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Sandara Park and CL Volunteer at Holt Orphanage

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Recently on August 29, 2NE1's CL and Sandara Park visited Holt Orphanage to volunteer. On their respective Twitter accounts on the same day, they each uploaded a photo.

Sandara Park also left a message, "I visited Holt Orphanage with Chaerin (CL). Lovely babies... I fed them and played with them. I think the babies liked me because I held them >.< Please grow up to be strong and pretty! I'm your Dara noona or aunt ㅠ Please remember me~"

On CL's photo, she is giving a loving hug to a baby on the floor. On Sandara's picture, she is also hugging a baby as she smiles happily.

Netizens whot saw these photos commented, "Sandara Park has a good heart," "Cute baby," and "Good to see CL and Sandara volunteering despite their busy schedule."

CL twitter

sandara park twitter

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