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America's Next Top Model: Cycle 7

Guest xosandy

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iite damn. how they gonna keep eliminating my fav. girlsssss. gahhh.

SPOILERS. (highlight please =)

Brooke got eliminated =( right on her graduation day too! saddd. =(

Anchal doesnt have enough confidence to become a model. Jaeda and Eugena annoy me, neither of them take great pictures either.

I'm rooting for Caridee now. shes gorgeous.

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Guest femme.fatale`

i really hate tyra's lil "you should be glad you're even here" attitude.

yea being there is tuff and competitive. but god dammit shes a 18 year old eliminated on the night of her graduation. effing show some sympathy,

does tyra really have to act all superior. honestly speaking modeling is fun for entertainment but she acting like they are trying to get into NASA or something.

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^ omg! i hate Tyra's attitude.. she's so concieted..

I mean, i admire her talent, but gooood greatness, she is so BitCChy.

Anyways, Brooke went home tonight NOO!!

i wanted the other girl to go...........

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Guest asianrice

I hate how some girls get criticized over and over again- and they're still here, yet one wrong move from Brooke and she's out.

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Guest funfunfun4every1

^ man. Spoilers.

>_> people made it white/yellow above you for a purpose.

EDIT:// ;) thnxforthat.

DOUBLE EDIT:// LOL. I saw that. But I wasn't trying to be mean, I was just pissed off since I haven't watched it yet.

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Guest cyberfruit

Once again, the wrong girl went home tonight.

Anchal rocked both her shoots. I cheered when she came out as Cleopatra; I knew she would do well.

Fabio, virgin? Lies. L.I.E.S.

I'm starting to love Caridee, she's a great model and I love her attitude about the competition. She's there to have fun.

Sutan....I want his LEGS. Dita Von Teese sounded differently from what I pictured her to sound like. I still like her voice, though.

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Guest UNee4Life

I'm watching it right now!

and yeah ANCHOL rocked it , I LOVE HER! I seriously hope she wins, she isn't even chunky she just has a lil;' tummy! I love her, she isn't anorexic and she's so EXOTIC looking!....man, I sososoos hope she wins!

if she gets kicked off, I will stop watching this show....

till next season unless they don't have any asians or exotic looking women

p.s. Tyra is looking HUGE! wow, it must suck to have to buy all different sizes of clothing cuz her weight goes up and down SOSOSO much!

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I forgave them for kicking off Megan.

I can understand that AJ went off.

But Eugena is STILL HERE?

If you look at all the pics they've taken so far, Brooke's by far look more chic and fierce. Not to mention she's got the personality. Brooke's photoshoots >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Eugena

All right, I'm watching Holland's Next Top Model

(they got it right). America is pissing me off. =P

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I hate how some girls get criticized over and over again- and they're still here, yet one wrong move from Brooke and she's out.

I completely agree! I'm not a fan of Brooke BUT she has done way better than say Eugena and Jaeda. Those two, from the criticism of the judges are nowhere near the other girls yet they're given chance after chance after chance <_<

I've said it already but it frustrates me to no end - JAEDA SHOULD JUST SHUT UP ABOUT HER HAIR. Makeovers was like what? Week 2, week 3? Get over it. I wish she just went home like that girl in the previous cycle if she was going to do nothing but complain :rolleyes:

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Guest My Sweet September


Jaeda needs to go, why do they keep giving her chances? I also think Eugena needs to go too >.< Wya to stick to principles Tyra. Last week she eliminated AJ for not caring enough, so why wasn't Eugena eliminated? When the guest judge asked her id she really wanted this or whatever and she was just like *pause* oh what? "...I do...."

Such BS.

I guess I'll root for Amanda,Caridee, and Melrose. I like Anchal and think she is great but...hm...she needs to give me more =D

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Guest Myss Blewm

Eugena needs to go. Every time I see her name, I pause and think, "Wait, which girl is that?" If she doesn't even want to be there and doesn't take good pictures, why is she still there? Jaeda? She takes HORRIBLE pictures, and whines about her hair. They keep giving her chances, but why? Why not give the girls who have personality AND can take good pictures a second chance too? If you suck, you will suck, leave it at that!

Okay, I'm done ranting. :rolleyes::phew:

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Guest simpleandpink

Crazy crazy crazy mofo judges!!!!

One bad picture and they're messed up, this is horrible. AJ + Brooke have been continously doing well (more AJ) and then one bad pic screws them up. I understand that to be a Top Model, you have to be near perfection, but if that's true, then Jaeda + Eugena should have left by now instead of AJ + Brooke [maybe Meg]

Jaeda is the one who needs to go because she's always complaining and blaming her hair for her bad pictures. Eugena's STILL not showing her emotions, etc.

Horrible judging. Seriously.

I'm now rooting for: Caridee, Amanda, + Michelle. [i can't stand Melrose, I know she's dramatized and all, being that it is a reality show, but I sincerely think that she is a pinkberry x_x And as for Anchal, I really can't see her winning. And I'm tired of her whining, so there =P]

Thoughts on this episode: FABIO~~~~ I cracked up. I always say his name hella weird and stuff :P When he came on, I was just like "OMG, IT'S FA~~BIO~ *hair flip*"

Hrm, I was totally like 0_0 omg, this is why I don't read romance novels...

Also: as for Anchal and her problems :lol: That was so mean that they called her out for that [the Elite chairman or w/e she was]. Her self-esteem probably went DOWN...

And Brooke TT_TT That's so sad that it's on her graduation night, but w/e as I said before, horrible judging...I liked her personality too, she's so nice TT_TT She's like a big sister!

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a photoshoot with fabio? seriously ... what is up with ANTM this season?!

i'm not a big brooke fan nor do i dislike her but i was really surprised she got the boot last night. jaeda and her short hair insecurity should've been kicked out instead.

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It could've been Jaeda or Eugena....damn judges wth?

I mean seriously......Jaeda complains bout her hair too much..."I could be sexy with my hair" or Eungena not showing much expressions and Anchal complaining bout her weight..dude stop eating than!

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