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Lee Seo Jin 이서진 (3MAD Guest)


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~A-List Actor with Mesmerizing Dimpled Smiles~
Lee Seo Jin




Name : Lee Seo Jin @ Lee Suh Jin

Date of birth : 30/1/1971

Marital status : Single

Blood Group : A

Weight : 68kg

Height : 178cm

Left dimple size : 2.5cm in length, 0.8cm in width, 0.4cm in depth

Family Members : Mother, one older brother and one older sister.

Education Level : New York University, Majored in Business Management.

Military Service : Served prior to his debut in showbiz

Interest : Movies, rock music, computers, rock / mountain climbing, swimming, biking

Actor aspired to follow : Jo Jae Hyun

Best friend in showbiz : Yoon Tae Young

Bestfriend on and off cam: Lee Seung Gi

Close friends /Buddies: PD Na Young Seok, Kim Kwang Kyu, Ok Taecyon, Eric Mun, Yoon Kyung Sang, Han Ji Min

Respected sonbae (senior) in showbiz : Cha In Pyo, Lee Soon Jae


TV Drama * Trap (OCN, 2019), *Marriage Contract (MBC, 2016) * Wonderful Days (KBS, 2014) * Gyebaek (MBC, 2011) * Hon/Soul (MBC, 2009) * On Air (SBS, 2008, cameo) * Yi San - King Jeongjo (MBC, 2007-2008) * Lovers (SBS, 2006) * Freeze (CGV, 2006) * The Phoenix (MBC, 2004) * Damo (MBC, 2003) * Shoot for the Star (SBS, 2002) * Since We Met (MBC, 2002) * Her House (MBC, 2001) * KBS Kindhearted Man Li Yung Yu (2001.10) * MBC Non Stop Jji go ddo Jji go(2001.11) * House Above the Waves (SBS, 1999) * Wang Cho (MBC, 1999)


Movies * Perfect Strangers (original Italian movie adaptation) (2018) * Love Forecast (2015) * Shadowless Sword (2005) * I Love You (2001) * Ghost Taxi (2000)


Variety/Reality shows-- Three Meals A Day 5 (2020) , Friday Joy Package (2020), Little Forest (2019) Grandpas Over Flowers The Return (2018) Youn's Kitchen 2 - Spain (2018) Three Meals A Day Fishing Village 4 Marine Ranch (2017) Youn's Kitchen 1 - Indonesia (2017) Three Meals a Day Fishing Village 3 (2016) The Welcome Show (2016) Three Meals A Day Season 1 and 2 Grandpas Over Flowers Seasons 1-4 Running Man (ep 229) Midnight Prince (pilot episode)  1 Night 2 Days (Best Friends Special)

Music Videos-- 1999.12 Sky "Forever" Jang Dong Gun video 2001.11 Chung Jae-wook "well" (Goodbye MV) 2003.12 "Where are you"


Acting Awards-- *2016 36th MBC TV AWARDS TOP EXCELLENCE AWARD by an Actor, In a Special Drama Project (Marriage Contract) *2007 MBC Acting Award (Yi San) * 2006 SBS Acting Award: Top 10 Popularity Award (chosen by fans) (Lovers) * 2004 MBC Drama Award: Best Couple with Lee Eun Joo in Phoenix *2003 MBC Drama Award: Outstanding Performance (Damo)  * 2003 MBC Drama Award: Best Couple with Ha Ji Won in Damo * 2001 MBC Drama Award: New Face Actor


CFs and endorsements made -- *CrispyBaaBaa* Godiva * Wellmade* Jakomo* Spam* LG Mobile*  DGB * LG Hausys * Neuramis * Speaking Max * LeCaf Sports Apparel * Carrier Air-conditioner * Hartmann Luxury Bags * Yellow Balloon Tours  * Haig Club Korea * 1st Look Edition * Handon Cf * CJ Alaska Salmon * Georgia Gothika Coffee * LaMer cosmetics, Korea * Nepa Sports *  Coca Cola Minute Maid drink *  Scotch Brite * AK Mall * Frion Trad Club * GGIO * Samsung Anycall Cf / Anycar Cf * Samsung Fire Insurance Cf * Huton Apartments Cf * Smoothie King Cf * Fortune Cf * Color Pink Magic BB * Genesis BBQ Chicken * Jeju Air

