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Crazy Pieces______


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Random graphics




I did all these today since I was really bored and need to get some of my lost ps skills back from my long ps haitus XD



^ I haven't done colorization for a very long time so this isn't that great.

Credit: aetherreality + hg + magic box

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Guest dr4g0n_l0v3r

Your graphics are so soft and so awesome. I love the first one. It's so soft and it seemed like the emotions all flew out from it. :). Awesome job. :P. Very incredible. :D.

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Guest photodaisy

ooh! i like the first one.

and your colorization is so vibrant! *__*;

looking at the black and whtie picture, i'd figure it'd be loads softer but you made it brilliantly vibrant!

great job! ^^

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