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America's Next Top Model: Cycle 7

Guest xosandy

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Guest ichigo_no_powder

I'm surprised Jaeda is still there. Either the judges are convinced that there is something really special hidden within her or

AJ just sucked so much that they had to choose her over AJ. I agree that it wasn't fair how they kicked AJ off just because of one bad

week - just last week they were praising her. I can't really understand why Tyra insists that the girls have to really want to win in order to continue on in the competition, some people are naturally talented whether they want it or not. However in following Tyra's view, then AJ should've been kicked off because she seriously doesn't care all that much about the competition. It feels as if she had joined just to see if she could make it and if not, then oh well.

It's pretty sad how proud Jaeda went from being the 'prettiest girl in school' to the girl who has been on the bottom 2 3 times in a row.

The twins are getting better and better >< It's going to be sad when the one of them is kicked off.

There's probably a lot of things that melrose has done that they cut off during editing. Based on what we see on TV alone, I don't think

she's that bad. Her pictures however are amazing. she's taken good photos from the start - the only model i can remember out of all

the cycles that I have watched who have been able to do that. She has such a fake, charasmatic personality, something that is perfect for the industry. Unless if she does something really bad later on, I would be happy if she won. But even if she does do something bad...

I think I would still want her to win simply because she is such a good model, she deserves it.

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Guest JenniFOO

Just finished watching it. Its sad to see AJ leave, but I understand why she left. I'm sure AJ can make it into the modelling industry. She doesn't need the show now that shes been exposed. Jaeda's picture looked pretty good this week. heh

Brooke is too cute, same with Caridee. Their pictures were amazing. AND MELROSE! I don't know why so many people hate her. LOL Her attitude? I don't see anything wrong with it. Its not like shes viciously attacking the other girls or anything, sure she talks a lot, but I don't think thats a really big deal? eh thats just me though. But her photo was amazing, haha shes a good donald trump. lol

I swear, the judges this time around are hilarious. Previous cycles, I always skipped the deliberations and just skipped right to the end to see who got kicked out, but now I watch the whole thing. Theyre just so silly.

And Twiggy thinking JayZ sang pop. hehe such a cutie <3

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Guest funfunfun4every1


She was my top and fav pic.

I don't think ill watch it anymore U_U im hella depressed now.

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Guest GoRgYnA

like what everyone said

the reason why aj was probably kicked off because she really acted like she didn't care and after watching america's next top model since cycle 1, we all know that tyra hates that! remember when that girl from season 4 got booted and she was just laughing, tyra got hella mad.


i just realized that melrose really did do an AWESOME donald trump!

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see, it's AJ's attitude...i really disliked her during the makeover...and now this photoshoot...she had the most potential but her attitude i don't like..

i'm really rooting for Caridee and Brooke...i'm warming up to the twins...melrose seems overbearing sometimes but i like that she works real hard to be a good model...

the others i don't really care for them..here are full versions of the pic...



















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Haha, that was a fun photo shoot idea. Looking at the pictures again, wow, Caridee did Brad and Angelina so well.

I thought AJ would either win or be in the finals so I was so shocked when I heard she was eliminated. She reminds me of Mollie Sue from last season. They both had that certain look but got kicked out way earlier than they should've.

I want Eugena to go next and I'm still rooting for the twins. Brooke and Caridee are too ordinary for me. They just never stood out to me.

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Guest vanggirlie

i don't know why jaeda said if you listen to melrose you can tell she's trying to help you. i don't believe it. i don't think what comes out of melrose mouth is really honest but jealousy (or maybe just plain dislike). the way she was talking about anchal sounded like jealousy to me. jaeda is a follower deep down. (sorry if i offend any melrose or jaeda fan...it's just an opinion i have of them).

i really wanted jaeda to go. i really really didn't want aj to go.

i think the twins always turn out great in their photoshoot even tho if you look at them in person you'd probably not think they were model material except for their height.

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Guest Myss Blewm

^That's true. I think with Jade, she sometimes had bad pictures, and then sometimes good pictures. Too bad she's so bitchy. And Jaeda...yeah, she just can't take good pictures.

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Guest KuYA II

GAWD!! i'm still angry knowing that AJ left >___<.

anyways, Melrose's week picture didn't appeal me at all. I don't know why her photos are good it seems like blah to me.

Caridee and the Twin's photo this week was beautiful. Especially Michelle's picture showed alot of emotion and feeling. Caridee looked like angelina for a second in that picture hahahaha.

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Oh don't worry about Melrose, once the judges get tired of her you'll hear a lot of "dead eye" talk. :rolleyes: It's just the same garbage every year, but I still can't not watch it lol. I agree that Jaeda's a follower; she's one of those mean girls and it really shows. She was the prettiest at her high school and now she's always in the bottom two, that's just too funny. She really looks like a guy as Bobby Brown though, but wth is up with the Whitney picture?

My favourite is Brooke right now.

Eugene looks like a Bratz doll lol; I really don't notice her a lot and don't remember much about her in each photoshoot though.

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Guest ANJEE<3

Aj shouldn't have been kicked... one "bad" photo shouldn't determine everything.. jaeda has been bad every week for the past 3 elminations... wtf i thought that was so f'ed up -_-!!

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Guest aberrant

AJ was from Sacramento!!! I wanted her to stay! But she's gone... I think Jaeda should've been gone. She was on the bottom... was it three times? BTW I think Caridee is the best now. Go Caridee! And can someone post pictures of her when she was talking to Tyra? Mostly her legs though cause she was wearing something cute... :D

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i was rooting for AJ but now shes gone. GRRRRRR. Im going for Caridee now too !! That girl from Tx...she only lives a few mintues away from me. Cool.

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Guest morgan.de.toi

Booo i really liked AJ.

i thought she was really gorgeous and full of personality...

but it is kinda true tho...she never seemed to want it or cared about it

as much as the other girls =(

it was nice of her at the end when she hugged melrose

and told her she's got it..just be nice...haha

..even though she hates her

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