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Lee Seo Jin 이서진

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Guest midnitestars

I was impressed by Lee Seo Jin's performances in Damo and Bool Sae; I can't forget the characters Hwang Bo Yoon and Jang Sae Hoon that he played.

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Guest moley

I found him SUPER SEXY in DAMO. T__T Thinking about the drama makes me sad now..

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Guest aussie

ANGELS, getting onto soompi is very interesting for me these days. Some days I can get through, others, no matter how hard I try and how many routes I go through, nothing. Hence my absence during this hectic week. I will try to make some pic posts later on tonight after work but I just wanted to say hello and let you know I'm thinking of you.

I may be in Korea in early December.

ZUREA, we could actually meet if this is true. Imagine 2 angels meeting in the middle of Korea. Actually, it would be very appropriate seeing as it's our love for K drama that's brought us together. If Faye and Rainy can do it, we can too! HYUN, you really, really, need to come home for a holiday.

HYUN, I will check out the links later on.


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i was impressed with this guys performance in damo...it's hard to love him...he's a great actor...i hope to see more of his work in the future...

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Guest rainy75

Tada!!!!!!!! Look what I found .. I read someone tried searching Google Cache... this is what i got!!! What ii manage to slavage from google cache..

Sorry for flooding.......... ( aussie, if u wanna update to the front, i will delete them after u updated!!)

Not all information might be relevant here but i will clean up later..) I jjust repost all info i can find here first...


CFs ..

List of CFs todate :


Jongang CF 1


Jongang CF 2



Anycall CF 1


Anycall CF 2


Anycall CF 3


Anycall NG 1


Anycall NG 2


Anycall CF



Ggio CF


credit popcornfor2.com

(above CF list credit to Onlyjin )

4, FORTUNE male cosmetic CF

















credit : www.seojinlee.com



MV :-


credit : www.jangdongun.net

Interview :-


credit : koreanwind.net

Picture Gallery

On Damo - page 354, 18 (cherry blossom scene ), 31, 35, 42, 46, 48, 66, 68, 73 (tears), 78, 80, 91 - 92, 102, 114, 116 - 117, 121 - 122, 126, 131, 133,

On Bool Sae - page 20, 22, 25 - 26, 28, 66, 73 (tears), 83, 137, 148,

Others - page 9 - 15, 17, 24, 26, 27, 29, 30, 38, 42, 44, 45, 47, [ 48 - 52, 54, 55, 72 (31st birthday party pic)], 57, 60, 61, [63, 65, 90, 101, 150 (Fortune CV)], 64, 68, 69, 74, 78, 85, 88, 94, 100 (superman poster by Zurae), 105, 106 (rock climbing), 107 (dj), [109, 122 (Jin Bond by miyeol)], 113 (color board), 117, 118 (this gorilla is ours!), 123 (anchorman), 128 -129, 130 (sleepless in LSJ thread), 132 - 135, 137 - 138, [139 - 144 (pineapplehead fan meet)], 145, 147 - 148, 149 (poster by Zurae), ###150###

Links for drama Since I met you - page 32 (provided by Onlyjin)


Written By Faye :

Who are the Bool Sae Angels aka Damos

Definition :-

Bool Sae Angels are the angels who have come together after watching drama Bool Sae. Some of the angels are also carrying the holy tasks of a damo (after watching and loving the drama Damo. So the Bool Sae angels are both an Angel and a Damo). Of course, one may find that there are some Bool Sae angels who are not Damos, eg. Angel ArmaniGurl ... Nonetheless, the Bool Sae Angels and Damos are closely knitted and can not be messed with. You mess with one, you mess with all. There is no age limit, no boundary, no prior qualification and no restriction of whatsoever kind. As long as you like / love Lee Seo Jin 씨 the man, the actor, come and let us know here and we shall make an Angel of LSJ 씨 out of you.

List of Bool Sae Angels aka Damos

Damo 001 to 006 - Jang Jae-hee (Chaeok)

(rest in peace)

Damo 007 - shirley

(script writer, Bear Killing Squad Leader, figure expert, soulmate to cheeky towel, bear killer, master of both Chinese and English, super multi-talented ... )

Damo 008 - hyunjbae

(fabulous korean food expert, translater, expert in English and korean, expert in battling typhoon, super multi-talented ... )

Damo 009 - zurae

(COO, computer expert, singer, lady, killer of cooker monster, gif and poster expert, Medallion Presenter, expert in Malay & Tagalog ...)

Damo 0010 - aussie

(expert in English Literature, experience with kids and baby delivery, singer, expert harrasser of online companies for LSJ products, friends with different nationalities, fabulous gardener ...)

Damo 0011 - Onlyjin

(no. 6 of LSJ 가족 (family), chinese expert, talented computer skill ...)

Damo 0012 - rainy

(computer analyst, banner/gif/poster expert, translater, excellent finder of any links, talented computer skills ... )

Damo 0013 - dramaok

(Angel's ban jang ...)

Damo 0014 - anne

(cheer leader ...)

Damo 0015 - songjc

(sledgehammer buster, Miran buster, bear killer, translater ...)

Damo 0016 - AnneOfBlueGable

(cheerleader ...)

Damo 0017 - Gi2

(cheerleader ...)

Damo 0018 - bedpotter

(cheerleader ...)

Damo 0019 - lynekin

(no. 15 of LSJ 가족 (family), chinese expert, talented computer skills ...)

Damo 0020 - blueseadreamer

(no. 11 of LSJ 가족 (family), chinese and English expert ...)

Damo 0021 - bellaangel012

(cheerleader ...)

Damo 0022 - Mrs AnChilHyun

(cheerleader ...)

Damo 0023 - I8r

(cheerleader ...)

Damo 0024 - Damoforever

(Damo expert, thread starter, song re-writer, lobby master ...)

Damo 0025 - Melody1

(most senior Damo todate, experienced Damo and capable of any tasks ...)

Damo 0026 - il_mare

(expert in both Chinese and English languages, translator, drama reviewer ...)

Damo 0027 - ttc

(No. 16 of LSJ 가족 (family) in TONGTONGCHU ...)

Damo 0028 - Mjkaki00

(Cheer Leader ...)

Damo 0029 - goose

(Bear Killing Squad deputy chairman, cheerleader, multi-linguist ...)

Damo 0030 - ellabel

(panda hunny, Boolsaeist, cheerleader, twin, expert in English & Tagalog ....)

Damo 0031 - pathos

(cheerleader, dancer ...)

Damo 0032 - Inez

(cheerleader, singer, dancer, cookie maker ...)

Zorro - Jennie

(masked Zorro, protector of Jang Se-hoon ...)

Damo X - faye (aka TIMER)

(with X many back up functions and duties ...)

Note : This thread will not be possible if not for the contribution and constant creativity of all the active Angels & Damos. Thank you very much for making this thread possible, fun filled and most interesting to read. I hope one day, LSJ 씨 will be able to come and visit us here, himself; and if possible, leave us a mark and/or words that you have come. 이서진 씨, 우리 너를 보고 싶어습니다 !!! 만약에 시간있이면 여기에 메시지 주세요. 너무 감사합니다.

( all information from the original Lee Seo Jin Thread)

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Guest rainy75

----Selected Bool Sae OST Tracks Lyrics Translations By Dramaok

<bool sae> ost title song

'in yun - fate' by lee seung-chul (track 2 on ost)

http://www.mingky25.com/music/leeseung.mp3 (courtesy 'mingky25' yahoo blog)


lyrics translated by dramaok:

noon eul dduh ba ra bo ah yo geu dae..

jung mal ga shhut na yo..

dahn hahn bun bo nae joon geu dae noon bit cheun nal sarang haet na yo..

ddo da reun sarang ee wa do ee jen ship ge huh rak dui jil ahn ah

gyun dee gee heem deun gyul..

set your eyes open and look this way dear..

have you really left..

did you love me with the one and only look you sent me..

now even when a new love comes it cannot be allowed easily

that which is hard to endure..

oon myung gat eun woo yun eul gi da ryul yo

ji wuh jil soo up neun ah peun gi uhk deul..

geu ri wuh ha myun suh do... mi wuh ha myun suh do.. na.. nul...

nuh moo sarang haet suht na bwah yo.. geu dae..

i'm waiting for the concidence that is like destiny

the painful memories i cannot erase..

missing you.. hating you... me.. you....

i loved you too much it seems... dear you..

bo go ship eun mahn keum hoo hui dui geht jyo

gat eun oon myung chut ruhm da shi mahn nahn da myun...

cha ma bol soo up seum eh...

heem gyuh oon noon mool eul heul ri jyo..

i will probably regret as greatly as i have missed you

if we are to meet again under the same fate

for not being able to see...

these uncontroable tears shall flow..

ji wuh jil soo up neun ah peun gi uhk deul..

geu ri wuh ha myun suh do.. mi wuh ha myun suh do.. geu dael...

nahn sarang hal soo up suh na bwa yo ee jen...

geu juh ba ra bol soo bahk gen up geht jyo.

the painful memories i cannot erase..

missing you.. hating you.. dear you...

perhaps you can no longer love me now..

and i will only be able to watch you

na sal ah ga neun dong ahn da shi mahn nahn da myun

cha ma bol soo up seum eh....

heem gyuh oon noon mool eul heul ri jyo..

nahn ah jik jung mal geu dael sarang hae yo......

while i continue to live if we meet again

for not being able to see...

these uncontroable tears shall flow..

i still really love you.....

02.姻緣 李承哲

睜開眼仔細看看 你是否真的走了



承擔所有的苦 只為等待命運中的偶然




思念有多少 悔恨就有多少





不管有多少辛酸 我還是會堅持對你的思念










'bool sae' ost track no.4

geu nal ee hoo - after that day (by namoo - tree)

http://vring.hanaro.com/sound/526100.wma (short clip courtesy hanaro.com)

lyrics translated by dramaok:

uh dduht ke sal ah waht neun jee uh dduht ke nul eet juht neun ji

nee ap eh suh eet neun nae mo seum sohk eh soom uh eet jah ah

nul bo naen geu nal ee hoo roh uh dduht ke ji naet neun ji

na wah gat aht da myun ahl soo eet jat na

how hard have i lived.. how hard have i tried to forget

i have hidden it inside myself infront of you

upon sending you off after that day how it has been for me

if you have been the same then you can understand.

na gyun di gi heem deul ruht ssuh soom jo cha do shil soo up ge

ee ruhn nae hyun shil ee nuh moo shil uht ssuh

na reun sarang ee roh nuh ee ja ri reul chae uh bo ah do

ee guhn ah ni ra neun saeng gak bboom een guhl

it was hard for me to endure.. without even a rest from breathing

this reality of mine i hated so much

with another love to fill your place

this isn't right is all i could think of.

ddo da reun sarang eul mahn na suh ee juh bo ryul ae ssuh bwa do

nal ahl jat ah nuh up shin ahn dwen da neun guhl

even as i have tried so hard to meet a new person to forget you

you already know without you i cannot be...

uh dduht ke sal ah waht neun jee uh dduht ke nul eet juht neun ji

nee ap eh suh eet neun nae mo seum sohk eh soom uh eet jah ah

nul bo naen geu nal ee hoo roh uh dduht ke ji naet neun ji

na wah gat aht da myun ahl soo eet jat na

how hard have i lived.. how hard have i tried to forget

i have hidden it inside myself infront of you

upon sending you off after that day how it has been for me

if you have been the same then you can understand.

nuh ddoh han geu ruhn guh ni na chuh rum heem deul uht ni

nuh do geu raet da go mal hae joo ge ni

woo rin dool da nuh moo ba bo gat eun geu shi gahn sohk eh suh

ggoom sohk eh suh mahn nul chat ja he maet ji

have you been this way too, have you been suffering like me

you were the same, will you tell me so?

we were two fools alike into such time

i have looked for you only in my dreams.

ddo da reun sarang eul mahn na suh ee juh bo ryul ae ssuh bwa do

nal ahl jat ah nuh up shin ahn dwen da neun guhl

even as i have tried so hard to meet a new person to forget you

you already know without you i cannot be...

uh dduht ke sahl ah waht neun jee ul ma na sarang haet neun ji

ji chuh suh duh ee sang heul ril noon mool do nam ah eet jil ahn ah

geut up neun ggoom guh ra go geu ruhk ke meet uht neun de

wae hyun shil reul nahl wui myun ha neun guh ya

how hard have i lived.. how much i loved

i'm so tired of it i don't even have any tears left

an endless dream it has been.. that is how i believed

why does reality set me apart?

uh dduht ke sal ah waht neun jee uh dduht ke nul eet juht neun ji

nee ap eh suh eet neun nae mo seum sohk eh soom uh eet jah ah

nul bo naen geu nal ee hoo roh uh dduht ke ji naet neun ji

na wah gat aht da myun ahl soo eet jat na

how hard have i lived.. how hard have i tried to forget

i have hidden it inside myself infront of you

upon sending you off after that day how it has been for me

if you have been the same then you can understand.

