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Teen Top Promises to Throw Guerrilla Concert if They Win First Place

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Teen Top made a promise to throw an impromptu Guerrilla concert for their fans if they win first place on a music program.

On August 27, Teen Top held a showcase for their new album, "TEEN TOP CLASS," during which they performed their title track, "Rocking."

When asked about making a promise if they reach the number one spot, Teen Top answered, "If we reach the number one spot, we will throw a Guerrilla concert in Myungdong and meet with our fans. Since we prepared a lot for this album, we hope it will draw in good results."

They continued, "We will also leave on a vacation with our fans for all the fans who live outside of Seoul."

Other questions were asked such as "Which member's looks improved the most during your hiatus," to which the members answered, "Niel's face was just OK but he got a lot better," in a joking manner.

Then Niel replied, "I don't really care about my looks. I go around comfortably but now it feels like I shouldn't do that so I started to dress up and try to look good."

About their new album that contains six tracks, Teen Top commented, "We released a new album for the first time in a while. We really prepare a lot."

They also talked about the choreography by saying, "We made a choreography that only we could do. We chose the name of our choreography to be 'LTEA.' We think that only Teen Top can do this performance. We decided to challenge others and say, 'Follow us if you can.'"

Teen Top also revealed that Changjo snapped his ligament during practice and is currently wearing leg-guards.

Teen Top will officially start their promotions through Mnet's "M! Countdown" that will air on August 29.

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