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Sohee Receives Positive Reviews for Her Acting in New Drama

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Wonder Girls' Sohee has received positive reviews for her acting as her first leading role drama.

On August 14, the first episode of "Happy Rose Day" was aired. Sohee played the role of Ahreum, who dreams of becoming an actress, while working at her mother's floral shop.

Sohee was praised for portraying several different charms through her acting. She showed her innocent, pure and feminine sides through scenes of working at the flower shop and delivering flowers. She also showed her confident and strong energy when she encounters Jung Woong In for the first time.

Viewers were also able to see Sohee's cute drunken acting as well as her sexy side when she gave a pole-dance perofmrnace. Sohee also acted out a sad crying scene.

In just one episode, Sohee displayed a wide range of emotions. News agencies and netizens claim that Sohee has successfully shed her cute, girly image during her Wonder Girl days and transformed into a more mature and feminine as an actress.

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