04那天以後 --樹

是怎樣走過來的 又是如何忘記的

站在你面前的我 是如何壓抑自己的








你知道的不是嗎 我不能沒有你啊

是怎樣走過來的 又是如何忘記的

站在你面前的我 是如何壓抑自己的








你知道的不是嗎 我不能沒有你啊




你知道的不是嗎 我不能沒有你

是怎樣走過來的 又是如何忘記的

站在你面前的我 是如何壓抑自己的




< bool sae > ost track no. 6

'ee byul - farewell' (performed by lee suh jin):

http://crbt.nate.com:8081/player/playIfram...ode=27000006913 (short clip courtesy nate.com)

lyrics translated by dramaok:

nae gehn nuh moo sarang haet duhn saram ee eet suh

ee je geu mahn bo nae ryuh hae hahn ddae woo ri nuh moo sarang haet ssuh ji mahn

ee je neun ah nihn gul ahl gi eh

to me there is one person whom i loved deeply

it's time for me to let this person go though we were so much in love

but i know it's not the same now

nae seul peum eul dal rae juht duhn oh jik hahn saram

ha ji mahn nal ma ni ool ryuht duhn saram

geu yuhk shi do nuh ra neun gul ahl go eet neun ji

ni ga eet gi eh nahn haeng bok haet neun de

the only person who cured my sadness

the same person who made me cry so much

do you know that this person is you?

because you were there i was happy

al go neun eet ni nae mo deun gul ne ge jyut ji mahn dae ga reul ba rae waht duhn guhn ah nya

da ga ga myun gal soo rohk duh muhl uh ji neun nuh

jum hum neu ggi myun suh do poh gi hal soon up ssuh ji

geu rae na ee je ahl guht gat ah

sarang ee rahn hohn ja ga ah nin gul nuh eh ge ah moo mal do hal soo up neun

sarang bo da neun cha ra ri ee byul eul taek tal ggeh nuh wa eh ee byul eul

do you know that though i gave you everything i was not looking for a price in return

the closer i get to you the farther you become

though i realized this little by little i could not give up

but now i finally understand

love is not done alone.. if i am not allowed to say a word to you

instead of love i would rather choose farewell.. a farewell to you

ahl go neun eet ni nae mo deun gul ne ge jyut ji mahn dae ga reul ba rae waht duhn guhn ah nya

da ga ga myun gal soo rohk duh muhl uh ji neun nuh

jum hum neu ggi myun suh do poh gi hal soon up ssuh ji

geu rae ee je neun da ga sul soo up suh

na reul buh rin nuh rahn gul ahl gi eh

do you know that though i gave you everything i was not looking for a price in return

the closer i get to you the farther you become

though i realized this little by little i could not give up

but now i can't be near you again

because i know you threw me away

nae heun juhk buh ryuh ya uht ge dwen da neun ddoh da reun sarang

nuh eh ge choong boon hee bae wuht sseu ni ggah

geu rae na ee je ahl guht gat ah

sarang ee rahn hohn ja ga ah nin gul nuh eh ge ah moo mal do hal soo up neun

sarang bo da neun cha ra ri ee byul eul taek tal ggeh nuh wa eh ee byul eul

i must throw away every trace of it for the new love

since i learned enough from you

yes i think i now understand

love is not done alone.. if i am not allowed to say a word to you

instead of love i would rather choose farewell.. a farewell to you

ee ruhk ke jung ri hae ya ha ni?

is this how i should end it?

06 別離 唱李瑞振








但漸行漸遠的妳 讓我越來越放不下

是這樣吧 我好像明白了





但漸行漸遠的妳 讓我越來越放不下





是這樣吧 我好像明白了





Track 03. nul wi han sarang - Shin Jae Hong




如果不把握現在的話 永遠都不再有可能了














track 08. nae noon mool sok eh - Cho Eun

08.我的淚水中 唱趙恩



滴落的雨珠 紛飛的雪花




輕瀉的光線 積水的遊樂場


逐漸模糊的妳 我也瞬間消失了








飄散的花瓣 水面上的波紋

如今都停止了 一切都消失了

















Se Hoon’s Story no.1

I’m an orphan.

I have neither family nor money.

Only weapon I have against this heartless world was my pride, my unbreakable pride.

I met her one day. Lee Ji Eun.

When her car crashed into the gas station I work,

Unexpectedly, her existence charged at my life and my heart with great speed.

Like that.

Arrogant yet naïve,

When she scattered money in front of me,

When I slapped her,

Already my heart reached out for her.


Like that.

Love is like that.

Love already begins even before you feel that you love somebody.

She was living in a different world.

Love which is felt unconsciously

And the instinct of defense against the unexpected love.

I tried to ignore her existence.


My heart once started to run toward her

There was no stopping.

My heart ignored the constant warning sign from my cold reason.

When she asked my help because of childlike betting with her friends,

I couldn’t reject it.

She was so dazzling.

A woman who is allergic to orange.

A woman who dreams of passionate love looking at the picture of fire bird.

A woman who smiles at me shyly.

More she looked dazzling, more I felt miserable.

I shouldn’t have gone to the sightseeing boat.

I shouldn’t have gone there with her.

She said she’s going to love me.

I said I don’t love her.

I said I’m not interested in her.

I said,

"I’ll never walk the path which I can see the end."


She was so different from me.

She was so faithful toward her feeling.

She was testing me, testing my heart.

While my heart already held her,

While my cold reason was trying to push her away,

While my heart and my reason was fighting each other,

I realized.

I admitted.

My love toward her.

At the very moment I held her in my arms,

At the very moment the indescribable shiver pierced my heart and soul,

I knew

My love already began.

The unstoppable love.

Se Hoon’s Story no.2.For the Last 10 years

All of a sudden,

My life has lost its meaning like that.

After I lost the only one who comforted me with sweet taste of happiness.

Only one who has given me the chance of having my own family, my child.

Like a fishbone stuck in the throat,

Her existence is resisting withering away inside my heart.

Endlessly, bothering and hurting me.

Please, please be forgotten, Lee Jieun.

I don’t want to remember Jang Sehoon who loved Ji eun with everything.

I don’t want to remember Jang Sehoon who betted my whole life for her anymore.

Not anymore.

I thought I threw it away..

I believed I threw it away.


Even when I close my eyes,

I can see her saying” We are different.”

I can see her turning her back cruelly on me.

I can hear the clink of ring thrown on the cold ground.

Whenever I open my eyes in the morning,

I still can hear her sweet saying, “ Have a good sleep?”

When it rains,

I recall her waiting for me in the rain

In that narrow alley in front of my house.

When I dream, I can see her shy smile

I wake up shedding tears.


I ran away like that. Ran away without turning back.

Mumbling this can’t be the end of my life.

Ah, I want to live.

Please, please be forgotten, Lee Jieun.

You made me cry so hard and feel miserable.

One day, I got the unexpected call from her.

I hung up heartlessly. I thought I did a good job.

But why it hurts so badly?

After that day,

I have a habit of looking at the phone which never rings

Like a fool.

Please ring once more

Please look out for me once more.

Maybe I shouldn’t have left like that.

Was it the only choice?

I am a hopeless fool.

Time is passing by little by little.

I can see myself who can’t throw away the cloth she bought for me.

I can see myself who can’t burn the letters from her.

I can see myself who look at her photo unconsciously.

Don’t wait for her.

She’s not coming.

She’s not coming for you.

I clenched my teeth and tightened my fist.

I didn’t lead that hard life all by myself to give up easily like this.

I will succeed. I will survive.

Before long,

I could see myself on the path of success.

Self-making student Jang Sehoon disappeared.

CEO William Jang became my new name.

Sufficient money and fame.

So, did I earn everything I wanted?

I kept asking myself,

“Are you satisfied?”

There was an accident last year.

There was a woman by my side and she lost her leg....

She kept trying to kill herself.

Everybody said that it wasn’t my fault.

But strangely,

I can feel her frustration seeping into my bones.

The feeling of thrown away.

The feeling of being left alone.

I thought she would be like that.

So, when she said she needs me

And looked at me with those miserable eyes.

I saw myself who was dying in agony and pain.

I saw myself kneeling down and being ignored by someone.

Yes. Yes.

What is love?

There’s no love for me in this world anyway.

So you need me? Just by your side?

Yes, let it be then.

It would be better this way.

In my life, I don’t need a love.

I don’t need my child anymore.

After ten years, I came back to my country.

Under the sky which made me miserable

As William Jang.

I thought I would never come back.

On the plane coming back,

Suddenly I recall someone

With throbbing pain in my chest.

Someone who gave me so much happiness.

Someone who gave me sadness as much as happiness.

I went the party.

Who is that? Is that someone I know?

Indescribable familiar feeling with piercing pain.



It was her.

Why I’m running away?

Why I’m still running away?

I’m not that Sehoon 10 years ago.

How come I couldn’t say just a few words.

How come I can’t pretend to be okay.

I’m curious.

Why is she living like that? What happened to her?

Why there is some shade in her eyes?

It’s just the curiosity.

I wanted her so much.

But that was the past.

And I’m just curious. Nothing less or more than curiosity.

But why looking at her again hurt my skins, my every veins and my heart?

Why still now?

(written by hyunjbae)


Touching Quotes from Bool Sae

Se-hoon: I'm sorry because I love you. I'm sorry that I can't love you. (Ep. 16)

Se-hoon: "Ji-eun na, I feel like I've been dreaming. From 10 years ago until now, I passionately loved you. Maybe I didn't even want to wake up from this dream...But I think it's time for me to wake up. Everyone will be better if I leave. I'll be better off, too." (Ep. 21 - Ultimate sacrifice)

Se-hoon: What kind of a woman are you that you stayed in heart for so long? (Ep. 25 Bool Sae)

Se-hoon: ...Time can be on our side...

Jieun: On our side? Is it possible?

Se-hoon: If we're afraid, we'll each be alone again. (Ep. 25 Bool Sae)

(credit to songjc)

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Guest rainy75


YOON.........an unforgetable man .

how you love .so deeply , so completely ..

for a love that was not meant to be

you loved with your life and your everytihng ...

a love you breathe for

a love you live for

a love that you die for

as i wept for you

as my heart break for you

as i felt your pain and sorrow ......

your tears i will always remember ,

your words i will never forget ..

your simle i will always teasure


sleep well..........and be forever in peace .........and come to my dream .

for this humble woman .miss you so ...............


thank you lee seo jin ..for bringing ......yoon to me ................you were marvellous .......and you bring him to life for me ...as only you can .....as i cannot imagine another now ..and i hope ..........you will always be able to ....create .life into your characters and make them as unforgetable.............

Lee Suh Jin (LSJ) 씨 is an actor whom we have in the past 18 months seen quite a bit in the lime light. Recent success for LSJ 씨 will be Bool Sae, at MBC which has just been finished airring in South Korea on 29/6/04. Bool Sae starring Ms Lee Eun Joo and Mr Eric Moo (or better known as Eric) of Shinhwa and LSJ 씨 , has made raved success for MBC when the last episode reached 31% on 29/6/04 with its much anticipated but thought not likely ending. For more details on Bool Sae, there is a thread started by dramaok on the same and you are most welcome to check it out. See below for the thread. http://soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=168636

Probably some of us have noticed LSJ 씨 since his earlier drama, Her House or Since I met you. The breakthrough for him is actually Damo, airred last September at MBC which also featured Ha Ji Won 씨 and a new model turned actor, Kim Min Joon 씨 , was the top drama for 2003. All three lead actors achieved much recognition after Damo.

Both LSJ 씨 and Kim Min Joon 씨 were part of the Sympathy 3 or Dong Kam 3 this January. The other three being Sol Kyung-gu, Kim Rae Won and Yang Dong Guen. As we all know, Dong Kam featured all the top actors of the year. The first Dong Kam came into the market was back in 2001 and the actors were Yoo Oh Sung, Jang Dong Gun, Won Bin, Jung Ju Ho and Goo Bon Seung. Then came Dong Kam 2 which featured Bae Yong Jun, Kim Jae Won, Jang Hyuk, Cha Seung Won and Jo In Sung. All are the top and one of the hottest actors of South Korea.

