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Park Ki Woong Compliments Joo Won's Acting in "Good Doctor"

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Actor Park Ki Woong recently praised Joo Won on his acting for KBS2 drama “Good Doctor,” according to Sports World News.

Park Ki Woong

On August 5, Park Ki Woong tweeted a picture with the caption, “Add a great director, a great cast, and a great story together, and it equals one great product. I got really excited while watching the first episode. Applause for the production staff that allowed these characters to show their diversity! ‘Good Doctor,’ hwaiting! I know since I’ve acted the part of a similar character, but Joo Won, you’ve done a much better job than this hyung. Good job.”

“Good Doctor” aired its first episode on August 5. Joo Won plays the character of Park Si On, an autistic doctor with Savant Syndrome. Joo Won talked to himself, hunched over, and there was no sparkle in his eye. Park Ki Woong must have been really impressed by Joo Won’s acting.

Netizens commented, “Is ‘Good Doctor’ that good?” “If Park Ki Woong complimented Joo Won like that, Joo Won must have done a perfect job,” and “I watched it, and I know what he means.”

What did you think about Joo Won’s acting? Does it match up to Park Ki Woong’s compliments? 

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