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Hyorin Says Women Like Her But She's Really a Man's Woman in "Vogue Korea"

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SISTAR member Hyorin appeared in a photo shoot and interview for the August issue of “Vogue Korea.”  In the interview, Hyorin discussed a variety of topics including SISTAR's new single "Give It To Me," how her parents raised her, and how men and women view her.    

Hyorin said: "I’m the kind of person that women tend to like.  When guys first see me, they don’t like me.  They say I look too strong.  I’m the kind of person who makes an odd first impression, so there are often lots of misunderstandings.  But, when people watch over me for a long time, they grow to like me.”

Hyorin continued: “When it comes to the way I speak or the way I think, I’m like a guy.  When my guy friends talk about problems they have with their girlfriends, there are many times when I don’t understand the positions of their girlfriends.  But even so, guys think that I am comfortable to be around."              

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