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[Updated] "Sandglass" and "Faith" Director Kim Jong Hak Found Dead, Stars Express Grief

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It is being reported right now that Kim Jong Hak, famed director of dramas "Sandglass," "Eyes of Dawn," "The Legend," and most recently of "Faith," has been found dead in a motel on July 23 KST. The cause of death is unknown as of now.

Kim Jong Hak was currently receiving questioning by the police for suspicion of fraud, and he was banned for travel, facing a lawsuit for not paying the cast members of "Faith," along with charges of embezzlement

Soompi will continue to update with developments on this news. 

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[Update] July 23 1:40PM KST

New reports are coming out that a note has been found, with the words "I am sorry to my family" written on it, according to the police. It is looking more like a suicide but official results are not out yet. Police plans to release it soon.

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[Update] July 23 7:00PM KST

Official reports on the cause of death are still not out, nor are official statements from the police. But various reports state that burnt coals were found in the bathroom and there were no signs of homicide.

After news of Kim Jong Hak's death broke, actors and actresses have been sending out their condolences and expressing sorrow over Kim Jong Hak's death.

Writer Song Ji Na, his long-time drama partner starting with 1991's "Eyes of Dawn" and most recently in 2012's "Faith," is reportedly too broken over the news of Kim Jong Hak's death to be able to comment.

Actress Go Hyun Jung, who worked with Kim Jong Hak and Song Ji Na in the huge 1995 national hit "Sandglass," made her way to Kim Jong Hak's wake even in the midst of filming her current drama, "The Queen's Classroom."

A source close to actor Lee Min Ho, who starred in "Faith," stated, "Lee Min Ho is currently filming a commercial, and he heard the news belatedly. He couldn't speak due to sadness, and it seems his shock is greater since he most recently worked with the director." The source continued, "We heard that Kim Jong Hak was going back and forth between China and Korea preparing his next project, so we don't understand how the situation became like this."

Due to the accused's death,  the investigation into charges of professional negligence and embezzlement have been closed.

Kim Jong Hak Productions, which is currently in charge of producing the hit SBS drama, "I Hear Your Voice," was founded by Kim Jong Hak, but it has been announced by a source from the company that, "Kim Jong Hak stepped down as CEO a long time ago and hasn't come in since."

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