Here are pictures of LSJ 씨 in Dong Kam 3.



If one has followed some of LSJ 씨 's drama, one must admit that he has improved tremendously since his debut. Probably the most significant role that he played that really touched our heart and the turning point of his acting career, is the role of Hwangbo Yoon in Damo. After this, we could not help but applaud his role in Bool Sae as the self made successful entreprenuer William Jang Se Hoon.

On Damo, there is also a thread here about the drama and under the title 'Ha Ji Won 씨 's new drama, Damo started by Dazed_kitty.


Understandably, LSJ 씨 comes from a wealthy family. As the only son in the family, the pressure for him to succeed the family business seems inevitable. However, his love for acting, apparently changed his mind about doing business. He rather be an actor. A good actor. An aspiring sonbae (or senior) in the show business whom he looks up to is Jo Jae Hyun 씨. Jo Jae Hyun 씨 is well known as a chameleon and accomplished actor for whatever role he undertakes. Have you guys watched the drama Piano? Snowman ? Or the movie Makpo Gangster or Father and Son ? Well, these are but some of the completed works of Jo Jae Hyun 씨 .

LSJ 씨 is characterized by his charming and beautiful smile and black hole deep DIMPLE !! You know, the drama Bool Sae has caused the formation of the Bool Sae Angels or Bool Sae-ism ! Shirley, our fantastic summarizer and creative story teller, just could not get her hands away from the DIMPLE, if she ever gets to go near him !! And other angels, zurae, aussie, hyunjbae, rainy75, dramaok, onlyjin, just to name a few, are ardent ardent fans of LSJ 씨 .

As this thread on LSJ 씨 rolls on, you will find that there are so many, so many fans of LSJ 씨 coming in here to contribute by either posting pic, caps, or commenting on the man himself.

And I must say this for good record purpose, this thread has not been able to come through to you, without the urgent prompting of rainy75, but with the strong support of all of us here.... aussie, hyunjbae, shirley, onlyjin, zurae, ArmaniGurl (??! ), jennie, AnneOfBlueGable, gi2, anne ........ and the list goes on... these are the Angels of Bool Sae !

For anyone of you out there, who like to share and discuss and chat about LSJ 씨 , you are most WELCOME !

Here are some of the pic I would like to share with you. Enjoy

How deep is your dimple ?????




Her House

(MBC, 04/2001)

Park Young Wook, played by Kim Nam Joo

Jang Tae Ju, played by Cha In Pyo

Park Youn Chae, played by Kim Hyun Joo

Lee Joon Hee, played by Lee Suh Jin

Kim Heung Nam, played by Yoon Tae Young

This is a very long drama with 50 episodes, circled around love, family, relationship and friendship. With three generations in the family, the drama begins with Park Young Wook and Jang Tae Ju's hidden relationship which leads to a marriage. The two families live in the same street in the same area. Outside of these families, there is another love relationship being developed between Park Young Chae and Lee Joon Hee.

The Lee Joon Hee’s story

Lee Joon Hee is a quiet and lonely man. He is an employee at the service shop where he is sent to fix up television, video, roof etc. He does not know who his father was and learnt that his single mother died when he was young. He then lived with his aged grandmother for awhile before she died. He was then sent to an orphanage where he grew up with 70 other kids. Being an orphan, he kept to himself and buried his thoughts and problems with him when he went fishing, which was his hobby. Joon Hee has one good friend, who is also his room mate, Kim Heung Nam. Although Heung Nam is younger than Joon Hee, he acts more like a big brother to Joon Hee and always protects him.

Joon Hee saved Park Young Chae in the park when the latter was being teased by three guys. And then he found her dog and returned it to her safely. Young Chae tried to thank him but found that Joon Hee was not interested in her and gave her the cold shoulder. After several attempts, she managed to befriend Joon Hee and they became good friends. This was their first love (chut sarang).

From the advices of his buddy, Heung Nam, Joon Hee knows that Young Chae’s parents would not consent to their friendship. After all, he is nobody and she is the only daughter to the rich Park family. Young Chae’s father even insulted Joon Hee in two occasions after the family found out that the two youngsters are going out together. In his desperation, Joon Hee went away and stayed near his favourite fishing pond for a few days. An elderly gentleman who came to fish at the same place befriended Joon Hee.

The old man, Lee Dong Chul, later even had Joon Hee to work for his garden after learning that Joon Hee loved gardening and trees. After working for Lee Dong Chul for a few days (and stayed with him), Joon Hee is shocked to learn from Lee Dong Chul that he is the long lost grandson the old man was looking for (DNA tested!!). Lee Dong Chul tells Joon Hee how his only son, died in a car accident in the US; how he refused to meet Joon Hee's mother after the woman tried to approach him to let him know that she was carrying his son's child; Joon Hee's mother later committed suicide after giving birth to him and how he had been trying to locate his grandson all these years.

All of a sudden, Joon Hee is thrown into a different world from his 26 years before. His grandfather owns the big electronic corporate, lives in this big mansion and by all means, a very rich and wealthy man.

Joon Hee tries without any success to approach Young Chae after knowing that she fell sick and her father went bankrupt. Having been pressured by her mother, Young Chae is determined to leave Joon Hee and not to see him again.

Now, after words spread round in the neighbourhood that Joon Hee is the long lost grandson of Lee Dong Chul, everyone looks at Joon Hee with a different 'color', including the mother of Young Chae. In the end, though not liking Joon Hee being a child born out of wedlock, Young Chae's father gives his consent to the friendship of Joon Hee and Young Chae.

So, this is the big turnaround for Joon Hee, he starts to go out with Young Chae again and becomes very happy. Grandfather Lee manages to have the consent of Young Chae's parents and the two youngsters are engaged while further their studies together.

It is all a happy ending for Joon Hee and Young Chae as the two love birds finally are together.

Thoughts on Lee Joon Hee

This is a simple yet complex character. Orphaned since young and grew up to know nothing of his parents, probably is a torture to any child. What is more? He is not a very lively and jovial person, that explains why he is so quiet and introverted. LSJ 씨's Lee Joon Hee reminds me of a young man with deep anger. He must have asked the questions a thousand times in his 26 years, why did he come to this world! Sometimes, God moves in a very miraculous way. Just when he is lost and down at the valley, his grandfather finds him. He practically becomes a prince overnight, from a nobody!

Probably each one of us will interprete Joon Hee differently 'coz he always looks awkward, he feels inadequate; lost; does not know what to say; slow... well, I put it down to one who lacks confidence and all these are signs of his vulnerability. Mayhap this is a challenge to young LSJ 씨!

If this is his first major lead after 3 years in the show buz, LSJ shi's acting is still quite raw. Being involved in such a big cast, he did not have to worry about failure 'coz there are so many stories around him that his mistake will be overlooked. Notwithstanding, this got to be one of the first milestones of LSJ shi's acting career, to be able to cast next to so many experienced and seasoned actors and actresses. And apparently, he made quite a number of friends in this drama. His good pal is actually the guy who played Kim Heung Nam, his best friend and room mate. And his respected sonbae (senior) is Cha In Pyo. All three share one thing in common, each has been educated in the US.

One particular scene I like was when Young Chae pretended that she twisted her angle and Joon Hee offered to carry her, I laughed so much when I saw Joon Hee piggy-backed Young Chae, Young Chae looked like a monkey (dangling) on the back of Joon Hee. 정말로(Chom mal ru)... and Kim Hyun Joo's expression though serious, was very funny. And Young Chae kept dangling her shoes along as he walked. Hilarious scene.

Final Comments

1. This drama is full of warmth from families, friendships and relationships. I learnt a lot about the Korean way of thinking and family values. The characters in the drama are so typical of the people we meet / have met. Given the diverse range of issues and characters, I am sure that a lot of people will be able to identity with some of the characters.

2. With a drama like this, anybody can be the hero or heroine. There are so many characters and each one on their own right, is a story. And they are very good actors and actresses themselves. From the grandmother (hai la mo ni) and grandfather (hai la po chi), to the mothers and fathers, to the uncle and auntie, to the young people, all are fabulous actors and actresses. So, for one to rise above the rest, one really needs to be exceptionally bad or outstandingly appealing.

I particularly like the father figure played by veteran actor Park Geun Hyung (he is 64 yrs old, can you believe it ?? well, he played Soh Jang Min’s father in Bool Sae, yes, the bad bad father.) His character here is so understanding, kind and gracious. Mind you, this is a realistic role by all means and I have come across people like him, in real life.

3. You don’t want to miss the ajjumahs, they are brilliant. Ohhh, all the mothers, played by veteran actresses, they are fantastic – either fantastically mean, gossipy, materialistic or stubbornly foolish.

4. In fact, the story of Park Young Wook and Jang Tae Ju here is very heart warming. Except that it was a bit too draggy and tiring. Park Young Wook, played by Kim Nam Joo, is a woman who typifies the modern korean woman who decides to give up her traditional role of female to become a career woman. In so doing, she sacrifies so much, too much. But, do not be saddened by this, it turnes out to be a very good ending for both Park Young Wook and Jang Tae Ju. Yes, you must keeping watching.

5. Last but not least, one of the veteran actors, Park Sang Myun, who playes the uncle of Park Young Wook, gives a very very touchy performance in the end when he unveils his love and respect towards his older brother, Park Geun Hyung by serenading him and crying in the public. You know, when you see such a big man cry at moment like that, you become weak and your heart just melt for him. Very good acting and very moving. (Park Sang Myung has been in many dramas and movies before, he is in 'Into the storm' as the bad guy Ahn Dong Su; as Han Ba Dah, the brother to Jeon Do Hyun in 'To shoot a star'; one of the gangsters in 'Hi Dharma' etc etc)

If you have time and want to get some family drama, this is one recommended for you. Enjoy it! (above review by me)


Movie I love you (2001)

review by Jang Jae-Il, August 25, 2001

This movie I Love You is a perfect film for people in their late teens and early twenties. The love matrix of four school friends is explored to adramatic climax. Mun Hee-Yung directs the film. The four lead characters are played by Kim Nam-Ju (Hyun-su), Oh Ji-Ho (Chi-hu), Lee Seo-Jin (Chin-sung) and Seo Rin (Yoo-jin). Filmed by Cream Entertainment, the film will open at box offices across the country on August 25.

The filming in this movie is superb and includes winter scenes and rainy scenes, perfectly complementing the mood of the characters in the movie. The raindrops were visually enhanced using a special strobe light designed specifically for this movie. The night scenes were shot using state of the art lighting to bring out the characters. Some of the scenes were shot from the air, from a camera mounted on a remote miniature helicopter.

The characters are all upper middle-class personalities, with specialty jobs and ample life-styles. Korean youth seem to aspire to live out such luxurious life-styles, and there is nothing wrong with that considering that young people normally have healthy ambitions. But, the affluent background of the characters does appear a little cliche, since such motifs frequently appear in Korean movies directed for a young audience.

Chi-hu is certainly the hero who takes a fall over a love that could never be. Love for him is not merely an obsession but a heartache that can never be fulfilled because the recipient of that love, Yoo-jin, already loves someone else, Chin-sung, from their elementary school days. In a rather dramatic scene, Chi-hu commits suicide, unable to love another woman again: he lets go of the steering wheel and plunges into the sea from a cliff.

This is contrasted with the marriage scene of Hyun-su and Chin-sung. Placing a ``death'' scene so close to a ``life'' scene has been used in Hollywood repeatedly, to the point where the audience is more than familiar with the juxtaposition. A better climax could have been filmed.

It seems that for young Koreans, a happy marriage has significant meaning in life. Simply put, one love affair ended in the double suicide, between Chi-hu and Yoo-jin, whereas another couple was successfully married, Chin-sung and Hyun-su. A proper marriage, certainly, is considered a rite of passage into the next phase of life. But many people do not necessarily consider marriage a required socialnorm, and many prefer co-habitation, at least in the initial stages of the relationship. This movie simply copies traditional, seen-before cliches.

Certainly, Chi-hu and Yoo-jin lived together, but this was not a relationship. There is a love scene, and another between Chin-sung and a female colleague. There were shocked hushes from the audience when the colleague started taking her clothes off with drunken Chin-sung in a bedroom. The audience must be entertained, and there is nothing better in a love movie than an all-exposed sex scene.

