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Key Updates on Rain, Se7en, Sangchu and Other Celebrity Soldiers

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Although mandatory military service has always been a touchy subject, especially in the entertainment industry, recent events such as Rain, Se7en and Sangchu's violations of military rules, have set forth a domino effect, bringing to light other celebrity soldiers' misdeeds and eventually eradicating the title of a celebrity soldier.

The hotly discussed issue of celebrities in the military has not died down even after the announcement of getting rid of the celebrity soldier title. Here are a few key updates:

1. The Ministry of National Defense acknowledges making special exceptions for Rain but will not make him re-enlist.

On August 7, a source from the Ministry of National Defense spoke with My Daily and said, "During a meeting with the National Defense Promotion Support unit on July 18, the chair members acknowledged that they had given special exceptions for Rain, regarding his document submissions when he was first recruited. However, this can be seen as a difference in opinion over which documents are needed and which are not."

This source also denied rumors of Rain's re-enlistment by saying, "it's completely untrue. In order for Rain to re-enlist, he needs to be in conflict with military rules. However, upon investigations, Rain was found innocent of previous charges and has lawfully carried out his duties during his enlistment.

2. Sangchu and Se7en provide receipts from various massage parlors before and after their enlistment to prove that they went for medicinal purposes

On August 8, SportsSeoul.com reported that Se7en and Sangchu provided receipts from various (regular and not adult) massage parlors to prove that they visited for medicinal purposes on the night they were caught on tape.

The receipts show the exact dates and times of when the two celebrities visited the regular massage parlors, which backs up the Ministry of National Defense's intial statements of Se7en and Sangchu's visits to be medicinal.

3. Sangchu and Se7en re-stationed to new unit after serving time in military jail.

After finishing their military jail time for ten days, Se7en and Sangchu were re-stationed to a front-line field units on August 9.

Se7en has been re-stationed to Pocheon's 8th Infantry "Tumbler" Division and Sangchu has been re-stationed to Hwacheon's 15th Infantry "Victory" Division.

Both have also been demoted from having a medium rank to a small rank.

4. Wheesung is discharged and apologizes for the trouble.

After spending three days in military jail for using his personal cell phone, Wheesung was discharged and apologized in tears for the trouble.

5. Singer KCM apologizes to fans and promises to reflect on his actions.

KCM left a message of apology to his fans after serving his time in military jail and being discharged.

On August 4, KCM posted, "I'm sorry. I am reflecting on my actions. I've made you worry and disappointed you without intending to do so." KCM continued in his message, "Thanks to my family, I was able to discharge safely. I miss you all so much. I have so much to say. But after time passes, let's talk face-to-face. Thank you so much for the letters and gifts you sent me," and "I will reflect on my actions and work hard on my music. I will go to you with a good image and good news soon."

KCM was supposed to be discharged on July 31 but his military jail sentence postponed it to August 4. He was sentenced to military jail for using his personal cell phone without permission.

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