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Lee Ki Kwang's Complex is His Frizzy Hair


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BEAST's Lee Ki Kwang has revealed that his trademark frizzy curly hair is actually one of his complexes saying that his hair is completely alien in nature.

On a recent airing of SBS Power FM's "Jung Sun Hee's A night like tonight" featuring BEAST as the guests, BEAST member Yoon Doo Joon was asked about when he thought he looked unattractive. He started off by saying how "Lee Ki Kwang always wears a hat" and that "The hat isn't suited to his clothes" and that he "Hopes that he would stop wearing it."


Lee Ki Kwang defended himself saying that "I don't want to wear it as well but there is nothing I can do about my extremely frizzy hair." The members continued to playful attack Lee Ki Kwang saying that "Because his hair is red, it kind of looks like Spicy Sichuan Style Noodles." Lee Ki Kwang casually brushes it off, telling everyone that "I can't perform my dry rehearsals with a bowl of Sichuan Noodles over my head now can I given that there is other singers and staff around."

Yoon Doo Joon also told a story about Lee Ki Kwang's extreme frizzy hair, telling listeners that "Lee Ki Kwang straightened his hair once because it was too frizzy. We thought that all he needed to do now was to dry his hair before going anywhere but his hair turned curly again in just 3 days."

Lee Ki Kwang told listeners that his hair was extremely frizzy. The reason for that might be genetic because he states that  his mother is also somewhat frizzy while his father has extremely frizzy. He also says if left to its own, his hair turns in a football field and that his hair "has a feel to it that is completely alien." He goes on to say that "Other people think I have gotten a perm. I even thought about just going around like that but it is unbearable to see if I start sweating."

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