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2PM's Taecyeon Talks Next-Day Love Scenes in "1st Look"

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2PM member and actor Taecyeon was featured in a photo shoot and interview in the July issue of “1st Look.”  In the style magazine, Taecyeon talks in depth about one of his upcoming acting projects.  

This year, the handsome idol was cast in a movie called "The Eve of Marriage" [also known as "The Night Before the Wedding"] and in a tvN drama called "Who Are You."  The movie "The Eve of Marriage" follows the four couples as they face their fears, expectations, and joys about their upcoming nuptials, and Taecyeon plays the role of Won Cheol who is engaged to So Mi (played by Lee Yeon Hee).  In the supernatural drama "Who Are You?," Taecyeon plays the role of Cha Geon Wu who is a police officer that only believes in evidence that he can see or touch, and eventually falls for fellow police officer Si On (played by So Yi Hyun).  The plot centers around Si On's discovery of her ability to see ghosts after awakening from a six-year coma.          

Despite Taecyeon's packed schedule, he did not want to miss the drama "Who Are You?"  Taecyeon commented: "Actually after finishing shooting for my movie “The Eve of Marriage,” barely two days later, I started shooting for my drama “Who Are You?”  Even during those two days, I had to complete my part in 2PM’s schedule.  As I was continuously doing concerts or various other types of work, there were times when I was injured and exhausted, but, I did not want to miss the opportunity to do this drama.  As I read [the script], I was so curious about how the story would unfold and that was really fun."

Taecyeon went on to touch upon the love scene with So Yi Hyun in the drama: "Never mind getting close with each other, after the script reading, the very next day, we shot the love scene.  When we crossed paths, we had only exchanged greetings a few times, so, of course, when we saw the continuity, we were both flustered.  But, luckily, the chemistry was good, no issue over who was going to lead, I think we were able to shoot the scene naturally."           

Taecyeon also talked about his motivation for playing the character Cha Geun Wu in the drama: "Actually, even in my movie “The Eve of Marriage” [also known as “The Night Before the Wedding”], the character I play, Won Cheol, is quiet, keeps his worries to himself, and is the type of man who will wait for a woman.  Because of that, this time, I deliberately chose a drama (different from the movie) where my character shows a side of himself where he takes what he wants in opposition to others, and has a part of himself where he tries to do that.  First, my character Geun Wu (in the drama “Who Are You?”] as a police officer, due to a terrible mistake, is demoted, and, because of that, has this ambition to rise to the top again.  However you look at it, this character’s personality is different."              

Taecyeon also had a message for viewers: "This is the kind of drama that has diverse elements and is very complex.  There are lots of hidden secrets and a bit of a horror atmosphere.  I had given the script to my staff, but, because of the costumes, there were some people amongst my staff who were so scared that they could not read it.  But, even though I really hate horror stuff, I enjoyed reading the script, so viewers can also feel relaxed [that they too will enjoy the drama]."

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