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Why Does Lee Seo Jin Like Sunny the Best Out of Girls' Generation?


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On the recent episode of tvN's "Taxi," which was aired on September 2, Lee Seo Jin revealed, "Among all the Girls' Generation members, I like Sunny the best. This is because whenever all the nine members appear on a show, Sunny seems to smile the most. Once she starts to laugh, she can't seem to stop laughing. I like the fact that she has a happy personality."

He also added, "I don't like that some (women) sometimes get depressed suddenly." When the MCs asked if he has had a bad experience with depressed women, Lee Seo Jin answered, "I like Sunny because she is optimistic. There are some women who become sad for no reason. Are many women like that?"

Meanwhile on this episode, Lee Seo Jin also revealed behind-the-scene stories from the recent popular show "Grandpas Over Flower."

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