The theme of the movie is that certain relationships are life-long and sometimes fate plays a heavy role in the outcome. Yoo-jin loved Chin-sung all her life and she kissed him in the rain during college and slept with him once. The funny thing is, Chin-sung was kissed so suddenly in the dark, in a pouring rain, he never realized who kissed him. He says, ``I at first thought it was a ghost,'' when telling Hyun-su abou this first kiss. Similarly, when he first has sex with Yoo-jin, she approached him and confessed her love for him but he was too drunk to remember. He woke up and ran away, thinking he made a drunken error, as he tells Hyun-su.

The funniest point is that director Mun tries to convey to the audience that Yoo-jin only found out later that Chin-sung never knew that she kissed him or professed her love for him. Seo Rin is a newly debuting actress in this, her first movie, and she carries herself rather well. A fragile girl with delicate emotions, she gives of fthe impression that she can be shattered at anytime, and is certainly the most innocent of all fourleads. She is very fit for her role and her innocent expression is very realistic for her character. Well done.

However, for a melodrama, there is just not enough dramatic punch to make the audience believe this tragic-comedy. The film isso clean and hygienic that some young people who believe in destiny and pure love mightfall for this movie, but for the most part not many tears are going to be shed when everything is said and done. Director Mun seems to have produced a movie that is more moralistic than entertaining. The climactic crash scene where Chi-hu is unconsciously sinking into the sea ashis car sinks is simply not violent enough. He looked one step away from suicide throughout the movie, that the audience wonders just exactly when he is going to finally die. The death scene is safe enough to be rated PG-13.

Hyun-su is the woman in distress who is torn between Chi-hu and Chin-sung. But after she and Chi-hu make a soul trip to Japan, where Yoo-jin once lived, and after Chi-hu scatters her ashes out to sea, she comes back to marry Chin-sung as planned. Her final line, during their honeymoon to Japan, as she throws abouquet into the sea, is, ``There is a person in this sea who wanted to become a bride of someone. She is the person of whom I am most envious.'' So, she did truly loved Chi-hu. This is a rather touching statement, but life goes on and some of us survive while others seek to for sake it,all in the name of true love.

credit :Korea Times

To shoot a star or Shooting Star

(SBS, 11/2002)

Han Sora, played by Jeon Do Yeon

Ku Sung Tae, played by Jo In Sung

Han Ba Dah, played by Park Sang Myun

Lee Do Hun, played by Lee Suh Jin

Yae Rin, played by Hong Eun Hee

Lee Mi Ryun, played by Byun Jung Soo

This 16 episodes drama is about an illiterate guy, Sung Tae accidentally got into the entertainment world and went on to overcome his shortcoming (illiteracy) to fulfill his dream and become a star.

Jeon Do Yeon

This was her first tv drama after several years of absence. She played a 30-years old Han Sora who still takes college examination every year for the sake of her brother, Han Ba Dah, played by Park Sang Myun. She does not have a job and read comic books all the time and dreamed of marrying her boyfriend of 7 years, Lee Do Hun, played by Lee Suh Jin.

One day, Lee Do Hun dumped her for no good reason. She was shattered and heart broken. At the same time, her brother was nearly killed in a fight and ended up not able to work as he used to. Sora has to work now in order to look after her brother and herself. Furthermore, she has to become Sung Tae's manager to scout out for jobs for him in the entertainment world.

In the process of working as Sung Tae's manager and having him staying under the same roof, Sora and Sung Tae fell in love though Sung Tae is much younger than Sora (7 years younger, I think).

Veteran actress Jeon Do Yeon played this role effortlessly. She was very ignorant to start with and then became tough along the way when she has to work to survive and look after the welfare of her brother and Sung Tae. Jeon Do Yeon laughed a lot in this drama and you have the feeling that she was so naive and playful. Not surprisingly, her high pitch laughter seems to be unbearable to some.

Probably the interesting theme here is that she fell in love with younger men. Lee Do Hun was younger than her. Ku Sung Tae was much younger than her.

I personally did not feel the love relationship developed between Sora and Sung Tae anything but acceptable. As I read, some people could not accept it.

From her movies The Promise (with Park Shin Yang), to Harmony in my memory (with Lee Byung Hun), to Happy End (with Chol Min Shil and Jo Jin Mo), to I wish I have a wife (with Sol Kyung Gu), to Untold Scandal (with Bae Yong Jun), Jeon Do Yeon has showed that she is truly an actress and she can act. You might not like her as an actress, but her versatility can not be overlooked.

Jo In Sung

Blessed with a powerful memory, Ku Sung Tae is a young guy who dreamed to find and reunit with his foster family again. Though he is illiterate, he is able to remember anything vividly with one hearing. After quiting his job as a hotel porter in Pusan, Sung Tae came to Seoul looking for Han Ba Dah, the guy who offered a shelter in Seoul if Sung Tae came over.

However, Sung Tae did not get on the right foot with Han Sora. Sora has tried many times to get rid of Sung Tae and not to let him stay with them, without any success. To Ba Dah, Sung Tae was like a little brother and he did not mind looking after him. Ba Dah instructed Sora to be nice to Sung Tae and Sora, has no choice but obeyed.

Sung Tae secured a few CF offers and DJ job with the help of Sora as his manager. Then when the movie offer came, he only needed her to read him the scrip once and he could remember. Although the road to stardom was tough and difficult, Sung Tae only wanted Sora to be his manager and to be by his side. He was there to comfort Sora when she was heart broken and he was the one who managed to cheer Sora up. Despite the difference of 7 years, Sung Tae did not mind loving this unni (i.e older sister). Occasionally, Sung Tae called Sora ajjumah jokingly!

Sung Tae was an orpan and was sent to a foster family before. However, after one year, he was sent back to the orphanage when the foster family was in financial difficulty. Sung Tae remembered that his foster brother, though much older than him, really looked after him during his stay with them. He missed them and hoped to look for them again.

Then one day, Sung Tae was told that his foster brother was Lee Do Hun he was taken aback. Lee Do Hun was the one who broke Sora's heart and stole Ba Dah's life saving and nearly killed Ba Dah...how could his foster brother be this horrible guy ....

Finally after much struggle, Sung Tae decided that he would report of Lee Do Hun's evil doing to the police and have him arrested. He decided to be the family of Han Ba Dah and Han Sora instead.

Fresh from the drama Piano, Jo In Sung seemed to fit this role very well. He made an effort to show that he is able to act and he was successful. As the lead actor at his age against some of the veteran actors in this drama, he is definitely someone to keep an eye on.

Park Sang Myun

He played a very typical and ordinary man called Han Ba Dah. He is hardworking, thrifty, kind, warm-hearted and 'mother ' to a lazy younger sister. He worked as a manager to an aspiring actress, Yae Rin; and worked as a driver at night to earn extra. He took Sung Tae in and decided to help him to achieve stardom prior to his accident.

He thought that his good friend of many years, Lee Do Hun would marry Sora in the end. For the sake of Sora, Ba Dah lent his life saving to Do Hun and found out that the latter actually cheated him and used the money to trade for a seat in the entertainment company, Power. After this, Do Hun turned his back against his friends and Ba Dah was hit in a fight with Do Hun and nearly got killed.

Ba Dah was very sad by Do Hun's betrayal and what was worse, his love, Yae Rin also betrayed him at almost the same time. He was down and just wanted to avoid these two persons who used to be so closed to him.

Park Sang Myun's Han Ba Dah is generous, tolerant and full of warmth. Maybe his kindness will be regarded as a weakness, but I think he is just a man too kind and easy to forgive. I reckon this is one easy role for Park. He is one actor who stretches his limit by the roles he played todate. (Hi Dharma, My wife is a gangster, Humanist, Nowhere to hide etc)

Lee Suh Jin

He played the bad guy Lee Do Hun. Lee Do Hun is a very ambitious and selfish person. He worked as the manager to Yae Rin, an aspiring actress and partner to Han Ba Dah. His father went into financial difficulty when he was young and he has been working hard to earn a living himself after parents passed away. To him, power was everything.

By telling his best friend, Ba Dah that he would marry his sister, Han Sora, he cheated his best friend's money in order to put down his share of the stake in Power and became the CEO. He then turned his back against his friends, including his girl friend of 7 years, Sora.

In one incidence when Ba Dah wanted to clarify his motive, he nearly killed Ba Dah by knocking him against the wall. Yae Rin having witnessed this incident, blackmailed him and have him promised to raise her to stardom.

Ba Dad did not die. However, Do Hun lived in fear, betrayal and guilt everyday. Worst, Yae Rin next to him would remind him of his sin every now and then.

Sora accidentally told Do Hun that Sung Tae was an orphan, Do Hun recalled that his family once taken in a boy with the same nick name that Sung Tae has when he was young. Do Hun then plotted to take Sung Tae under his wing using the sibbling relationship given that he wanted to destroy Ba Dah and Sora altogether.

Sung Tae did not give in to him. He went to the police and reported all the evil doings of Do Hun.

LSJ's Lee Do Hun is a very tense, serious and evil character. He was in black most of the time and that gave him an added shade of wickedness. Up against veteran actor and actress, LSJ shi's acting has to improve. I find him matured somewhat from his days in 'Her House'. He was quite skinny here and for all you dimple watcher and lover, yes, there were some scenes where his dimples were captured!

I think it is a good opportunity to be casted opposite Jeon Do Yeon and Park Sang Myun, and played the bad guy in this drama. Maybe this was what LSJ shi was looking for.

Unfortunately, I find his Lee Do Hun was not evil enough and he was mean but not bad, bad... you know. This is my disappointment.


1. You will be happy to have a peep at Lee Byung Hun, who made a cameo apperance in the first episode.

2. The OST is good and catchy. Definitely one of bonus to the drama.

3. The ski resort is beautiful. Correct me if I am wrong, I think it was filmed at the Muju Resort, which played host to one winter olympic before, in the centre of South Korea.

4. Very thick power on the actors' face..LSJ shi, Park Sang Myun shi.. ahhh.. too much. Not necessary.

5. Watch out for this actress called Byung Jung Soo, who played the best friend of Han Sora and in the end, married Han Ba Dah. She is tall, leggy, noisy, funny and rough ! She is actually quite good in her acting and if you watch carefully, she was not well used in this drama. Probably the role did not call for much on her acting. Byung Jung Soo is one of the three lead actresses in the 9.55pm MBC drama currently airred on Wednesday and Thursday nights called ' The woman who wants to marry'. This is the korean version of 'Sex in the city'. The other lead actresses are Myung Se Bin and Lee Tae Lan.

6. Pretty face Hong Eun Hee played yet another bad woman here (her last one was at My Love Patzzi where she playd the gentle but mean Eun Hee Won). I don't understand why the pretty actresses usually get to play the bad role, not just this one, many others. Anyhow, I don't see any breakthrough in her acting. She tried to be evil and yet kind at the same time, not effective. I am not impressed. Probably she typifies those actresses wtih pretty faces but can not act.

I come across mix reviews on this drama. I put it down to the theme of pairring a younger male with an older female. Notwithstanding, this drama is actually quite different from the usual boy meets girl romance drama. Revolving around this theme, the back stabbing and villainous friends turned enemies broader theme developed was quite interesting.

Final word, if you are disappointed by the drama itself, I am sure you will find the acting of the young actors against the veteran actors refreshingly watchable.


(MBC, 07/2003)

Ha Ji Won, played Chaeok (or Jang Jae Hee)

Lee Suh Jin, played Hwangbo Yoon

Kim Min Joon, played Chang Sae Baek (or Jang Sung Baek)

This is an ancient story during the chosun dynasty of Korea. Damo literally means ' tea lady'. But in this context, Damo is a female detective / police woman who works in the palace and specializes in the female cases eg. murder of the female in the palace.

Damo Chaeok was sent to investigate a fake currency being circulated in the market. She met two gentlemen with one having his hat covered 2/3 of his face. This gentleman apparently was a very skilled swordman and he seemed to know that Chaeok was a woman though she disguised in man apparels.

Chaeok followed the gangsters who stole her money and came upon a gang who outdone her 'coz they held one of her friends as alibi. In this nick of the moment, the same gentleman in hat appeared and saved Chaeok. But Chaeok started to fight with this gentleman after the latter refused to disclose why he followed her. At the same time, Hwangbo Yoon also appeared and saw Chaeok was fighting and went to help her. Hwang crossed swords with the gentleman and realized that he was very good. And vice versa as the gentleman seemed to know Hwangbo Yoon after a few spars and said Hwangbo Yoon was one of the top 8 chosun great fighters.

