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[Gallery] Girls' Generation, CN Blue, Lee Min Ho and Many More Attend VIP Premiere of "Mr. Go"

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Can a VIP premiere be any more star-studded than this one?

On July 9, the VIP premiere for "Mr. Go" was held at the COEX Megabox theaters in Seoul, where star after star streamed onto the red carpet to pose and show support for the film.

"Mr. Go" is a co-production between Korea and China. The leading lady of the film is the lovely Jiao Xu from China and the leading male is Sung Dong Il. Many special appearances and cameos were made in the film including Joe Odagiri, Ryu Hyun Jin, Kim Jung Eun, and more.

A-list celebrities including many idol stars stepped on the red carpet on this night to show their support including Girls' Generation's Taeyeon, YoonA and Seohyun, CNBlue, Lee Min Ho, the cast of "Daddy Where Are We Going," Hello Venus, 2PM's Chansung, Lee Jung Jae, Kahi, Ji Sung, Jang Hyuk, Kim Soo Ro, Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Min Jung, and many, many more!

"Mr. Go" will be hitting theaters on July 17 and till then, flip through the gallery to see photos from this exciting night!

Mr.Go VIP premiere_yoona

YoonA with her mile-long legs

Mr.Go VIP premiere_tayeon

Taeyeon trying to keep her skirt down

Mr.Go VIP premiere_seohyun

Seohyun looking excited

Mr.Go VIP premiere_seohyun taeyeon yoona


Mr.Go VIP premiere_lee min ho

Lee Min Ho in all black

Mr.Go VIP premiere_song seung hun

Song Seung Hun with his mega-watt smile

Mr.Go VIP premiere_lee jung jae

Lee Jung Jae looking dandy

Mr.Go VIP premiere_cnblue

CN Blue -- Min Hyuk didn't get the no-wave memo!

Mr.Go VIP premiere_hello venus

Why do Hello Venus only get two dolls? 

Mr.Go VIP premiere_chansung

2PM's Chansung gets a hat as well!

Mr.Go VIP premiere_yoon hoo

Yoon Hoo is stoked while Jun stays as chic as ever!

Mr.Go VIP premiere_kim sung joo min yool

Oh no! Kim Sung Joo's adorable son Minyool doesn't seem to like large crowds

Mr.Go VIP premiere_daddy where

 Yoon Min Soo and his son Yoon Hoo, Kim Sung Joo and his two songs Mingook and Minyool and Sung Dong Il's children Jun and Bin!

Mr.Go VIP premiere_lee da hee

"I Hear Your Voice"s tough public prosecutor, Lee Da Heeseems to love her souvenir! 

Mr.Go VIP premiere_kim yuri

Remember Kim Yuri from "Alice in Cheongdamdong"?

Mr.Go VIP premiere_kim min jung

Lee Min Jung is all smiles

Mr.Go VIP premiere_kim sung ryung

Kim Sung Ryung is dressed down but still beautiful

Mr.Go VIP premiere_kahi

Kahi sports the perfect casual summer outfit!

Mr.Go VIP premiere_kim jung eun

Kim Jung Eun stays cool and composed

Mr.Go VIP premiere_kim kang woo

Kim Kang Woo marches up those stairs

Mr.Go VIP premiere_ji sung

Ji Sung loves his gifts

Mr.Go VIP premiere_jae hee

Jae Hee looks dashing

Mr.Go VIP premiere_choi yoon young

Choi Yoon Young can sure pull off that short hairstyle!

Mr.Go VIP premiere_shin da eun

Shin Da Eun shows off her cute dimples

Mr.Go VIP premiere_joe odagiri

Hey there, Joe Odagiri, that's a nice tie!

Mr.Go VIP premiere_male actors

Look at all these top-notch male actors: Kim Soo Ro, Jang Hyuk, Park Jung Chul, Jo Jin Woong, Ma Dong Suk, Cha Tae Hyun, Go Chang Suk and Yoo Yeon Suk -- wow!

Mr.Go VIP premiere_seogyo

Leading lady Jiao Xu

Mr.Go VIP premiere_sungdongil

Leading male Sung Dong Il brings his two children Jun and Bin up on stage!

Mr.Go VIP premiere_sung jun

Sung Dong Il's eldest song Jun gives words of encouragement

Mr.Go VIP premiere_cast

 The cast -- "Mr. Go," fighting!

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