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Galism ~ Love Supreme Sisters

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by mangaka Yokoyama Mayumi
hope there isn't a thread yet, if there is please close this!





cover pictures courtesy of yesasia ^^


Adventurist parents left three Ugajin sisters alone in the house and now they’re living in freedom paradise! But their parents’ adventure financer wants the sisters to protect the peace in Manten Academy from the shadows. This is the stormy stage as curtain opens. First volume of Mayumi Yokoyama’s high-tension school love comedy. [taken from Manga Rebels]

scanlations by: Manga Rebels

hosted by: Eternal Enchantment

Volumes: 6 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=1540



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Wow, old thread.

But I looooove Galism, it'S def. my kind of humour xD

I couldn't stop laughing while reading the manga :D

I love Mayumi's manga, she can draw so well and the clothes of the manga-characters are sooo stylsh and cool :D

And maaan, Yudai reminds me totally of TOP [big Bang]. Due to their bad boy look and their smirk!

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