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miss A's Jia Practicing Hard for Idol Athletic Championships


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It is that time of year again! The time of year when idols of all ages, shapes and sizes do battle on the field, pool and range to determine who is the better athlete. Why yes I am indeed talking about the now annual Idol Athletics Championships held by MBC during the Chuseok holidays.

As one of the major idol related events in the calendar year, most participants tend to take it a bit seriously. miss A's Jia happens to be one of those participants and if her recent tweet is anything to go by then she is definitely practicing hard for the Idol Athletic Championships.

BS9r-6wCYAE8fok (1)

miss A's Jia recently posted the above picture on her Twitter account along with the following message, " For the sake of the Idol Athletics Championships~ I've come to practice my archery shooting!~ I did well right!? keke." The picture shows miss A's Jia in the standard even stance and a shot of her arrow grouping on the target.

(I actually happen to be a hobbyist archer so I feel inclined to point out that you actually shouldn't be gripping the riser in a full fist.The riser being the middle body of the recurve bow. It should actually be sitting on the palm of your hand. You should also be wearing a sling when using a stabilizer, the long stick thing at the front of the bow, so that the bow swings out of your hands as you shoot but I'm just being pedantic at this point.)

As for the score, it appears that miss A's Jia shot 2 rounds of 3 arrows. Since the scores go from 10 to 1 from inside ring to outside ring, she scored a total of 50 points out of a possible 60 points. Not a bad score to be honest. Arrow grouping is also pretty good except for the single outlier at 5 points.

This year's MBC Idol Athletics Championships will involve around 160 idols featuring idols such as 2AM, miss A, Henry, BEAST, Infinite, MBLAQ, ZE:A, Secret, Rainbow, Girl's Day, A Pink, Dal Shabet, Teen Top, B1A4, EXO, Crayon Pop and Son Jin Young.

Entertainer Kim Jae Dong and Jun Hyun Moo will be the main MCs while comedian Lee Byung Jin and Announcer Huh Ill Ho will be responsible for casting the new futsal event. Meanwhile BEAST's Lee Ki Kwang, Defconn and comedian Maeng Seung Ji will be responsible for on ground reporting. The Idol Athletics Championships will air in September during the Chuseok holiday (September 19).

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