This gentleman, as we find out later, was called Chang Sae Bae.

The drama went on to talk about the love struggle of Chaeok as she found herself attracted to Chang Sae Bae. However, as the servant maid to her master, Hwangbo Yoon since 7 years old, she was tore by her loyalty and faithfulness towards Hwangbo Yoon and the love inside her for Chang Sae Bae.

Hwangbo Yoon naturally loved Chaeok after living together as master and maid for 14 years. Unfortunately for him, in the ancient chosun dynasty, a master was not allowed to marry the maid, just like he was a half breed himself. His father a high class gentleman married his maid, who was Hwang's mother. Because of this, Hwang had been living all his life with this complex. And now, his love was a maid, a servant, whom he knew that he could not marry. Knowing that he could not make the same mistake the father committed. Notwithstanding, he loved Chaeok with all his heart though he was a man with few words. His concern, his care, his love for Chaeok, was so apparent.

In this drama, one will be very much drawn to Hwangbo Yoon's sad eyes whenever he looked at Chaeok, loving her and yet knowing that he could not have her. But in the end, all the complex and prohibitions he did not care, he only wanted to love and protect his Chaeok. Very touching, very moving and very sad. In this drama, I cried for Hwangbo Yoon's dilemma and how he showed his love towards Chaeok.

LSJ shi's Hwangbo Yoon is simply very appropriate, very sharp, very fitting and very transparent. His love and his hatred were all so natural. You can not see his dimple here much as he had beard and moustache. But one can not ignore those eyes. He really used his eyes well and this was how, I noticed this guy in this drama, for the first time.

I love the scene when Hwangbo Yoon nursed Chaeok when she was wounded on the arm by another ranked officer. He gently asked Chaeok if she was in pain, and she replied weakly and he said, 'I am in pain too'. And then he touched Chaoek on the face, and that gesture was more than enough to tell anybody that HE LOVED HER !! And then, they walked back, him in front and she behind, in the sky of cherry blossom at night! And the music played on timely and meaningfully. So beautiful and so unforgetable !! I want to walk under the sky of cherry blossom TOO !!



Credit to il_mare for the review of the drama Bool Sae.

My edited review from www.spcnet.tv

Bool Sae a.k.a. Firebird/Phoenix

MBC Mon/Tues miniseries (2004)- 26 episodes

For MBC homepage for this drama (in Korean), go to: www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/firebird

Aired on MBC in Korea: April 5, 2004 - June 29, 2004 on Monday & Tuesday nights at 9:55.


Jang Sae-hoon: Lee Suh Jin (Damo/Shoot for the Stars/Her House)

Lee Ji-eun: Lee Eun Joo (Bungee Jumping of Their Own)

Yoon Mi-ran: Jung Hye Young (To Be With You)

Seo Jung-min: Eric (Running After Dream)

Lee Young-eun (Ji-eun's younger sister): Kim Bin Woo (My Lovely Family)

Nam Bok-ja (Ji-eun's friend): Lee Yoo Jin (Beautiful Days)

Jo Hyun-sook (Ji-eun's mom): Lee Kyung Jin (Beautiful Days/Fox & Cotton Candy)

Lee Sang-bum (Ji-eun's dad): Han In Soo (Like Father, Unlike Son/Since We Met)

Yeo-jin (guy who like Bok-ja): Kim Dong Hyun (Beautiful Days)

Kim Ho-jin (Sae-hoon's upperclassman): Kim Byung Se (All In/Mr. Duke)

Mr Yoon (Mi-ran's dad): Shim Yang Hong (Romance)

Seo Moon-soo (Jung-min's dad): Park Geun Hyung (Delicious Proposal/ Secret/Stock Flower/Should My Tears Show)

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www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/firebird/people/index.html (in Korean).

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Learn Korean:

bool = fire

sae = bird

Variations of drama name:




Screenwriter: Lee Yoo Jin

Producer: Oh Kyung Hoon (Love Letter)

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Love is about timing. Love needs just the "right time". It's not because you loved him or her less that you parted. Heaven brings you your soulmate when the time is just "right". "Phoenix" shows you this heaven's work.

There was a young couple who fell in love, but who couldn't be together because the time wasn't just right for them. Years pass by and these two meet again. And the trick of fortune switches their situations and environments. A daughter of a millionaire has now become a helper suffering from the grim realities of life. On the other hand, an orphaned self-supporting student is now an accomplished, wealthy businessman. Now these two people are looking at the world with different eyes. The childlike girl has finally learned the harshness of the world and the guy with the once-twisted mind has learned to enjoy the latitude of mind. In the end, these two start to understand each other, thus arriving at the "right time". (From MBC)

(il_mare's add on)

Lee Ji Eun had a whirlwind romance with Jang Sae Hoon and fell head over heels in love with him. She went against her family to marry him. However, their marriage was short-lived with her miscarriage. Furthermore, being the poor student that Sae Hoon was, Ji Eun could not endure the hard living conditions with him, and with family pressure, she caved in and divorced Sae Hoon.

A proud, bitter and abandoned Sae Hoon left for NY on an exchange program, only to return 10 years later a successul self-made man, hired to return to Korea to work for the Seolin Group.

Unfortunately, Ji Eun's life had taken a different turn from Sae Hoon's. The night that Sae Hoon left Korea, she sped to the airport to see him, but was stopped by her father. And in his attempt to stop her on the highway, her father died in a car accident. With Ji Eun's father's death, the family business went under and the rich princess became a poor university drop-out overnight. To support the family and repay the debts her father left behind, Ji Eun had to come out and work. She is blamed for her father's death by her sister, and she has to cope with her unstable mother who suffers from depression.

Sae Hoon sees Ji Eun working at a friend's party, and learns that the situation has changed from what he knew when he left her 10 years ago. He hires her to work as his part-time domestic helper, and Ji Eun is shocked when she meets Sae Hoon again.

Sae Hoon is a successful executive, and he is engaged to a wheel-chair bound Yoon Miran, who was Ji Eun's schoolmate in college. At the same time, Ji Eun is courted by Seo Jung Min, who is the heir-apparent of the Seolin Group.

The first few meetings between Sae Hoon and Ji Eun are not very friendly. Although there are lingering feelings in each other hearts, yet both cannot be honest about how they feel. But as they interact more, Sae Hoon sees that Ji Eun has changed and matured. He realises that he is still strongly attached to Ji Eun, but he can't leave Miran, to whom he feels emotionally responsible. In turn, Ji Eun, burdened with the death of her father, does not accpet Sae Hoon again. Yet she is not able to open her heart completely to Jung Min as well, as she is afraid that she will fail in love again.

Eventually both Miran and Jung Min find out about Sae Hoon and Ji Eun's previous marriage, and both act, with different dire consequences, to hold on to their respective partners.


Many people find kdrama boring because it is always made up of a mish-mesh of common ingredients e.g. quiet suffering heroine, super rich eligible Prince Charming, family conflicts etc. But the challenge is how you piece all these well-used ingredients together to make a unique experience that differentiates a good drama from a lame one. I would classify Phoenix in the former category. There were a lot of tears and pain, yet without much sappiness.

Phoenix is a love story. The underlying theme was how important timing is to make love work. But I personally found that Phoenix explored much more than that. I felt that this kdrama explored a lot about circumstantial love. What would love be like again for a couple in a different time, in a different environment, in a different situation?

When I finished this kdrama, I was really awed by how realistic the multi-facets of love put across in such an interesting setup were. Love is happiness, love is sadness, love is holding on, love is letting go, love is compromise, love is sacrifice, love is giving, love is taking, love is possessing, love is blind, love is meaningless, love is reality, love is warm and love is lonely. Love is all of the above, and how it is exhibited and/or interpreted depends on the individual, and they are all found in this kdrama!

Lee Ji Eun (JE) started out as a rich, spoilt, carefree and idealistic girl. She fell head over heels for Jang Sae Hoon (SH) and was willing to risk everything to be with him. But when put to the test, i.e. enduring hardship, she failed SH. After her father’s death, JE had to grow up overnight. She realized that love alone is not enough to carry a relationship through and that making a commitment is also about bread and butter as well.

I read of the audience's frustration towards JE’s wavering behavior, but I did not find it to be so. It is consistent with the character. After her father’s death, she is burdened with the thought that she has caused her entire family’s misfortune with her moment of wilfulness by marrying SH. She cannot forgive herself, and puts herself in a love-exile. She is afraid to reach out, as she is not confident of making a commitment and failing with devastating results again. Seo Jung-min is like a breath of fresh air for her pent-up frustrated life. But deep within her, she never forgot SH, yet she can’t forgive herself to be with him again.

SH was the poor student that JE loved. He is a self-made man of strong principles, and that explains why he could not bend for JE to accept her parents' help, why he cannot leave a wheel-chaired bound Miran after the car accident, and why he cannot forgive himself after Miran's suicide. But his strength has also made him lonely, as he can’t accommodate anyone in his world. When he thinks he has achieved all he had lost in his 10 years of struggle, he meets JE and is reminded again of all the old scars and a painful past that he thought he had buried a long time ago. He is also reminded of the love JE shared with him, which is lost now. It was obvious from the very first meeting that SH still has feelings for JE. If he had felt nothing, he would not have behaved so bitterly towards to JE. If you have no love, you will have no pain. Your heart will only react if you still feel for that person. And JE's place in SH's heart is confirmed when he buys the villa on Cheju Island from Miran's father.

It is never easy to understand a situation from the other person’s perspective, and in that way, SH and JE are lucky. They have the chance to switch positions, and to understand and appreciate how each other felt, and learn what went wrong in their relationship the first time round. JE begins to understand SH’s pride as she is now getting the same treatment from JM’s family; and SH begins to appreciate the power of compromise as he pacifies a hurt JE to hold on to her happiness with JM.

SH and JE had so much baggage, and only by breaking the barriers that they have created can they walk the path that joined their hearts together and experience love and life together again. “Life begins again, the day you took my hand” as the last scene showed. Sometimes, time is what is required to fight the demons within, and it is the life experiences that change you and hopefully make you a better person. You never truly know yourself until you have to put up with someone else, and I guess SH and JE learnt it the REALLY HARD way.

A good love story is incomplete without the usual roadblocks and villains. Seo Jung Min (JM) is the strong contender against SH for JE’s heart. JM’s emotions are so intense and overpowering that JE can’t help but be touched and moved by them. JM elbows his way into JE’s heart the way JE bulldozed her way into SH’s life 10 years ago. But he is also emotional and selfish. In the end, he is unable to do the right thing and come clean to JE about his father, and it ultimately lead to his pathetic end.

Of all the characters, I felt the most sorry for JM as he was the one that was put on an emotional roller-coaster. Rather, he was put on the free-fall ride as his emotions were constantly shooting high and free-falling with JE’s indecisiveness. I felt that JM’s love for JE was doomed from the start. The writers had it all set up! He loves her more than she loves him. Sad but true, JM can never replace the untainted and innocent love that SH and JE shared 10 years ago. And the writer made JM walk the same path that the younger JE did, failing his love with his selfishness.

Eric was so charming as the lovelorn Prince, and the writer left a lot of the cheesy lines for him, yet he was able to deliver them with such a natural and touching feel (especially with those bad boy eyes) that will make any woman weak in their knees and begging for his salvation. Credible effort against the outstanding performances of LSJ and LEJ.

The villain - rather, the villainess - comes in the form of Yoon Miran. She is a manipulative, insecure and possessive hello kitty. She does not possess a strand of kindness in her, but her only virtue is her love for SH. So complete, so hopeless, so destructive. Remember when JE first fell for SH, and Miran is curious how anyone can fall so hard and so deep that she asks JE about her experience. And yet when Miran does fall, she creates a crater with no way out for herself. Miran is a strong woman with a strong resolve. The way she works to get back on her feet shows that it is not going to be easy for her to give SH up, and she is true to her emotions to the end.

I like Jung Hye Young’s performance. The way she gripped her ring when she was jealous, her look of hatred and despair... I really wished the writers gave Miran a second chance to wake up from her madness. My only complain about JHY is the choice of nail polish colors! Did you see those luminous green-colored toes and blue tipped French manicure? Hideous!

LSJ was so convincing as the strong, stable yet somewhat emotionally complex SH. His weakness was only visible to the audience and no one else. The longing looks he cast at JE gripped my heart and choked my throat every time. He was able to display this sense of youthful innocence when playing the student SH with his wide eyes. And he carried off the older and successful SH with his straight face, softer gaze and confident gait.

