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Kwon Sang Woo Fumes Overs Rumors of an Affair with Kang Ye Bin

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Actor Kwon Sang Woo made his anger known when he left a message of frustration on his own fancafe over rumors of an affair with TV personality Kang Ye Bin.

He wrote, "They are once again bothering me when I am living so happily. I was dumbfounded when I read the rumor that I was dating Kang Ye Bin! I know it to be that someone else is! I am extremely annoyed so I leaving this message. I can pass this over with a laugh, but what about my innocent family and fans? I am grateful that she once picked me as her ideal type, but I've never even seen her. I am Son Tae Young's husband and a strong father to Luke. Please don't be jealous of us."

Recently, there has been a rumor floating around that stated "A sexy female star and a married male star went on a 'honeymoon' vacation to Japan together," and netizens started to peg Kwon Sang Woo and Kang Ye Bin as the subjects of the rumors. 

Kang Ye Bin is most famous for being a "Octagon Girl" for the UFC.

Kwon Sang Woo married actress Son Tae Young in 2008 and they have a four-year-old son name Luke. 

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