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Rumors of Shin Jung Hwan's Return To TV Start To Surface

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It's been 3 years since singer and all-round entertainer Shin Jung Hwan has disappeared from the small screen. He had been forced to leave due to his consistent gambling problems and what was probably one of the biggest story fabrications in recent years. But, it appears that the multi-talented entertainer is carefully planning a return to television after years of  self reflection.


Rumors of Shin Jung Hwan's return have always existed since his exit in 2010, but those rumors have become more frequent and credible in recent months. The latest string of rumors started when the concert organizers for "Rival 1990s, The relation between the night and music, Night Concert" revealed their first line up for the concert. Amongst the initially revealed line up was the old dance group, Country Kko Kko, which comprises of Shin Jung Hwan and Tak Jae Hoon. The organizers had previously stated that Shin Jung Hwan's appearance at the concert was yet to be confirmed and that Tak Jae Hoon would be appearing by himself. Despite the lack of confirmation, the mere fact that Country Kko Kko was mentioned as a group was enough to get the rumor mills started up again.

The latest rumor stems from a report which claims that Shin Jung Hwan has been in contact with one of the general programming cable channels (MBN, jTBC, TV Joseon, Channel A) about a possible return to TV. An unnamed person affiliated with TV productions has stated that "It may not be plain to see, but people working in the industry have been in constant contact with Shin Jung hwan about a possible return to TV. However, they still need to consider various situations and the overall mood amongst the public." They went on to state that "One of the general programming cable channels have been actively pursuing a return for Shin Jung Hwan and he himself wants to return as well."


However, as the above person has mentioned, public opinion is still distinctively negative towards Shin Jung Hwan and it remains to be seen if any return will be seen favorably in the foreseeable future. The issue is that Shin Jung Hwan wasn't just charged for illegal overseas gambling, but he also lead the public through one of the biggest story fabrications made by a celebrity. He claimed that he contracted Dengue Fever during his stay in the Philippines to hide the fact that he was in the country for gambling purposes before getting stuck within the country after incurring substantial debts by taking on loans to continue his gambling. The fabrication was caught out once netizens and reporters delved into the photo that Shin Jung Hwan revealed of himself being in a hospital.

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