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New Albums And Singles Preview – 2013 July Week 1

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Apink mini-album Vol. 3 – Secret Garden (July 9)


01 U You
02 Nonono
03 Lovely Day
04 I Need You
05 Secret Garden
06 Nonono INST

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Apink returns one year later with their third mini-album, “Secret Garden.” Through this album, fans will be able to see the girls’ innocence. The title track is “Nonono,” a healing song which is expected to give listeners comfort and hope and courage. Other songs worth mentioning are “U You” and “Lovely Day,” both of which were created by the Hwang Geum Du Hyun and Playing Child producing team.

A-JAX mini-album Vol. 2 – Insane (July 11)


01 Don’t Break My Heart
02 Going Crazy
03 Come
04 Fantasy
05 Thank Ya

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Seven-member boy group, A-JAX returns after seven months with their second mini-album, “Insane.” This album consists of hybrid electronic music. DJ and rookie producer, Prhabet is responsible for composing, penning, and arranging all the songs in this album. The title track is “Going Crazy,” an electric dance number that holds lyrics about a guy who has fallen in love with a girl.

My Name mini-album Vol. 1 (July 8)


01 Baby I’m Sorry
02 In My Place
03 Let Me Cry
04 It’s You
05 Luv Taker
06 Baby I’m Sorry INST

My Name returns after six months with their first mini-album. The title track is “Baby I’m Sorry,” a song composed by the people in BRAVE entertainment. The song meshes beautiful piano melodies with electronic rhythms. The melody line is easy for anyone to sing along to. The song holds lyrics about telling an ex-girlfriend to live happily without worrying about him

Jewelry – Hot & Cold (released)


01 Hot & Cold
02 Call My Name
03 Hot & Cold INST

Jewelry returns with a brand new digital single, “Hot & Cold.” The title track is of the same name and is a Euro pop dance number. The song is about a girl who coincidentally sees her ex-boyfriend treating his current girlfriend the same way he treated her. The song talks about jealousy, love, and other emotions felt by the girl.

Davichi (single) – Because I Really Miss You Today (released)


01 Because I Really Miss You

Davichi re-records their single, “Because I Really Miss You Today” to further bring out the sad mood of the song. This time around, this medium-tempo number uses acoustic guitar melodies.

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