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BEAST's Yong Jun Hyung Says He's Not Ready to Date Anyone Yet

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Yong Jun Hyung has recently made a comment about not being ready to date yet, which is creating quite a buzz.

On August 13, the BEAST members were guests on Kim Shin Young's radio show, where they talked about a variety of fun topics, such as BEAST's best-looking member and others, as they promoted their latest single, "Shadow."

During the show, Kim Shin Young asked, "If I ask you guys out, what would be your answers?" Each member then proceeded to say his own answer to reject Kim Shin Young!

Son Dong Woon said, "I apologize," Jang Hyun Seung said, "I can't," Lee Ki Kwang said, "Come on, hyung," which is what you call an older male, and Yang Yoseob answered, "I'm sorry."

Last but not least, Yong Jun Hyung answered, "Nuna, you are a good nuna," which caused the other members to attack him since his answer was so nice and long compared to theirs!

Then Yong Jun Hyung continued, "I'm still not ready to date anyone yet." Kim Shin Young replied, "It's like watching a sad movie. I'm getting really sad."

Yong Jun Hyung publicly dated Kara's Goo Hara for two years but the relationship came to an end in March of 2013.

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