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Son Tae Young Shows Support for Husband Kwon Sang Woo, Kang Ye Bin Denies Rumors of an Affair

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We recently reported that Kwon Sang Woo took to expressing his frustration on his fancafe over rumors of an affair with TV personality and model Kang Ye Bin. He wrote "I am extremely annoyed so I leaving this message. I can pass this over with a laugh, but what about my innocent family and fans?"

His wife of five years, actress Son Tae Young, showed her support for her husband with a message on her Facebook, writing "'Tae Shin of 'Medical Top Team', Kwon Sang Woo, don't be annoyed and work hard on filming. Ah, the photo shoot came out well." Son Tae Young included a photo from Kwon Sang Woo's "Bazaar" pictorial.

kwon sang woo bazaar

Son Tae Young continued, "This is Shanghai. The fitting of 100 outfits is over! The Shanghai weather is clear ^^Tae Shin, Soo Shin Aen fighting <3 Today once again I'm giving you a pat on the back <3"

son tae young shanghai

The main subject of the rumors, Kang Ye Bin, also responded through her agency, F.I.S. Enterprise. It told various sources, "The rumor is untrue, and it's not even worth taking any action against." In regards to Kwon Sang Woo referring to another man as the true subject of the rumor by writing on his fancafe, "I was dumbfounded when I read the rumor that I was dating Kang Ye Bin! I know it to be that someone else is!" the agency rep commented, "We are surprised and have nothing to say."

On the other hand, Kwon Sang Woo's reps are ready to take legal action against the people spreading the rumors, seeking to charge the disseminators with libel and monetary damages, as well seeking criminal prosecution for trying to break apart a happy family. 

Meanwhile, Kwon Sang Woo is busy filming for the upcoming MBC drama "Medical Top Team" which also stars Jung Ryeo Won, Joo Ji HoonClazziquai’s Alex, Lee Hee Jin, and SHINee's Minho among others, creating a world of top doctors and the intense power struggles among them. It premieres October 2 after "Two Weeks" finishes its run. 


Kwon Sang Woo's agency has come to say that Kwon Sang Woo was merely emphasizing the fact of how untrue the rumor was, not saying that Kang Ye Bin was having an affair with someone else besides him when he wrote, "I was dumbfounded when I read the rumor that I was dating Kang Ye Bin! I know it to be that someone else is!"

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