LEJ transformed from her perky character to the burdened divorceé very well. Her body language was much more exaggerated and flippant as the younger JE. LEJ changed the way she walked in the latter part, and the light sighs she constantly gave out were also little actions added to add age to her character.

There were a lot of dialogue in this kdrama, and many good lines that are thought-provoking and well-written, even for Miran (you can forgive her for her crazy actions). The only "problem" I had with this kdrama was the ending. Everything seemed to fall into place for all the characters. Although JM's kidnapping and Miran's suicide worked well into the story, I wished it was not so. I had hoped for something less extreme... but I guess it would not be a kdrama if it did not have its dramatic moments!

I highly recommend this kdrama for anyone who wants a lesson about “being in the other person’s shoes”, a possibly painful long journey (26 episodes is quite long for me!) but worth every drop of tears.

My favorites:


- Happy times during the intial part of their married life

- After JE leaves SH, SH drinks with Hojin. He picks up a public phone and pretends to call JE, and tells her “You were miserable because of me, but I was happy because of you. I guess I was under the wrong impression. I guess I was the only one who was in love. I should never have met you.”

- Everytime SH casts his longing looks at JE after they meet again 10 years later

- SH screaming in the car after witnessing JM stealing a kiss from JE

- SH walking alone at the Cheju beach with JE watching from afar

- Miran lying on her bed telling SH that she hates him, and SH tells her that he hates her too

- JE calls SH out to apologise to him after she was called a trash by JM’s father

- JE asking SH to let go of her in the factory

- SH asking JE in the factory whether she is happy with JM

- JE asking SH to let go of JM when JM tries to reconcile with JE (after he found out that his father caused JE's father's accident)

- SH crying in the car after he saw how badly JE was treated by JM’s stepmother

- JE being nice to SH after she saw Miran’s father slapping him

- Just before SH is taken by the police, SH tells a sobbing JE not to worry about him

- SH released from custody and meets JE

- JE and SH’s meal after visiting Miran’s grave

- JE and SH’s conversation in front of the ferry after the meal

- Looking at the Phoenix painting in the hotel 3 years after Miran’s death

- Last scene at Cheju island

- The OST : I am constantly impressed with the music selection that kdramas use, and how well they apply that to building the roles in the story. And in "Phoenix", specific scores were selected for the different characters, and they were repeatedly played when these characters appeared. My fav in this OST are the one they use for JM, and the one they use everytime SH is sad. Like JM, his theme has this free-spirit feel to it, and the sad theme for SH is as painful as his sad eyes when he looks at JE.

- Miran's jewelry

Can’t stand


- JM’s step mother in her revealing clothes and her saggy figure

- When JM acts childishly, and when he does this "I am cool" walk

- Miran’s manicure & pedicure colors

- JE’s mother

Did not understand


- As the CEO, does SH need to do all those R&D work on his own?

- What were SH's skills? One moment Seolin was into fashion, and then they were into electronics???? Some conglomerate and some CEO.

- How did all those mumbling that JM did get SH in jail?

- What happened to Bok-ja?

-pls do not post yet .. still posting back more info from old thread...- thks

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Guest rainy75

Congratulation! Congratulation!

Thank you, Faye, for opening a thread for our idol Lee Seo Jin ssi!


Here's my first gift for the thread, or I should say a gift from LSJ himself?

LSJ left his message at his diary section in his official site on June 30th, 2004, and I translated his message word for word.

Here it is!

LSJ's Message for His Fans.(2004.6.30)

안녕하세요! 이서진 입니다. 여러분 잘 지내고 계세요? 어느덧

여름이 되었고 이제 장마도 시작했습니다. 장마기간동안 항상 물

조심하시고 또 덥다고 너무 방심하면 감기 걸리니까 건강 관리도 잘

하셔야 됩니다. 아셨죠!

3월4일 폭설과 함께 시작한 촬영이 어느덧 더운 여름의 시작과 함께

끝이 났습니다. 4개월이란 시간이 어떻게 지나갔는지 잘 기억도 안

날 정도로 정신 없이 일만 했었는데, 이제는 이렇게 여유 있게

컴퓨터 앞에서 글을 쓰고 있는 제 자신이 어색하기도 합니다. 체력적

으로도 많이 힘들었고 역할 또한 가장 힘들었던 작품으로 기억될 것

같습니다. 작품에 대한 아쉬움도 많이 남구요. 하지만 이제는 좋은

추억으로 간직하고 제 일상으로 돌아가려고 합니다. 한동안은 좀

힘들겠지만 아직도 제 가슴속에 남아있는 지은이를 떠나보내고

새로운 시작을 준비해야겠죠. 그동안 여러분들이 보내주신 관심과

사랑으로 작품도 잘 마쳤고 저 또한 그 힘으로 끝까지 버틸 수 있지

않았나 싶습니다. 불새를 사랑해주시고, 장세훈을 지켜주시고,

이서진의 힘이 되 주신 모든 여러분께 진심으로 감사 드립니다.

정말 수고하셨습니다.

드라마 촬영은 영화와는 많이 달라서 시간에 쫓기다 보면 완성도가

떨어질 수도 있고 상황이 달라지는 경우도 많이 있습니다. 하지만

모든 스텝들이 주어진 상황에서 최선을 다해 일을 하죠. 이번

대학로 촬영 때 오셨던 분들 많이 서운하셨죠? 제가 미리 그런

이벤트에 대해서 알았더라면 하지 못하게 했을 겁니다. 촬영현장은

제가 주도하는 곳이 아니라 저 또한 같이 작업을 하는 사람 중에 한

명, 어떻게 보면 시키면 시키는 대로만 하는 사람 일 뿐입니다. 어떤

약속이 있었는데 지켜지지 않았다면 그만한 사정이 분명히 있었을

겁니다. 뭔가 기대를 하고 오는 촬영장은 항상 실망하게

돼있거든요. 그래서 제가 촬영장에 오시지 말라고 하는 거구요.

정말 죄송하고요, 언짢았던 마음 푸세요. 우리 7월17일날 만나서 편

하게 놀자고요.

장세훈이라는 인물을 연기하면서 비록 허구의 인물이지만 많은

것을 배우고 느낄 수 있었습니다. 한사람을 사랑한다는 것이 얼마나

어려운 일인지 알게 되었어요. 그 사람을 이해하고, 책임지고 또 그

사람의 행복을 위해서는 어떤 희생도 감수할 줄 아는 그런 사랑, 그

깊이를 가늠할 수 없고 넓이 또한 잴 수 없는 깊고 넓은 사랑이

진정한 사랑이라는 것을 조금이나마 느낄 수 있었습니다. 이제는

사랑이란 단어조차 함부로 내뱉을 수 없을 정도로 너무나 소중하고

위대하게 느껴집니다. 여러분도 올해가 가기 전에 이런 사랑한번

꼭 해보세요. 마음이 찢어질 정도로 아프고 가슴은 터질 것 같지만

그 기쁨 또한 헤아릴 수 없을 겁니다. 강력 추천합니다.

2004년도 벌써 반이 지나갔네요. 남은 반을 어떻게 보낼 것인지

여러분 계획 잘 세우시고요, 항상 건강하시고 행복하셔야 됩니다.

꼭 이요. 안녕!

p.s. 한 시대를 같이 살아갔던 비슷한 또래의 젊은이로서 고

김선일씨의 죽음에 깊은 애도를 표합니다.


Hello, this is Lee Seo jin.

How are you doing, everyone?

Summer came around us unnoticed and now raining season had started. During the raining season, always be careful with water and be mindful of your health because you can catch a cold anytime if you are careless even when you think it’s hot. Ok?

The shooting started with heavy snowfall on March 4th, and now shooting is over with beginning of summer. I was just absorbed in shooting for 4 months, and I didn’t realize time has passed so fast. Now, it feels strange that I can sit in front of computer with full composure like this. It was so hard physically and the role I played will be remembered as the hardest one ever for me. I also this inconvenient thoughts about this drama, but I will keep this experience as a good memory and go back to my daily life. It’s gonna be very hard for a while but I’ll let go Ji eun from my heart and prepare for the new start. I think I could manage to finish this drama well because of your love, attention, and strength you’ve given me. I, with all my heart, want to thank each one of you who loved Bool Sae, watched Jang Se hoon with good heart, and became Lee Seo jin’s strength.

You have done terrific jobs, too.

Drama shooting is quite different from making movie, so the accomplishment quality can drop and situation can be changed, too. But every steps do their best on the sets.

To those who came to the sets as extras this time and were disappointed...

If I knew about that event beforehand, I’d certainly persuaded the production team not to do that. On the sets, I’m just one of those who work there and follow directions. If there was certain promise and the promise was broken, I think there would be clear reasons. If you come to the sets with anticipation, you are bound to get disappointed. That’s why I always ask you not to come to the sets. Anyway, I’m really sorry for what happened and I hope your hearts will be eased soon. Let’s have a good time when we meet on July 17.

While acting as Jang Se hoon, even though he is a fictional character, I learned and felt a lot. I realized that loving someone can be very hard. To understand the person. To take full responsibility of that person. To be able to sacrifice yourself for that person’s happiness. The depth and width of love which can’t be measured. The ever so deep and wide love.

I came to feel that those kind of love is a true love. Now, I can’t even utter the sound ‘Sarang’ thoughtlessly. And I think love is precious and great. I wish you to experience this kind of love before this year has passed. Your heart will be so shattered and hurtful, but also you can feel the utmost happiness.

I strongly recommend you this kind of love.

The half of 2004 has passed already. I hope you plan well for the remaining months of this year. Also, I wish all of you good health and happiness. Ok?



As a young man who has lived in this age together with the brutally murdered Kim Sun il, I express my deepest condolence for the deceased.


Thanks so much for the translation of LSJ's message. It's wonderful.

Thanks everyone here for all the great pictures...I felt like I know you all from the other thread. It was great "listening" to your conversations...hehe...You all made watching Fire Bird much more interesting

Take care and best wishes to everyone.

come to show my support

i came to know about this marvelous actor around march/april of this year, roughly about 1 month prior to boolsae's was screened. even though i have damo in my hands in late 2003. a friend of mine downloaded damo and gave me a copy of it and strongly advised me to check it out. he said it's different from other k-historial dramas - that the dialogues are modern and not boring. however, for me to watch a drama, first thing that attracts me is the cast then the storyline. not to say that they have to be all attractive but rather something special that attracts me about them, charismatic when i see their pictures perhaps. without knowing who the casts were, plus i'm not very fond with k-historial drama, thus i placed damo in a shelf and watch other k-dramas that i got first.

then to shoot a star released in my language earlier this year. i watched it but i didn't pay attention to the supporting casts *ahem*. the drama itself was so-so, i fast-forward most of the time let alone pay attention to the supporting casts.

then the time came. i have nothing else to watch, thus took out damo and check it out. honestly, i watched a couple of episodes and it didn't attract me, so i stopped. though i notice lsj's great smile and of course the amazing music that was played in some of the scenes of damo. i liked the cherry blossom scene very much, it's so beautiful -- under the moonlight, the whole night scene ... ahh! also around this time i came across boolsae's thread. i watched the preview clips and it seems interesting and i also notice lsj's picture. the pic where he smiled showing his dimple wearing a pink shirt. that's when i once again checked out damo and pay close attention to lsj's yoon character.

lsj is one of my favorite actors. though i don't consider myself an ardent fan of him. and whatever projects he participate in the future, i'll check it out!


i like this look of him - he's cool when he's mad.

WELL GIRLS, I'M HERE. I'm so excited. I was hoping we would find a way to stay together and this looks like the perfect place. Are you sure we can't squeeze Armnani Girl and Eric in somewhere?

Lee Suh Jin. Where do I begin? With the eyes. They say the eyes are the window to the soul and when I watch LSJ's eyes I see such warmth, passion, gentleness and vulnerability that I cannot help but be drawn to him. His pain as Se hoon and Hwang bo Yoon overwhelmed me. I wanted to stop watching at times b/c it was too much. Any yet, that is also the reason I watch; to see actors reach deep inside of themselves and bring to us, the audience, those terrible moments of suffering that normally we bear on our own. I often find that when I am crying along,I am actually releasing sone of the pain I might have been carrying for a very long time.

I have fallen BIG for Lee Suh Jin and I eagerly aticipate his future ventures.