Theater -- Shakespeare in Love (2000)

Humanitarian works -- Special citations and advocacies- 2020 Exemplary Taxpayers - Habitat , 2006 to present Let's Tree - 2010 to present Ambassador, Prospia , Korea Prosecution Office Ambassador, Mindan , Korean Organization in Japan Ambassador Infiniti Cars Korea, Face of TVN, Habitat For Humanity, Korea Golden Hammer Awardee


OFFICIAL SITES http://www.seojinlee.com http://www.leeseojin.asia


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Guest thunderbolt

Damo 24 running in to help. *pant pant*

Fortunately Faye started the LSJ thread in Hotelier2002 so here's the bio that she posted:



(credit :imbc.com, leeseojin.net. With all the contributions from hyunjbae aka Damo 008, shirley, Onlyjin and all the BoolSae-ists, Angels and Damos)

Aussie dear, once you have posted the bio in your first post, I will delete it from my post. Thanks!


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Guest aussie


The following info is from the official site and was released earlier this year.


The Myth of Bal-hae is reviving! Their resistance becomes our history!

1. The very first trial to make a ‘Historical Chivarlous Melodrama’

<Moo-young-geom> re-illuminate the history of Bal-hae, has never been tried before.

Bal-hae had the largest land through the Korean’s history, and enjoyed their rich cultural life.

However, due to lack of historical material, Bal-hae is remaining as undiscovered history to us, attachment to that era stays inside of our mind distressingly.

<Moo-young-geom> will be born as a heartbreaking epic contains Bal-hae people’s spirits and a strong will, because they couldn’t but fight against the tribe of Geo-ran to protect their territory. And also contains devotion to their king and a love story came from all these conflicts.

2. ‘Female Warrior’ who guards the king, is born!

The master swordsperson trains for 14 years to serve the king who could re-build ‘Bal-hae’. A female warrior ‘YEON So-ha’ shows this word’s genuine meaning a word only for men ‘loyalty’, however, very beautifully and strongly.

She is not a common heroine from martial arts film, with tears and being needs to be protected.

For the first time of Korean films’ history, the most beautiful and strongest female warrior is going to be introduced.

3.The globalized subject surpassing the boundaries

Undercover struggle, betrayal broke out with a background of the quarrel for territories. As well as a spectacular drama of heroes dedicate their precious lives to protect their country.

Even this film’s background is the Korean ancient history, the subject of ‘Moo-young-geom’ surpasses times and boundaries and the oriental image are acknowledged as the hottest trend complemented by the international film markets.


Historical background: In 926, on the Korean peninsula, the Koryo Dynasty prospered. Further to the north, it was the period of the Balhae Dynasty (698~ 926), and its capital was occupied by the Tungusic people in Manchuria.

Daeinsun, the last king of Balhae, and his men surrendered to the Tungusic people, who named the country 'Dong Ran,' meaning east Tungusic country. The Balhae people and their remaining soldiers were in a depressed chaotic state, and realized that they were in need of a new king to revive their dynasty. In order to do this, they decided to search for a prince from royal blood- lines.

Meanwhile, the ruling Tungusic tribe successfully occupied the capital city, but failed in gaining complete control over the outspread local regions. As a result, there were constant insurgences and protesting against the Tungusic rulers. As a possible way of gaining control of the rebellious people, the governing officials concluded that they needed a unifying symbol to put and end to the insurrections. So they devised a plan to seek out a prince of royal-blood to use as a puppet, who would gain the trust of the people and help control them. But to the disappointment of these deceptive rulers, every prince that was chosen to play the role chose death over betraying their beloved country.


The prince of Balhae, who was in hiding in a secret palace was assassinated. And when news of the death their final hope for reviving their country reached the underground resistant group, they were crushed with grief and hopelessness. But as the tale goes, it was not the end for the Balhae people. LIM Sun-ji, a former Balhae official conceives a new plan of hope. His recalls the existence of another Balhae prince, Daejunghyun, who was banished 14 years ago to Joongwon over a political dispute.

