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BEAST's Yong Jun Hyung on "Monstar": "I Don't Think I Will Be Able to Forget It"

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It's over!

Mnet's hit music drama, "Monstar," aired its final episode last night, and lead Yong Jun Hyung of idol group BEAST gave his closing remarks.

"Monstar" is Yong Jun Hyung's debut drama. He stated, "It was hard, but I made a lot of fun and happy memories. I'm so thankful."

The idol and actor picked one of the scenes he remembered most as the scene in which he played basketball with fellow male lead Kang Ha Neul. For another, he chose the scene in which his school band, Color Bar, sang "Don't Make Me Cry." "It was a scene in which I felt a sense of ecstasy even while filming." In this scene, Color Bar surprises everyone with their talent and teamwork when no one had any expectations for this group of underdogs.

Yong Jun Hyung was asked what "Monstar" meant to him. He replied, "This was my first drama, and it was also a project that helped me grow in many ways. I don't think I will be able to forget it."

Soompiers, did you catch the final episode yet? How sad are you now that it is over???

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