[PLUS there's the hidden bonus of having the Bool Sae angels for company.]

hyunjbae ﹐﹐AW~~~~~~~he write from his heart ....such sincere words ....i am glad he is such a sensitive actor and man .who know what is wrong and what is right and not blinded by other things and refuse to see what went wrong , his fans are lucky .....to love him ............

and his love .......views .........i totally ,and whole heartly agree ...love is not a word you said so easily ......when you do say it ..no matter how much pain it bring ..........it will be a certain kind of happiness as there is someone whom you can utter that word to .....and i think the girl who he will utter the word is a very lucky woman ...............


LUV..........ah you are evasdropping on us ...........

now, how do i come to know of such an actor..

i was watching the show Her House ( cause of Cha In Pyo ) and instead Mr lee caught my attention. I can feel the character

in him was a loner, a guy who keeps everything to himself, wanders off by himself whenever he is unhappy.

Everytime he goes fishing alone to do deep thoughts.. i can feel his troubles by just looking at his expression.

I can feel he is fighting internally in his heart of whatever problems he is trying to sort out whenever he goes fishing.

His every gesture (thoughtfulness when both of them ran away, gentleness etc) , in the show for the gal ( Kim Hyun Joo) touches me..

It hurts me when i saw his hurt on the face whenever her parents speaks to him so rudely .. ( not giving him any respect)

or the hurt on his face when the dad gets the police to arrest him and attempting to charge him for kidnapping Kim Hyun Joo.

I can also sense the shyness in him when his new found grandfather introduces him to everybody or when he pass his chance

for a speech to Kim Hyun Joo (at the last episde)

when he shows uncomfortable (due to he suddenly being rich)

Mr Lee, he has brought out the loner, the sadness, the happinese, cheerfulness , the hurt, the

shyness , uncomfortable in the character. I can sense all in him... I am deeply memerized by him ..

This is when i discover Lee Suh Jin. Howver, as all the website i found abt him are in Korean, i have limited access to information regarding him.

From the past drama till the current Bool Sae, i can see his acting has improved trememdously.. well done Se-Hoon si..

I want to share my thoughts about LSJ with people in this thread.

This can be very boring, sorry.

My little thoughts about LSJ......

Before I watched Damo DVD this spring, I didn’t know anything about him. When my sister said that Lee Seo Jin comes out in Damo, I was like,

Who? LSJ? Is he an actor?

Frankly, I wasn’t interested in watching dramas at all, especially after I came to the United States. Where I’m living right now, if you want to watch Korean TV program, you have to drive about 20 or 30 minutes to the Korean video rental store every week. Talk about the waste of money, time, and gas! But Damo DVD completely changed my mind about dramas. It was great and unforgettable experience. Actually, I finished 8 discs in two days. After that, I converted to hopelessly ardent fan of LSJ.

Ahhh. Hwangbo Yoon in Damo….

Born as a son of nobleman and concubine. A boy who suffered from the strong restraint of social status. A boy who grabbed a wooden sword to become strong in this world. A man who finally could call his father “father” after 24 years. A man who loved a girl who erased his tears from his face with bright smile for 15 years but was always in this deep agony because he couldn’t do anything for the woman he loved so dearly. A man who threw away his life and honor for the sake of the woman and finally became strong with his own way. What can I say more? LSJ portrayed the strong, determined, yet so vulnerable in love Yoon so well. That was marvelous! After Damo, I went the video rental shop to find his previous works very often and now the owner of that shop is really fond of me. I saw HER HOUSE, SINCE I MET YOU, and SHOOTING STARS, also recently BOOL SAE.Throughout all the works, I can feel his endless efforts and challenges in acting. And he improved tremendously. For that, I want to give standing ovation for him.

I have never met him in person.

And I know he doesn’t know about my existence.

Also, there are so many talented actors and better ones than him in Korea.

But I respect his endless efforts to make his dream come true in his life and I love his sincere yet stubborn way of pursuing his dream. Also, throughout various interviews and his own diaries, I get the impression that he’s a very sincere and thoughtful man in real life, too.

I just hope he can be the conspicuous figure among Korean actors someday, and I will definitely watch his future works with endless attention.

After Damo, and after I fell for him hopelessly, I used to ask myself,

Do I love the character Yoon or actor LSJ himself?

but while I'm watching Bool Sae, I finally could tell myself that I fell for the actor himself. That's why I can feel for Se hoon ssi and Hwangbo Yoon strongly. If another actor portrayed those roles, I don't think that I would be here pouring my heart for one actor like this. I think those characters are fictional but were born newly and marvellously with LSJ's own color and understanding.

To cap it all, LSJ is one actor who deserves warm attentions and love from viewers.

Thank you for reading my worthless mumbling.

( . . ) BOWING.

was browsing thru search engine.. when i saw this

Lee Seo Jin Japan sites..


has got some nice pix!!



i found some more cached SOompi firebird .. i will save it first.. then post later.. not free till after monday..

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Guest aussie


Now, where do I begin? For now, I'll put the CF links and the definitions of angels on the first post but where should we put the other info?

Oh Rainy, I'm going to have to go looking for Wingy's final tribute. I can't tell you how much I loved what Shirley wrote. To me, it really epitomised the madness that was Bool Sae.

Back in a little while.

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Guest rainy75


Now, where do I begin? For now, I'll put the CF links and the definitions of angels on the first post but where should we put the other info?

Oh Rainy, I'm going to have to go looking for Wingy's final tribute. I can't tell you how much I loved what Shirley wrote. To me, it really epitomised the madness that was Bool Sae.

Back in a little while.

aussie ..

just think of some unique words ... tht is easy to "google"

eg: i tried " bul sae" .. i tried "bool sae angel"

i even tried dramaok bul sae ....... heheee.. to look for the firebird 1st page.. where shirley wrote the commandments of bool sae addicts .. still searching..

after google gave u the result, click on the cache


soompi forums > < Bool Sae - Fire Bird > mbc miniseries

... 12:24 AM). on page 1, there is an index of the summaries / translations done up

by both shirley and dramaok. ... but didn't tim sing in like 2 of da bul sae songz.. ...

soompi.com/forums/lofiversion/ index.php/t168636-6800.html - 78k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar pages

click the one i highlighted in BOLD .. it should give u the "cache" ver.. before soompi died..

good luck!!

i found some bool sae-ism stuff on the cache ... do angels want me to repost in here or dont repost or repost in bool sae thread?

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Guest aussie

RAINY, I've found the cache. I feel like it's Christmas. This is going to take days. A pity about work tomorrow.

Rainy, with respect to the Bool Sae stuff I'd put it in the Firebird thread. After all, I think a lot of people enjoyed reading those posts. BTW, I'm hoping to be in Korea by the 15th, so hopefully, I will indeed see the premiere. I'm going to have to get a camera and upload pics for you all. I'm soooooooooooooooooo excited.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I can't seem to move past the first page of the thread in the cache. Is there any way around it? Feeling just a little frustrated.

BTW, Rainy, I've edited the first post with the CF's, definition of damo's and angels, Shadowless Sword and Hwangboyoon's site. Thank you for passing on the info.

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Guest rainy75

RAINY, I've found the cache. I feel like it's Christmas. This is going to take days. A pity about work tomorrow.

Rainy, with respect to the Bool Sae stuff I'd put it in the Firebird thread. After all, I think a lot of people enjoyed reading those posts. BTW, I'm hoping to be in Korea by the 15th, so hopefully, I will indeed see the premiere. I'm going to have to get a camera and upload pics for you all. I'm soooooooooooooooooo excited.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I can't seem to move past the first page of the thread in the cache. Is there any way around it? Feeling just a little frustrated.

BTW, Rainy, I've edited the first post with the CF's, definition of damo's and angels, Shadowless Sword and Hwangboyoon's site. Thank you for passing on the info.


u shld try to see if the seojinlee official fan club can get for u official premier tixs for u to attend!!

u must try!!!

btw... i found more cache .. havnet had time to go thru ..

angels interested ... use this link



(depositing my search result here.. will be back to go thru old post when free.. )

see what u want to post .. feel free... to .. post.

Aussie : cant use any of the links that is found in the cache .. u can only get the contents on tht page.. cant click links. It would not work. Have tried.. therefore.. u really need to have keywords to search ..


hi dramaok.. :D

shirley came up with something interesting, about wat makes a member of boolsae-ism.. i thot it'd be funny if u put it in the first page of the thread..

its too funny! :D

QUOTE(shirley @ Jun 26 2004, 02:50 PM)

:lol: wow ...this thread is really becoming like a support group ......^^

well ..i was thinking of writing down what it take so you can become proud member of BOOL SAE -ISM

1. you must have dilgently follow Bool Sae - Fire Bird since it premier or rather more then 80% of it .and you are still here to follow it to the end . :wub: because there is nothing you can do .........you just have to .........

2. every monday and tuesday at 9 pm , you are either glued to MBC online or guled to this crazy thread of Bool Sae - Fire Bird

3. you will be humming either the songs of Bool Sae - Fire Bird or the songs like And i love you so ..........or FLY me to the moon

those are just for junior members .now the serious cases are

4. you are coming to this soompi thread of Bool Sae - Fire Bird minium twice everyday and you felt something is missing when you are not here .and that .you actually find your mind wondering to what is going to happen in Bool Sae ..will they kiss , will they die ............or will they go mad ............... :ph34r:

5. you actually either are part of the crazy groupie in the thread or you either enjor what they are ranting about

6. you at certain point of time , have certain muderous thoughts of "killing" somone either in the drama or the production crew..or bombing MBC

7. you felt yourself manuplicated by the whole script and falling in love with the cast .no matter with each one of them ..sometimes you dont even know why you still contunue .............but you are still hopeless addcited ........

8. sometimes or most of the times , your imagination run wild and you start pretending to be things or people you are not ... <_< like ..............a towel or you will also be writing about things the cast should be doing like and they are not




or you start writing songs or poem and making banners and gif ..and discover your hidden talent

9. you find yourself needing tons of tissue and ....bottles to hold your tears that you shed for those characters you loved dearly so ......and you also need bombs and AK47 to kill people who are tormenting you so ..............

10. when you entered lifts , you think of either one of two of the men you can drool over .appeared .......when you see teddy bears ,you either hope it was yellow or you rather it is not ....... B) when you see cup noodles you actually think of poor se hoon .... :tears:

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Guest aussie


WINGY'S LAST THOUGHTS! [Written by our wonderfully talented Damo 007.]

WINGY THE YELLOW BLUSHING BEAR :[as it watch .ji eun started throwing the clothes jung min brought ]

hm...must be either the guy dump her or she dump the guy ..they always do that , throw away all things they have got as gifts .......such a pity , should have send to charity ........[then see ji eun looking at it .strangely .....wingy felt a sense of unease ]

she is not thinking what i am thinking , is she .......I DID NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THAT MAN ...he just put a blanket over me , and we spend a night sleeping beside each other , and he fed me cherry and .......YES , he did hug me very tightly ..BUT THERE IS SERIOUSLY NOTHING BETWEEN US .

NO~~ dont come near me ..........think of the times we spend together . because of a MAN , you are doing this to me .NO~~~~~~~

.........[but it was no use ........ji eun looked at it and remember jung min ]

outside ....wingy sit there watching her burn the photos ...wingy felt terror ...as it watch the fire burn ........

she wont do this to me , will she ...

wingy cannot move and can only sit there staring at the fire and at that woman as she wept ........and wingy know ....IT WILL BE NEXT ............and hence it last words to its fellow teddies :

fellow teddy bear ..........as i await my fate ....to be one of the few teddy bear ever burn in kdrama history . please learnt from my lesson , do not be cast in any kdrama before you know the plot .........we are no longer the huggable , kissable and cute teddy bears ......they are doing horrible things to us .........and especially if you are yellow . try to dye it in traditional colors of teddies ....they tend to spare those ...........and remember . dont get yourself too involved in the leads love affair , when they separate .evil things happen to you .....like what is happening to ME ..............

farewell to this world of injustice and sorrow ........may i be reborn as no longer a teddy bear .....

and it burn ...........in the fire

[if wingy has crying mechanism , it will be crying buckets ]


for that i will give it the BEST ACTING BEAR AWARD ....



