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Sunny Reveals Lee Seo Jin Asked Her to Show Her No Make-Up Face for "Grandpas Over Flowers"

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Sunny, who gave actor Lee Seo Jin the gift of his life when she appeared as a guest on the hit tvN real-variety program "Grandpas Over Flowers," revealed that actor kept on asking her to show her no make-up face or wear a swimsuit for the program.

"Grandpas Over Flowers" features four male actors of the "grandpa" age, Lee Soon Jae, Shin Gu, Park Geun Hyun, and Baek Il Sub, and their young “luggage carrier” Lee Seo Jin who travel to different countries and experience the realities of an overseas trip. In the first season, they traveled in Europe and for season two, they headed over to Taiwan. 

Lee Seo Jin, a big fan of Girls' Generation Sunny, could not hide his pleasure in having one of his favorite stars join him on his way to Taiwan to meet up with the "grandpas." He wanted to be able to talk to her comfortably without the camera filming them all the time so he asked for the no audio or video recording on the plane ride over. When asked later by the production team what the two talked about on the plane, Sunny revealed that Lee Seo Jin kept up the conversation, knowing she was shy and feeling embarrassed. He joked with her, saying she should either show her no make-up face or wear a swimsuit on the show in order rake in the ratings. Sunny said with a laugh to the production team, "He keeps trying to squeeze more out of me."

Luckily, the ratings were very high for this episode, even without any of those scenes asked by Lee Seo Jin. "Grandpas Over Flowers" hit an average of 6.6% (Nielsen Korea) for Sunny's episode, an impressive feat for a cable channel program.

Fans of "Grandpas Over Flowers" and Girls' Generation will be able to see more of Sunny, as her appearance continues to next week's episode airing September 6.

Sunny Lee Seo Jin Grandpas Over Flowers

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