With the realization of this new hope for the people, LIM sends Yonsoha, a female warrior, to Joongwon with orders to reach him at all costs before the Tungusic assassins spoil their plans. Yonsoha rides hard without pause, reaches Joongwon and finds Daejunghyun, who has been living as a commoner and surviving by dealing in stolen goods for the many years he had been living in exile. Because of the extreme change in fate that he has had to come to terms with over the years, he is distrustful of Yonsoha and the plan she shares with him. He is convinced that she has been sent to bring harm to him as penalty for his political actions in the past, and out of fear, flees. As he is making his escape, he is met by Maeyoungok and his team of assassins sent by the Tungusic officials. Luckily, with Yonsoha’s aid, he narrowly escapes death, and decides to return to Balhae with her.

As the two make their way to Balhae, Daejunghyun’s inner struggles continue. He is distrustful of Yonsoha and his confidence in claiming his seat as king of Balhae is weak. So he finds another opportunity to run from Yonsoha with the help of his friend, but suddenly comes under attack from the Tungusic assassins. Even with the help of Yonsoha their escape from the deadly pursuit of the professional killers proves difficult.

And just as they feel as though they are out of danger, the chief assassin, Kunwhapyong, a deadly warrior who lusts for revenge for the killing of his father during a battle with the Balhae, rises up and attacks Daejunghyun mercilessly. Just at the last moment, the prince barely escapes death by using a smoke bomb, and gets away.

After their narrow escape, Yonsoha treats Daejunghyun’s injuries, and discovers a big scar on his back. He tries to conceal the fact that it was from an injury he got when fighting against the Tungusic many years ago. But so enough, she finds out that Daejunghyun is actually also know as Kumwhee, a famous Balhae general. As Yonsoha learns more of his past, as well as his true character, she begins to develop a deep trust in him, slowly being convinced that this seeming commoner could actually be a great leader and king for their people. And as their relationship grows, Daejunghyun begins to regain his confidence in his ability to become king.

The two finally reach Balhae territory disguised as Tungusic people, and are once again attacked by the assassination squad. Yonsoha fights to keep the prince alive and is seriously injured during the battle. But with what remaining strength left, she saves Daejunghyun and kills the notorious assassin Danyangsoo. After the attack, Yonsoha probingly asks the prince why he didn’t run away when he had the chance, and he proudly responds, “one who runs, leaving behind an injured friend, is not fit to be king.”

Finally they manage to reach Chonaegok, where Cho Chunsoo, the leader of resistant supporters, awaits their return. As soon as Yonsoha sees him and realizes the prince is safe, she succumbs to her injuries and passes out. While Cho Chunsoo cares for her day and night, the prince worriedly waits to get word of her condition. After some time, he is informed that she will be all right, he goes to visit his mother’s grave.

When Yonsoha gains consciousness, she is told that if she continues to fight, it could kill her.

But just then, the deadly assassin Gunwhaphyong returns to murder the prince, and Yonsoha is left with no other choice but to run to his aid. Meanwhile, at the gravesite, the prince comes under attack by another assassin, Maeyoungok. A fierce battle ensues and Yonsoha tells him to run, but he can't. Caught in the middle of the fight, which has left Cho Chunsoo dead at the hands of Gunwhaphyong, Maeyongok slain, and Yonsoha seriously injured, Daesoohyun sees Yonsoha’s sword and realizes the truth of his destiny. He remembers that the sword’s name is Mooyounggum, and that it was given to him and his brother Daesoohyun by their deceased father, the former king of Balhae. And that many years ago, he met a young girl who asked him to teach her martial arts and after having done so, entrusted Mooyounggum to her. That girl was Yonsoha. Daejunghyun passionately looks down upon her recollecting all his forgotten memories from the past. Filled with conviction and inspired by a great power he once possessed a long time ago, he wields Mooyounggum and defeats Gunwhapyong.

LIM arrives with reinforcements soon after the battle, but it is too late. Yonsoha is dying, but just before she passes on, she smiles and says that she has finally gotten the most precious thing in her life, to be held in the arms of Daejunghyun. Daejunghyun screams out Yonsoha’s name which echoes throughout the valley, and a gentle snow begins to fall. (end)


YONSOHA Ever since she lost her parents to Tungusic soldiers, she was raised by Cho Chunsoo, who is a martial arts master and one of the underground resistant soldiers. Her martial arts skills are unmatched and she is given the responsibility of recovering the lost prince.

