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Lee Jong Suk's Mannerisms Are Funnier Than Expected

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Male celebrities showing proper courtesy towards their fellow female colleagues usually tend to garner respect and amazement from fans and viewers alike, but what if I told you that mannerism can also result in laughter? Well, good news because I can now happily inform you that actor Lee Jong Suk has been able to get the best of both worlds with a hilarious incident that occurred behind the scenes during the recording of his latest drama "I Can Hear Your Voice."

In a recent behind the scenes video titled "Hye Sung jumps onto the back of two guys, Hye Sung's piggyback shooting scene" posted on the official site for "I Can Hear Your Voice," we see them recording a scene where Hye Sung, played by Lee Bo Young, is being carried on the back of Soo Ha played by Lee Jong Suk, our comedic mastermind for today. He certainly doesn't disappoint in that regard, getting off to a great start with some simple leg wobbles as he climbs up the stairs. But that is just the start and he shows off his true worth just moments later when the shoot begins in earnest.


So it is now time for the two actors to record their piggybacking scene.  As Lee Bo Young jumps onto Lee Jong Suk's back we see him being slightly worried about the skirt that Lee Bo Young is wearing. He then tries to cover up the skirt for her while she is on his back; unfortunately for him, he picks an option that causes Lee Bo Young to burst out into laughter. He uses the bag that is holding in his hand to firmly press down on her skirt, and this hilarious situation causes Lee Bo Young to burst out laughing.

It doesn't stop here though as the recording has to once again stop because Lee Bo Young is in a slight bit of pain while on Lee Jong Suk's back. Initially, it appears to be the bag strap that is causing the pain, but in the end, it appears to be Lee Jong Suk's sharp bones that is causing the pain. Funny body structures like that would be the envy of many slapstick comedians. I give Lee Jong Suk a solid 8/10 for his unintentional comedic prowess during this candid behind the scenes look at "I Can Hear Your Voice."

You can see this scene for yourselves below.

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