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Kim Hee Sun is a Timeless Beauty and Gives Advice to Twenty-Somethings in "Cosmopolitan Korea"

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Actress Kim Hee Sun appeared in a photo shoot and interview for the September issue of “Cosmopolitan Korea.”  Kim Hee Sun, Shin Min Ah, and Suzy were featured in individual photo shoots, interviews, and covers as iconic actresses of their generations in honor of the fashion magazine’s 13th anniversary.  In the photo shoot, Kim Hee Sun shows why she has kept going strong in an industry which places a premium on youth.  Kim Hee Sun is a timeless beauty and her classic elegance shines through in every photograph and Seoul’s Bukchon neighborhood with its mix of modern and traditional architecture was the perfect background.    

On the photo shoot, Kim Hee Sun said: “During the week, for six days, I live as a normal mother of a child, but then, for one day, I get to wear clothing that hasn’t been in existence in this world for very long with accessories before others.  Getting to show off in front of others is a very fun work.  I can feel that photo shoots is a different thrill from acting.”

On Seoul, Kim Hee Sun said: “Actually, my house is in Gangnam, so as opposed to Gangbok, I spend most of my time in Gangnam.  Cheongdam-dong is such a concentrated area that it’s great to go shopping there.  From high jewelry to cloth-made rings, it’s a place where you can see everything.  With regards to fashion, everything exists there.  Anyway, the reasons I like Seoul are certain.  In the past, I really enjoyed travel to foreign countries, but as I get older, I like Seoul the best.  Italy, China, Japan, etc., even though I’ve eaten their famous foods, the things I’ve eaten in Seoul taste the best.  Also, Seoul is the fastest and most convenient!  Food delivery, quick service, errand center, etc., there are so many convenient systems that this is the most comfortable place to live.  Also, Seoul has various cultures and trends simultaneously, so it is a city of coexistence.  Because of all of that, I like Seoul.”

On being in her thirties and looking back at her twenties, Kim Hee Sun said: “I think I worked too much, and so I feel a little regretful.  In my twenties, it would have been nice if I had traveled with the people I loved, those kind of thoughts occur to me.  If you work hard to earn money when you are young so that you can travel when you are older, by the time you can travel, your strength is different.  Even though it is true that I now live comfortably because I worked hard when I was young, when I look at my juniors harassed by too busy schedules, I feel sad for them.  If you can, spend your time in your twenties with a carefree mind.”                  


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