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Lee Sang Yoon: “I’m Having A Hard Time Focusing Because of Lee Kwang Soo”

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Actor Lee Sang Yoon shares that he’s having a hard time doing his thing because of Lee Kwang Soo.

On August 5, the main cast of MBC’s drama “Goddess of Fire, Jung-yi” appeared in Ilsan, Gyeonggido for the drama’s press conference. Moon Geun Young, Lee Sang Yoon, Kim Bum, and Seo Hyun Jin were a few of those present.

As he’s sharing more screentime with Lee Kwang Soo, Lee Sang Yoon shared his thoughts about the teamwork. “I try not to laugh when I’m with Lee Kwang Soo.”

Lee Sang Yoon continues, “To be honest, Gwang Hae was in a situation where he’s not supposed to laugh, but he [Kwang Soo] is hilarious during the rehearsal. Lee Kwang Soo comes prepared with many gestures and those gestures are really outside of the box. Seems like he prepares a lot. There are times when I watch him in amazement.”

He went on, “I tell myself to not laugh, and continue to remind myself to not start or else [it’s hard to stop]. I’m always anticipating. I wonder what gesture he’ll prepare next for the upcoming scene.”

Meanwhile, “Goddess of Fire, Jung-Yi” is about a female named Yoo Jung, played by Moon Geun Young, who disguises herself as a boy in order to become Joseon’s greatest ceramic artist. Kim Bum plays Yoo Jung’s protector Kim Tae Do while Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Kwang Soo are brothers from royalty, Prince Gwang Hae and Prince Im Hae, respectively.

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