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Kwanghee Says Park Hyung Shik Has a Sweet Personality

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Recently on MBCFM4U's "This Is Park Kyung Rim of 2 O'Clock Date," which was aired August 29, Kwanghee revealed co-member Park Hyung Shik's real personality.

Kwanghee stated, "All the members have been very busy, so we haven't had the chance to get to know each other very well. Even a year ago, I didn't really know much about Hyung Shik. He is a kind and sweet guy who never complains. He is so nice that there is never a chance to fight with him. Then eight months ago, I started to get the feeling."

When the MC asked what kind of feeling he was referring to, Kwanghee explained, "I had a feeling that he was going to get popular."

Kwanghee also added, "I started to work at an earlier age so I am much more mature. Hyung Shik is still like a baby."

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