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New Albums And Singles Preview – 2013 August Week 5

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Kara Vol. 4 – Full Bloom (Sept. 2)

카라 커버

01 Runaway
02 Damaged Lady
03 1+1
04 In the Game
05 Follow Me
06 Smoothie
07 2night
08 Runaway INST
09 Damaged Lady INST

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Kara returns as mature ladies with their fourth full-length album, “Full Bloom.” Top composers along the likes of Han Jae Ho, Kim Seung Su, and Sweet tune took part in this album, allowing the girls to experiment with different types of genres. Fans will be able to see these transformed girls in this nine-track album.

Lyn Vol. 8 #2 – This Song Is Good (released)


01 This Song Is Good
02 Song For Love (Kor Ver)
03 High Heel (with Ju Young)
04 Song For Love (Eng Ver)

Lyn releases part two of her eighth album, “This Song Is Good,” four months since the first installation. If part one had heart wrenching songs, the second half consists of exhilarating love tracks. The title track is of the same name and is an acoustic pop number with a beautiful guitar and piano line. This love confession track is perfect for sharing with a loved one. There are a total of four tracks in this album.

Ladies’ Code – Pretty Pretty (Sept. 5)


01 Polaris Club
02 Pretty Pretty
03 Hate You
04 I’m Fine Thank You
05 Pretty Pretty INST

Ladies’ Code returns this month with their second mini-album, “Pretty Pretty.” The title track is of the same name and is an exciting number with funky guitar rhythms and brass sounds. The song holds lyrics about standing tall and shouting how beautiful they are. Other songs in the album include ballad number, “I’m Fine Thank You” and “Hate You.”


Sunmi (single) – 24 Hours Is Not Enough (released)


01 24 Hours Is Not Enough

Wonder Girls’ former member, Sunmi returns to the music scene with her solo single, “24 Hours Is Not Enough.” The singer transforms 180 degrees, moving away from her usual pure and bright image. “24 Hours Is Not Enough” is a dance number composed, penned, and arranged by JYP. It holds lyrics about a woman whose eyes are opened when she finds out what love is through a man.

Lim Kim (single) – Rain (released)


01 Rain

Lim Kim releases “Rain” in midst of her second mini-album release, “Her Voice.” It is a mellow number with piano and guitar sounds. The song holds lyrics about an ordinary twenty-year old girl and her story on a rainy day.

Spica (single) – Tonight (released)


01 Tonight
02 Tonight INST

Spica releases their third digital single, “Tonight.” It is a foreign number with rock beats. Lee Hyori and Spica member, Boa are responsible for penning the lyrics to the song. It is about forgetting the past and trying to fly once more.

December (single) – Your Lips, That Taste (released)


01 Your Lips, That Taste (feat. EB)
02 Your Lips, That Taste INST

Jo Young Soo joins hands with duo, December for his latest project single, “Your Lips, That Taste.” This R&B hip-hop number has soothing vocals accompanied by mellow guitar instrumentals.

Fiestar (single) – Whoo! (released)


01 Whoo! (With Eric Benet)

Fiestar collaborates with world star, Eric Benet for their latest single, “Whoo.” Composed by Eric Benet and penned by Kim Ina, this urban R&B number has a groovy melody and Latin sounds. Benet also lends his vocals and even has some Korean lines, making it all the more anticipated by Korean fans.

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