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IU Shows Off Singing Prowess on "Lee Soon Shin"

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It has been so long since I think I've heard IU sing with a guitar. She has been pretty busy lately with her drama "You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin," but viewers like me were in for a surprise during one of the recent episodes where she once again took out her guitar to demonstrate her singing prowess. 

So a really brief recap of the story- IU plays the role of Lee Soon Shin, a rather tenacious and emotional girl that is trying to overcome the odds and become something for herself. Through a bunch of elaborate and long story plots that are too long to discuss here, she ends up becoming a celebrity trainee under the guidance of  her agency CEO Shin Joon Ho played by actor Jo Jung Suk. *SPOILER ALERT* So in the recent episode of "You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin," we see her trying out for an initial audition with disappointing results. Later in the episode we see her going through a second attempt at the audition, but the initial impressions are poor as she continues to mess up her acting. However, she has a secret weapon for this audition.

최고다 이순신.E34.130630.HDTV.H264.720p-HANrel.avi_snapshot_01.00.57_[2013.07.03_19.08.35]

Soon Shin had listed "singing" as her speciality and thus gets out her guitar to sing her deceased father's favourite song, a beautiful and popular song called "The Forgotten Seasons" sung originally by veteran singer Lee Yong. The response is almost instantaneous as Soon Shin's beautiful rendition of the song begins to have a clear effect on the judges. *END SPOILER*

The song was also a hit in the real world with IU's Forgotten Seasons being a popular search term for hours. The original singer, Lee Yong, in an interview given the next day mentioned how he was "already aware of IU's outstanding singing talent," how it appears that "she purposely sang it half a key down to match up with the sorrowful scene" and praised her saying that "It was really well sung and had a new feel to it."

So how great was it? Well you can hear it for yourself at KBS's Official Youtube Channel.

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