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JYP (Park Jin Young) Asks "What Do We Live For?" Through New Teaser Image

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JYP, Park Jin Young, or J.Y. Park has released his second teaser image for his upcoming 10th album titled "Halftime."

The album was named "Halftime" to express the fact that Park Jin Young is halfway through is life, and according to JYP Entertainment, the singer wanted to express his past and his future through music. Park Jin Young’s “Halftime” will contain tracks that tell the story of his life as a singer, dancer, and producer. His pre-release track “Love Is Best” (working title) will be about Park Jin Young’s earnest thoughts on the purpose of human birth and life. 

With the album being such a reflection of the journey of life, the new teaser image is portraying the concept by showing Park Jin Young as an older man with salt-and-pepper hair. In the first section starting from the left, he is a happy grandfather holding up his grandson. In the second, Park Jin Young seems to be a wealthy but single old bachelor look not quite so satisfied with the young lady by his side. In the final section, the singer is homeless and lonely, with nothing in his life. According to the agency, Park Jin Young is asking the question, "Why do we have to live life so diligently?" or "For what do we live for?"

Park Jin Young will pre-release "Love is Best" on September 2, and the full album on September 9 containing the title song "I Played Enough" (working title).

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