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History Wants You to Play a Guessing Game with Them

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Rookie idol group History wants to play a guessing game with you through their agency's, Loen Entertainment, official YouTube channel.

The guessing games makes up the group's "Guess Who" series. Through the video the members of History will try to trick you into guessing that he is the answer to the question. Fans can answer their question on History's Facebook page, and one of the right answers will be featured in their answer video.Their first "Guess Who" video was about a pair of animal print pajama bottoms. Each member explained why the pajama bottom belonged to him.

For their second game, History wants you to guess which member scored a soccer goal! Youngest Jang Yi Jung plays the announcer and his other members, Song Kyu Gil wearing the number seven, Kim Jae Ho wearing the number 22, Kim Si Hyung wearing the number 92, Na Do Kyun wearing the number 23, attempt to kick a ball into the goal. You can watch their run up to the kick and see how Jang Yi Jung reacts to guess. If you think you know, leave an answer on the Facebook page. 

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