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B.A.P Is Not Too Cool for School

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Idol group B.A.P drops the rebel image to put on the school uniforms!

B.A.P, who recently released their third mini album, "Badman," has become the models for a school uniform company due to their popularity among the youth. B.A.P is known for their powerful image and performances, as well as songs with themes that question society's constraints and prejudices, leading to their popularity among students.

In the photos released, the members of B.A.P adorn colorful and fitted uniforms that follow the current fashion trend in Korea. They replace attitude with bright smiles, yet still manage to look charismatic.

b.a.p school uniform 2

B.A.P will be making their TV comeback through this week’s music shows, and will also be busy preparing for their upcoming concerts on August 17 and 18 titled ‘B.A.P Live on Earth Seoul Wanted.”

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