press Con 0793

"Hello Singapore, this is Lee Seung Gi. It is so nice to see you guys again. This is my second timevisiting Singapore, and I'm so excited to be here once again. I have always wanted to come back to Singapore. Thank you for inviting me!"

 Lee Seung Gi Press Con 0740

"If I start a business here, I would like to set up a restaurant."

Lee Seung Gi Press Con 0716

"A good husband will be the one who thinks for the family first, being good to the family and caring for the family."

Lee Seung Gi Press Con 0674

 "Whenever I act, there is a wide spectrum of things happening in the drama, so there are many things that I have not experienced before in my life. I tend to depend a lot on the scriptwriters of the drama from whom I get a lot of ideas for my acting."

Lee Seung Gi Press Con 0120

"Maybe nothing?" - when asked what is one thing he can't stand in a girl.


Lee Seung Gi Press Con 0099

Thanks to Faith & D Entertainment for inviting Soompi to cover the press conference.

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