DAEJUNGHYUN A prince born to King Daesunin and his second wife OH. Though he was innocent, he was involved in a political scandal and exiled from Balhae. With the help of Yonsoha, he reaches Balhae safely to claim his seat as king.

GUNWHAPYONG He was once a great Balhae general, but his greedy ambition makes him betray his mother country. He works together with the Tungusic with the promise of establishing his own kingdom.

MAEYOUNGOK She is the second deadliest assassin for the Tungusic, who has been Gunwhapyong’s closest follower since the beginning of the Balhae dynasty. She carries a very personal grudge against Yonsoha, and is obsessed with defeating her.

DANYANGSOO He is literally a giant, being one and half times taller than your average person. His specialty is with huge iron weaponry, and is the top assistant to Gunwhapyong and Maeyoungok.

MABUL A young fierce looking soldier who wears a monk’s gown. His specialty is also huge iron weaponry, and is the Gunwhapyong and Maeyoungok’s number two assistant.

YAYULLCHOOLA He's the uncle of the emperor of Dong Ran, and is the true brains behind the Tungusic movement to dominate Balhae. Gunwhapyong and his army of assassins exist only to serve his bidding, and there is no limit to what he will do to achieve ultimate power.

CHO CHUN-SOO He is one of the leaders of the underground resistant group movement, and is a highly skilled in the medical field. (end



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Guest rainy75

aussie : dont forget to add hwangboyoon.com to the list of fan sites

and movies .. add in shadowless sword

The first time i notice lee seo jin ..

Her House .. pixs ..








( caps done by me and uploaded by me)

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Guest rainy75

Shadowless Sword Conference Pictures






I have started a thread for shadowless sword ..


CFs for u to add on .. to the front ..

List of CFs

Samsung fire



Fortune for MAN




Samsung ANyCall


Samsung Car


(repost from koreanwind.net LSJ CF thread)

*yawns..* need to zzz

btw.. it so hot here ... the weather's crazy.. i wish i was down south nearer to your area .

btw. when will u be in korea? seems like shadowless sword premiers on 18th Nov. Maybe u can attend the premier ?

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I tried to post something earlier but it seemed to be quite difficult task for me. Will be missing in action for a while. Take care Angels. :)


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Oh, my...

So, every posts are gone in soompi forum? :o:(

That's very sad news to hear... Well, those memories are still in our heart, so that'll do.

Hello, hello, angels! :wub:

I really missed you all. *HUG*

First of all, I want to thank aussie and rainy for bringing back our precious thread. You are wonderful! :wub:

Aussie, I'm glad to hear your news. I hope you will be able to watch SHADOWLESS SWORD in Korea. Oh, I really appreciate your congratulation mail for me.*HUG*

Rainy, I hope your study is going great. And hope you are not feeling homesick. Oh, I love your thread for SHADOWLESS SWORD. *HUG*

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Oh, my...

So, every posts are gone in soompi forum? :o:(

That's very sad news to hear... Well, those memories are still in our heart, so that'll do.

Hello, hello, angels! :wub:

I really missed you all. *HUG*

First of all, I want to thank aussie and rainy for bringing back our precious thread. You are wonderful! :wub:

Aussie, I'm glad to hear your news. I hope you will be able to watch SHADOWLESS SWORD in Korea. *HUG*

Rainy, I hope your study is going great. And hope you are not feeling homesick. Oh, I love your thread for SHADOWLESS SWORD. *HUG*


It's good to see you here... let me give you a BIG HUG... :D

I am actually using the avatar that I created for you for your 1000th post I think... so sorry ... but I tried to grab whatever I can from my picture box... take care.

