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Infinite’s Woo Hyun Ate Chocolate Secretly in the Bathroom During His Diet

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During the filming of the upcoming episode of KBS’s variety talk show “Full House,” Infinite’s member Woo Hyun revealed a story from his debut days.

Woo Hyun stated, “When I first made my debut, I had to control my weight so I was on a diet. One day, I was so hungry, I hid in the bathroom and ate chocolate in secret.”

He continued, “Then suddenly, someone yelled from behind, ‘Spit it out.’ I turned around and found my manager, who followed me into the bathroom.”

When the other guests showed sympathy, Woo Hyun added, “Nowadays, we are used to maintaining our weight. We have less interference.”

Meanwhile, this episode of “Full House” will be aired on July 26 at 8:50pm (KST).   

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