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Tony Ahn Breaks the News to His Mother About Girlfriend Hyeri

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Oops! Looks like Tony Ahn forgot to tell his mother about his new girlfriend, Hyeri of Girl's Day.The cast and members of "Barefoot Friends" were there to witness the phone call as Tony broke the news to his mother. 

On August 25, Tony Ahn joined the cast of "Barefoot Friends" and got to work on his culinary skills. 

While Kang Ho Dong was getting a recipe from Tony's mother over the phone, he took advantage of the opportunity to ask if she approved of Tony Ahn's girlfriend. His mother replied, "I haven't seen her exactly, but if my son likes her then I like her too." She also admitted that she wasn't able to meet Hyeri yet because of her busy work schedule. 

While listening to their conversation, Tony Ahn seemed embarrassed as he remarked, "Oh…I guess my mother already knew," causing everyone on set to laugh at his confession that he hadn't told her anything yet. 

Netizens commented, "Wow, I guess Tony Ahn really didn't tell his mother anything?", "Looks like Tony Ahn's mother really trusts him" and "I bet his mother would be surprised if she learned of their huge age difference." 


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