HUG and KISSES flying around

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ok, to get the ball rolling, here is a small contribution by me..

a new clip by mnet, credits to LAST @ hwangboyoon.com

이서진 화보 촬영 ~CLICK~

PS : Shadowless sword Official site


(the site is not fully up yet.)

zen, thank you soooooo much for the links. *HUG* Our man, Seo Jin ssi looks soooooo cool! :wub:

Thunderbolt!, thank you soooooooo much for those pics you brought from hotelier site. You are so sweet! ;) *HUG*

Shirley, glad to see you. Hope you are doing great these days. *HUG*

zurae! I guess you are going somewhere again. Wish you good luck and good health! You will be missed sooooooo much. Please drop by as often as possible. *HUG*

Oh, I really appreciate your congratulation message for me. You are such a sweet lady! :wub:




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:D:wub: :wub:

Hyun no worries... have a nice day. I may be in Korea in early December.

Chris... I didn't go for my Canada trip as plan... too much pressure for me at the moment. Have a safe trip yourself.

Take care Angels... see you next time. AJA... AJA Fighting!!

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Guest rainy75

haaaaa... i see hyun!!!

*runs to hug hug hyun*

i miss the stuff in the old thread .. plus our BOol Sae crazy thread.. :-(

Lucky we stored a copy of both thread since last yr .. where my attempt to download the 2 threads.. but the Cd is back in my home country ..

i guess we will have to start a fresh ...


I always like to flip back to read back our old times ...

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Since this is like opening a new thread for our Seo Jin ssi, I'm gonna upload some pics of him I cherish so much. I want to say that even though there are so many attractive actors out there, I never fell hard even for one actor until I got to know Lee Seo Jin. Yah, I was too difficult to be pleased by the actors until our man came along, haha.

* I didn't know him until I met him as Hwangbo Yoon from Damo. I was enchanted by his wonderful acting.

He blew life into this Yoon's character and made it immortal.

Damo is the drama of my lifetime and Yoon is the drama character of my lifetime.

My naeuri~~~~ :wub:




* Jang Se hoon from Bool Sae. He portrayed Se hoon's love and agony soooo well. I can't still forget the

eating scene in the final episode. What a great acting!






* The more I get to know about him, the more I get impressed by his personality. He's humble and honest.

He's very sincere about his acting. I watched his recent interview. When reporter asked what kind person

he wants to be, he answered that he wants to be a good husband and father. :)





* I love how he tries to seek changes and take on challenges as an actor.





I miss Fire Bird...He was so wonderful in there...I was rooting for him all the way...Wonder if he has any new drama...Thanks for bringing the thread back.

Hi, Luv!

I miss Bool Sae, too. Yah, it will be great if he starts a new drama soon. *HUG*

haaaaa... i see hyun!!!

*runs to hug hug hyun*

i miss the stuff in the old thread .. plus our BOol Sae crazy thread.. :-(

Lucky we stored a copy of both thread since last yr .. where my attempt to download the 2 threads.. but the Cd is back in my home country ..

i guess we will have to start a fresh ...


I always like to flip back to read back our old times ...

Oh, I missed you so much, rainy!


Yah, I miss those times so much, too.

I would like to have copy of the Bool Sae thread, too. I never thought of storing the threads.

Anyway, we still have each other, right? *HUG*

Good luck with your study.

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MBC section TV entertainment about LSJ's photoshoot for Esqurie magazine.

He looks so cool in this clip. And interview is so fun, too. Seeing his working hard in the movie set aches my heart. It must have been hard. He did his own stunt, so he said he got hurt many times.


<credit: 별(Byul)님 from seojinlee.com>

One capture of this clip by one Korean fan...


<credit:윤윤윤♡(대희)님 from seojinlee.com>

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Wonderful Bool Sae photowork from Hwangboyoon.com. These works are making me watch Bool Sae again. I love Se hoon'e eyes so much.



<credit: made by Yoon님, uploaded by 유타님>

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We were watching Her House and my 14 yr old cousin stopped by and she was like, "Oh my God, how on earth can a man be that hot and cute." Of course she was referring to LSJ. That was the first time we got to watch him. Than Damo, Firebird, and Shooting the Stars, in each of the dramas he gives his full potential to portrait the characters. So well that I even got scared watching him in Shooting the Stars. Very talented actor. It's a waste of books learning that he does not make use of his degree but well because of that we have a great actor to watch and adore. Support him no matter what.

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