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Guest rainy75

managed to retreive one part of shirley's fiction of the continuation of Bool sae

se hoon opened the door .and was about to say ……”.I am back “..

when he remembered that ji eun was away in cheju . …….He send her off just this morning .

it feel strange .not having her there waiting for him home .or him waiting for her to be back ….he sit in the sofa .warily from the day …hours and hours of discussion …for rge whole day , he had been feeling ache in his body


…he .look around him ..at the empty house ……..he don’t have much motivation to cook dinner for himself nor eat out …maybe he will just take some cup noodles …he simled to himself as he recall how she has remind him to take meals regularly before she get on the plane …….ji eun will be scolding him if she knows …

he come out of the bath …….ready to start his cip noodles

.and just then his mobile rung , it was her ..…he picked up immediately

“ hello ….it me .” . ji eun was calling him from her hotel room.” So have you just reach home “ she know he will be working late ..always the last to leave the office

Rain was pouring down in cheju .., as ji eun looked out the window

: .haha ….no ..i just get out of bath…so how’s your day .there .. did everything went well ..” ……..

ji eun ..went on excitedly telling him about how they have just started on the arrangement of their fashion show .. …..he did not realize how he misses her voice . .se hoon ..enjoyed the warmth of hearing her voiceand she sounds so thrilled on her work .

“so ..tomorrow will be another busy day .monitoring the progress to make sure everything is in order for Sunday”

ji eun continued : ..so it might be a good thing you are not here ..haha I wont be able to have time for you .anyway …….so how’s the discussion going on with the US company , will everything be settled? .

se hoon .answered : .”,their demands are tough buti should be able to convinced them ..haha . you need to have confidence in your husband

“..sure ..i have confidence in you , you are the bestnegotiator .” sometimes men need to hear certain praises …she suddenly remembered to ask : .by the way . have you eaten yet , don’t tell me you are having cup noodles for dinner .”

se hoon felt like caught in the act red handed by her : “ er………well ….it was abit late …and …………”

ji eun..sighed ,there no way she can make sure he listen to her .she know him too well a workholic : well .jang se hoon , you better make sure tomorrow you have a proper meal understand ….

Se hoon grinned listening to her warning voice on the other side of the phone .and looked down at his cup noodles infront : yes …..i will make sure I do that .and ji eun ah … ?

“what ? “

“ right now . this house seem so empty without you here , I miss you . “

just three simple words and it spread a sense of happiness through her hearing him say

that .she responded gently : “….we miss you too ……me and the baby . e ….…” she felt like it was back to the time when they were first married .

saying mushy words to each other …

”.make sure you turn in early today, you wont be feeling so lonely .when you dream of us "


se hoon was in excellent mood today …….the deal was sealed without much sacrifice of their rights ……..it was overall an win win situation for both …and with this , he can safely get on the planeearlierto cheju …tonite .

just then his secretary come in …: sir , there is no available tickets to cheju for tonite

why .. ? how come the flights are full , this is not a holiday seasons :

.er ……..there is typhoon warning at cheju .so flights are not available for today …..…

se hoon was still flipping through his files …but he looked up when he hear that

sudden a sense of painc strike him …..typhoon warning! …he picked up his mobile to dial ji eun number …….there was no respond …...the sense of unease grow stronger .

he tried to reason perhaps she did not get the call ….he redial and still no respond …..

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Guest rainy75

posting from the original LSJ thread by hyunjbae on LSJ ..

I can assure one thing here.

LSJ isn't acting for fun.

He is very determined and ambitious one for acting.

I heard LSJ spoke highly of Jo Jae hyun praising his endeavors and talents, which is one of my favorite movie stars. He called Jo as a sunbae.

After I fell for him, I read so many interviews and his personal stories, and the conclusion is that he really loves acting and also challenging in acting.

He said in his personal story how he got into the acting world.

Like most of you know, he studied business administration in NYU, and that's because his father wanted him to do. While he is in NYU, he went into this small group which enjoys making short movies. That's when he got interested in acting, he later admitted. Also, that's when the conplict with his father began. I think he defied his father very stubbornly and finally his father ordered him to come back to Korea. So, do you know what he did? He applied for army and spent almost three years in the army defying his father. Usually, the sons of the rich in Korea avoid drafting with every way possible, and I think LSJ's father surely could have found the way for him. After finishing army, he visited this acting professor, I forgot her name, and was taught by her. That's the time he acted in those two movies, and the result was so bitter that he thought about giving up at that time. I think he had it very hard. But he didn't give up. I can't remember his first drama, but it was very small part. Second one was WANG CHO,which Cha In pyo was in. From that drama, he started to get attention. I heard that the relationship with his fater is still bitter. But his mother was different. she has been supporting him all the time. And once he said, "if I want to marry someone, my mother will surely approve her because she is the woman I love and I know my mother always believe and support me." I heard also his mother was Miss Korea once.

About being rich, he said once on TV program.

.... People say I'm rich, but I'm not that rich. I think being rich means that you can

persue what you want to do without worrying money. I think that would be

enough for being rich.....

I can't remember exactly, but my impression was that he's very strict and stubborn for himself and his acting, but very care free and open minded for others and other things.

LSJ at lecture at Seoul WOman's Uni last year


Today LSJ gave a lecture about Symbiotic ralationship between the mass media and public entertainers at Seoul Women' s University.

How I wish I had been there with other students in that classroom!

I selected some among the fan's postscripts and will try translate here.




The classroom and even every corridors were filled with many students way before the lecture began. Many reporters and TV camaras were on the spot, too.

The room was filled with happy screaming girls. They kept screaming whenever somebody appears thinking it might be LSJ, even looking at his manager, and he kept appearing several times

Finally, LSJ appeared with bright smile and fabulous fashion ( They emphasizing two buttons on his shirts which was unbuttoned and his chest

muscle )and everybody started screaming so loud. He kept putting on shy yet killing smile ( of course, THE DIMPLES) and gave lecture with soft and deep voice. And his lecture was filled with humor and wit.

He said that he was invited to give a lecture two weeks ago and apologized not havig prepared it well because of hectic shooting schedule.

They say LSJ got more skinnier and his face got more smaller ( Look what those cup noodles did to him! )

After a lecture, there was time for Questions and answers. They say he was very serious when answering questions.

When one student named Ji eun Choi asked a question, he called her "Ji eun ah" with deep and soft voice like he does in Bool Sae and with mischivious smile, everybody screamed so loud and almost fainted.

When one woman asked very smart question about his appearance In Seven days ( Current events program), he said with smile, " You are not only pretty but smart, too. What was your name again?" everybody screamed so loud and almost fainted. :lol 2.

Here's some Qs and As.

Q: Are you interested in doing horror one later?

A: Yes. I'm willing to. Ah. I think I'm doing Horror now.

Q: About scandles.

A: I think media reporters always ask leading questions like "Are you willing to love like in Bool Sae?' and then "Could it be Lee eun ju then?" or "What's your ideal woman type?"( Just for information, LSJ said earlier, his ideal type for womon is bright and cute one like Ji eun in episodes 1,2,3 ) and then "Could it be Lee eun ju?" About scandle with Lee Jung hyun a while ago, We just had dinner two times, and that's all.

Oh, he said that he wants to see Bool Sae's ratings going over 30% sooner or later.

Also, he mentioned about Damo Payin again and he asked fans that drama steps are professional people, so just believe them even they don't satisfy you enough.

Every postscripts saying about his killer smile and killing DIMPLES.


I think we push our project of kidnapping him ahead.

I really want to TOUCH TOUCH them!

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..OH WOW ...how did you all manange to find back those words !! ..THANKS !! ..i always treasure what i share with you all here !!

haha aussie ..that wingy bear .!! er .i still hate it !! hehe .

hugs everyone !! ......let me try to repost some pictures

now u know with some other dimples man appearing .......

but i will alway say ..lee seo jin dimples.are the deepest and charming ! haha ^^





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Guest zurae

It's like almost impossible login in :(

Tada!!!!!!!! Look what I found .. I read someone tried searching Google Cache... this is what i got!!! What ii manage to slavage from google cache..

Sorry for flooding.......... ( aussie, if u wanna update to the front, i will delete them after u updated!!)

Not all information might be relevant here but i will clean up later..) I jjust repost all info i can find here first...


Rainy... you are a genius :D Thank you soo much :kiss: Hope that you are having a 'good' time studying :P

Currently Channel U is playing Since I Met You at 6pm everyday I think. I only managed to watch once.

ZUREA, we could actually meet if this is true. Imagine 2 angels meeting in the middle of Korea. Actually, it would be very appropriate seeing as it's our love for K drama that's brought us together. If Faye and Rainy can do it, we can too! HYUN, you really, really, need to come home for a holiday.


Of course aussie ... I'll PM you my itenary soon... or e-mail.

Have a break..


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Guest zurae

I guess tis is the latest photo by LSJ.

credit to LeeSeoJin.com, reupload by me


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Guest rainy75

Saw this pix of Mr Lee

Not sure what's the topic abt... something abt CGV

Home CGV, 배우, 감독, 영화인들이 함께 한 '생생토크 영화포차' 방영



이서진, "배우 반대하는 아버지와 몇년간 대화 안해"




Another pix .. Mr Lee at the PiFF

[MD포토]'이서진 윤소이 보자!' ,1000여명 팬 몰려 북새통<부산영화제>



Did u manage to find Lee Seo Jin head among the crowds in this above pix? heheee...

(source: http://kr.news.yahoo.com/service/news/shel...00817410360294)


Off-topic ... :P

this is for aussie...

There's a Korean film festival in Australia and they are showing some movies free. Tickets are base on first come first serve bookings via email. (http://www.kff2005.com/order_ticket.php)

Korean Film Festival 2005


Melbourne 3 Nov (Thu) ~ 2 Nov (Fri)


Location : 45 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone : +61 3 9650 2100 Fax : +61 3 9650 5105

Capacity : 220 seats

Website : http://www.dendy.com.au/kino.html

Session Time :

3 Nov 2005 (Thu)

18:30 Untold Scandal

21:00 Crying Fist

4 Nov 2005 (Fri)

18:30 Marathon

21:00 Hello Goodbye Little Brother

:( unfortunately i cant make it for marathon which is showing 1 day before my exams over at my area.

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Guest hyun

Hi, hi, everyone!

Kisses and hugs for all for you~~~~:kiss:

We were watching Her House and my 14 yr old cousin stopped by and she was like, "Oh my God, how on earth can a man be that hot and cute." Of course she was referring to LSJ. That was the first time we got to watch him. Than Damo, Firebird, and Shooting the Stars, in each of the dramas he gives his full potential to portrait the characters. So well that I even got scared watching him in Shooting the Stars. Very talented actor. It's a waste of books learning that he does not make use of his degree but well because of that we have a great actor to watch and adore. Support him no matter what.

I was impressed by Lee Seo Jin's performances in Damo and Bool Sae; I can't forget the characters Hwang Bo Yoon and Jang Sae Hoon that he played.

I found him SUPER SEXY in DAMO. T__T Thinking about the drama makes me sad now..

i was impressed with this guys performance in damo...it's hard to love him...he's a great actor...i hope to see more of his work in the future...

NarcissusBD, midnitestars, moley, and tikklles!

Welcome to our thread and thank you so much for your warm words for Mr. LSJ.

I really appreciate them.

Please drop by sometimes and share your thought about our star. ;)

Tada!!!!!!!! Look what I found .. I read someone tried searching Google Cache... this is what i got!!! What ii manage to slavage from google cache..

Sorry for flooding.......... ( aussie, if u wanna update to the front, i will delete them after u updated!!)

Not all information might be relevant here but i will clean up later..) I jjust repost all info i can find here first...

Oh, my god, rainy!

How did you find all those posts from the previous thread? YOU ARE SUCH A SMART LADY!

Thank you and thank you! :kiss: :kiss:

Reading those posts bring back such good memories we shared at that time.

I really miss our Faye so much. She is sooooooo good at writing reviews about drama.

I hope to see her so bad.

Thank you so much again, rainy! YOU ARE OUR SAVIOR!!!! *HUG*

RAINY, I've found the cache. I feel like it's Christmas. This is going to take days. A pity about work tomorrow.

Rainy, with respect to the Bool Sae stuff I'd put it in the Firebird thread. After all, I think a lot of people enjoyed reading those posts. BTW, I'm hoping to be in Korea by the 15th, so hopefully, I will indeed see the premiere. I'm going to have to get a camera and upload pics for you all. I'm soooooooooooooooooo excited.

aussie! *HUG*

Thank you so much for your hard work for this thread. YOU ARE SO WONDERFUL!

15TH? Are you talking about Oct. 15th which is tomorrow?

That means you are taking a trip to Korea right now?

Well, if that's the case, I wish you safe trip to Korea and good luck in Korea!

aussie, aja aja fighting!!! :kiss: :kiss:

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